In recent few days, a lot of biotechnology specialists have asked me, which is the best centrifuge for Industry and laboratory use. For that reason, I have studied a lot of centrifuges specification, made in Europe, USA, ASIA and one of the biggest bio technology producing country-India.

India has placed great importance on the development of a strong scientific sector since its early days as an independent country. Technology and science have been associated not only with culture, social progress and the import substitution paradigm, but also with political pre-eminence and even national pride. P. Ghosh affirms for instance that the commitment of the Indian government in the biotech field "emerges out of compulsions and social commitments to minimize foreign dependence.

On the other hand, the European equipments have a good quality, but there is not very well about modern technology development. I will give you the specific example, by using Carl Padberg's CEPA Z model centrifuges. All of us know Carl-Padberg's centrifuges have good quality, and high specifications. But, it is same technology of the 1990, it is representing only one of the main function to separate particles from liquids. I wonder, why they still have not settled with problems like, self- sterilization etc. For now, many of another models are including Dirt bowl and Steam Sterilization-in-place.

Also, there are many features in recent new technology as shown below:

1. Pressure gauges in S.S 316 for monitoring clarified liquid discharge pressure, and steam pressure included.
2. Temperature gauge in S.S for monitoring sterilization temperature included.
3. S.S Centrate discharge control diapharagm valve with Teflon / Viton A diaphragm and triclover inlet outlet connections included.
4. Rupture disc assembly included.
5. Sanitary vapour sealed to complying cGMP standards complete with a centripetal pump for pressurized clarified liquid discharge.
6. Steam Sterilization-in-place and self sealing Bowl Bottom.
7. Castell Inter lock Assembly provided as an additional safety feature to ensure that access is permitted to the bowl after a time delay that ensure that the bowl reaches a stand-still.
8. Bio-hazard containment to BL I LS.

For that reason, i will recommend you the centrifuges, which is made in U.S or Indian new centrifuge technology.

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