Cancer is a disease which slowly attacks the cells of the body and makes them paralyzed. Actually there are very small diseases which altogether attack the body cells which are the basic units of the body. In normal conditions, there is a continuous process of making of new cells and the old ones die, but during the cancer disease, cells keep growing in number and size abnormally but they do not die. In some cases, tumors are produced which are the clumps of cancerous cells and affect the blood circulation.

Cancer is not a genetic disease. Scientists are still observing that why this disease occurs in the body. It is not necessary that if one individual has cancer, if he meets or talks to any other person, the other person will also get the disease. There are some symptoms of cancer but they sometimes they appear when individual is at the last stages of the disease. The symptoms are; swollen glands, fever, losing weight and feeling tired quickly after doing something. Blood tests and X-rays are held to detect the cancer. The oncologist usually is specialized for the cancer disease. There are certain therapies which are used to treat the disease of cancer, such as:

Chemotherapy takes place for several months or weeks and is a very painful method of treating cancer. In this technique, a catheter is placed inside the large blood vessel to make easy the blood flow. Due to this catheter, there is no need of putting any IV needle under the skin and whole process of chemotherapy can take place by just one catheter. Until the complete chemotherapy, the catheter stays under the skin into the blood vessel. Due to chemotherapy, there are chances that an individual might lose his hair completely and become weak.

Surgery is also another method of treating the disease of cancer. It makes sure that whether the cancer is completed removed from the body or not. Doctors usually take biopsies, remove the cancerous tumors or place some metal like needles to treat the disease. Patient feels a lot of pain during this disease that is why doctors make sure to give medications for the removal of pain if the patient is at early stages of the disease. Breast cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer can be treated with the surgeries.

In this type of treatment, radiation is used to treat the cancer disease. Usually x-rays or gamma rays take place during the radiations. The advantages of x-rays and gamma rays are that, these rays damage or destroy the cancerous cells and stop them from multiplying further. Patient does not feel any pain during this therapy but there are chances that the normal tissues of the person may get damaged by these rays because these rays are of high intensity. Tumors are the clumps of the cancerous cells, radiotherapy along with the surgery take place. It destroys the tumors and scatter them into more small pieces so that they can be destroyed with high power x-rays.

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