Therapeutics can be defined in two ways; in medicine and in pharmacology. According to the medicine definition, therapeutics is the branch of the science which does the treatment of the disease and knows how to heal the disease. In pharmacology, therapeutics is the use of the drugs and process of managing the drugs during the treatment of the disease.
It is the biotechnology which has made it possible to use therapeutics and made advances in this technology. Therapeutics is usually used to treat different diseases which cause very harmful effects in humans. Diseases like arthritis, genital warts, hepatitis and many other similar diseases can be treated with the technology of therapeutics.

Therapeutics is one of many techniques which have the influence of biotechnology. May be it would have been impossible for therapeutics to develop up to this advanced level. It is a fact that humans have therapeutic compounds in their body. This can be understood with this example that if an individual suffers from influenza or common flue, he or she does not need any antibiotics but persons own immune system releases such therapeutic compounds which fight against these viruses and protect the body from harm white blood cells are the source of protecting the body from germs.
Most of the antibiotics are also derivative from the naturally occurring microbes. Some medicines also use naturally occurring compounds like digitalis plants. Biotechnology has great impact and making it possible to make such medicines which have diversity.
Now scientists are making use of plants and animals to develop therapeutic compounds which can treat the disease efficiently. There is an example of arrow frog which scientists are now using to make painkillers, which are very helpful in reducing the pain. Similarly, scientists are also working on a certain type of fungus which sucks the antioxidant enzyme. This enzyme is considered as causing the growth of tumors in the human body. There are many organisms in marine biology which are protective for many diseases like tumors, killing the pain and healing the wounds. Crab's shell contains specific compounds which are very helpful in the delivery of drugs.
Our body contains the army of the cells which defend our body against our enemies which are disease. These defensive cells are present in the immune system of the body and fight against diseases. Though sometimes disease weakens the immune system by suddenly attacking it and makes it difficult for it to fight. For this reason, specific drugs which are administered in the body for that particular disease. These drugs fight against diseases and make the immune system strong again. There are certain proteins called as cytokine which are used as therapeutics. Biotechnology has made it possible to culture these proteins in the laboratory so that they can increase in number rapidly and can be inserted in the body whenever any disease attacks the body. These proteins are very beneficial in t sense that they fight against various dangerous diseases like AIDS, TB and malaria. Cancers can also be treated with these proteins. Other types of cells are also cultured in the laboratory so that whenever body's immune system gets weak, these cells unite together and fight against it.

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