Hairs on human body show the beauty of a person. The number of hairs on the body of a human varies from person to person. Some peoples have long and thick hairs and some others have short and thin hairs. Some times in the life of an individual loss his/ her hairs due to several reasons. Many factors affects on the health of the hairs. some of them are:

• Hairs loss with age, with passage of time the hairs gradually thins and shorter, this condition is called involutional alopecia.

• Hairs loss also due to genetic pattern called baldness, in this condition male start losing hairs in the teen age to 20s, and females in the age of 40s or later.

• Hormonal (androgens) levels of the person also affect on the hairs.

• In trichotillomanis child pull out his/ her own hairs. This find mostly in children.

• Patients also loss hairs due to high potency drugs like chemotherapy.

• Some diseases, injuries and stress also cause hair loss.

• Use of cosmetics like shampooing, rollers, hot curlers also cause hair loss in the peoples.

Heart diseases are diseases which have diseases related to heart and blood vessels. There are many types of heart diseases like Coronary heart disease , Hypertensive heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, Cor pulmonale, Heart failure, Cardiac dysrhythmias etc.

Loss of hairs linked with the heart diseases. Some time ago, it cannot see that there is any relation between hair loss and heart diseases. Now a day's researches are conduct to see the relationship between these two variables. Recently a research conducted in the Japan to see the risk of heart disease in the patients of hairs loss. They hypothesis that increase in the sensitivity of male hormones, inflammation in blood vessels and insulin resistance to find the correlation between hair loss and heart disease. According to this research there are 32 percent more risk of heart disease in the persons who are losing their hairs then those person who are not losing their hairs.

There sample is consisted on 37000 peoples. It's true that, this ratio is less than the heart disease due to obesity and smoking. But it could be indicator of heart disease with other indicator of heart disease like high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol in the males. Ratio of hair loss in male is much higher in males than in females.50 percent male lose their hairs till the age of 50s and 80 percent lose hairs till the age of 70s.

If we take look in the past researches of hairs loss and heart diseases we can see proves that show relationship but not as strong as with obesity, smoking, hypertension.

Different researches shows that those male who are extensive baldness have 48 percent chance of chronic heart disease, who have moderate baldness 36 percent chance and those who have mild baldness have 18 percent chance. These result shows that the increase in baldness can increase the risk of chronic heart disease.

According to some other researcher those people who have classic coronary risk symptoms like age, hypertension, obesity and smoking also have loss of hairs. Some of other researcher says that baldness is also a sign of inflammation. Inflammation is also the indicator of heart disease.
The biological link in loss of hair and chronic heart disease is that there may be cause of elevated level of male hormones. According to researchers, in the scalp the density of male hormones like testosterone are high, this high level associated with increased risk of blood clotting. In the females the pattern is same, in increase in male hormones associated with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol which all links with heart disease.

According to the member of research team, if a person loss his/ her hairs in the young age then its need for them to live healthy life and again focus on the ways of live life. The research also shows that the results are not as much solid that every hair loss person need complete check up for this. There are still more need of researches in this field.

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