I have successfully researched and developed a highly advanced computer based energy treatment technology called "Ginger Technology".The advanced "Ginger Energy-Treatment" technology can target all Pathogens, Bacteria, parasites. Ginger Technology had been derived from a past clinically proven energy treatment technology. All diseases i.e.: Cancers, HIV-AIDS, Polio, TB, Immune bio-weapons, Leukemias , Rare blood diseases , Tumors, Tkin cancers and many more..

All diseases have a molecular address (Molecular weight or atomic weight). I call it their home address. By knowing the molecular address it is possible to target and destroy the pathogen under question without harming surrounding cells; and to sweeten treatment "No drugs required".. However working with advanced molecular (small molecule drugs) only can increase effectiveness of drug effect and treatment

Present objective is to partnership with Fortune 50-500 to market "Ginger Technology" to provide solutions for real cures. Like everyone else my family has lost members to Cancer. It's time to move into future to stop needless death and suffering. I dedicated 15 years into Ginger and now want to give it to the world to stop death and suffering.

All diseases can be eradicated (treated) with 99.99 % success. America is at risk : some 40 man-made Immuno bio-weapons are in Global circulation ..

Dependence on vaccines will fail.. 1918 FLU pandemic proofed vaccines will fail.. Serious inquires invited.. Needed $25-50 MM in Start-up funds >> Unlimited profits and most important CURES.. Thanks for considerations and time..

Sincerely ,
Don Richsardson : Founder Ginger Technology
e-mail: donsjoe1@ aol.com

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Senior medical electronics R&R engineer . Worked on original Medical Ultrasound and 25 YEARS in medical equipment. Also Senior management Medical electronic global start-up's. My goal to bring advanced Ginger Energy technology to stop pandemics and cancers,polio, hiv-aids , etc