1. Telomerase Technology

Theoretical basis: every cell in our body has chromatin where DNA lies. It is the blueprint of our body that our physical features and organism develop. The endpoints of the chromosome are 92 telomeres, which maintain the quality of DNA.

With the division and duplication of our cells, the telomeres would shorten until to the shortest point and then cell dies. With the apoptosis of cell, the organism depends on them would fade too. This is how aging progresses. The duration of aging is determined by the life cycle and gene nature. According to a research of California University, people with shorter telomere would have 3 times higher mortality of heart diseases than people with longer telomere.

Therapy: TA-65 can activate an enzyme--telomerase that protects telomere and thus protects cells. Currently TA-65 is nourishment that abstract from Astragalus, a traditional Chinese Medicine. Last year, the experiment conducted by Harvard University on mice showed that TA-65 successfully extended mice's short telomere and repaired immune system and enhanced bone density.
Price: monthly 120--404 pound depends on customer's age.

2. α-Doping Stress Control System

Theoretical basis: in 1950s, the Soviet Union carried out the first trans-cranial micro-electric-current stimulation (CES) to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. These symptoms would cause other health problems, such as heart disease, which accelerates our aging process. In last year, only British doctors prescribed 39 million antidepressant drugs, never mention about the patients did seek medical help.

The principle of CES is to stimulate our brain nerve by the micro- electric-current pulse of battery, which generates corresponding neurotransmitters, namely some chemical materials related to human confections. Low level of electrical pulse stimulation helps to restore the activity of nerve cells and thus balance their activities. Eventually this would improve patients' mental statues.
Therapy: α-Doping stress control system is slightly larger than a mobile phone. It is easy to operate: connect the two electrodes to ears, wrists or forehead and then turn on the device. At first, you would feel a slight tingling.

Generally speaking, the sleeping quality of patients would get improve within three days and their depression or anxiety would relieve within seven days. After three weeks, patients would feel their attention, understanding and memory are significantly improved.
Price: 299 pound.

3. Proliferation Therapy By Injection

Theoretical basis: proliferation therapy by injection is a kind of non-surgical ligament reconstruction method used to treat chronic pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia syndrome, back pain, sports injuries etc. Usually soft tissue injuries won't cause immediate pain, but will cause long-term problems, such as degenerative arthritis. Degenerative arthritis agonies 9 million people in British since ligament can't support its surrounding joints and muscles.
Proliferation therapy by injection injects soluble glucose into the impaired ligament or tendon which leads to slight inflammation and thus increases blood supply and stimulates the self-repair mechanism.

Therapy: the proliferation therapy by injection must operate by professionals and every cycle lasts from 3 to 10 weeks. After injection, patients are recommended to rest. The therapy would simultaneously administrate with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Access of the platelet-rich plasma is obtained from patient's blood and then process. These PRP helps to restore normal levels of human hematopoietic function. And this plasma is injected into the affected area to stimulate the blood update here.
Price: including consulting fees, a total of 245 pounds.

4. Nitric Oxide Therapy

Theoretical basis: Nitric oxide plays an important role for many of our functions; one of the main functions is as a vasodilator helps the blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood to pass through. After 40 years old, our ability to synthesize nitric oxide from leafy green vegetables starts to diminish, which leads to decreased circulation, loss of sensation in limbs, dull brain thinking, lassitude and other symptoms, and even stroke or impotence. Supplement nitric oxide for our body will help to alleviate the situation.

Therapy: If you feel above symptoms, you first need to consult a physician to rule out other possibilities. After that, you can use this therapy: taking an enzyme that acts as a catalyst to help body convert amino acids in food into nitric oxide. The best course of treatment is eight weeks in a row, and then 2-week for rest.
Price: 90 tablets, 25.99 pound.

5. Laser Cap

Theoretical basis: hair loss is a common concern for old people, whatever man or woman, but it is reported man has higher probability to lose hair and even lead to bald. In the UK there are 650 million people are plagued by hair loss. Postmenopausal women also face the problem of hair loss with their estrogen level drops. In addition, negative emotions also lead to hair loss. Low-energy red light produced by laser cap will stimulate hair growth luckily.

Therapy: this cap is designed for home use and patients need to obey doctor's guidelines. It is a cap, using battery-powered. It is recommended three times a week, lasting 10 minutes for every time, and about two months later patients would note the efficacy.
Price: 2,000 pound

6. Longevity Test

Theoretical basis: blood and urine test can detect early cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, hormone disorders and even predict the future health conditions. On the basis of the predication, you can adjust your life style and customs in advance to delay or avoid bad conditions. Every year, 2.6 million adults are diagnosed with heart disease in British and 94 thousand people died of this.
Therapy: over 20 types of test and exam on blood and urine.
Price: 585 pound.

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