Wastewater can be defined as the flow of use water discharged from homes, businesses, industries, commercial activities and institutions which is directed to treatment plants by a carefully designed and engineered network of pipes. This wastewater is further categorized and defined according to its sources of origin as Domestic or sanitary wastewater and Industrial waste water.

Assessment of the levels of Physiochemical Parameters: pH, TS, TSS, TDS, Chloride and Nitrate in different flocculants1 and 2; positive control Bactizyme and in portable water. Enumeration of bacterial population at various of waste water treatment flocculants: Horse and cow dung treated sample, Bactizyme treated sample, sample without treatment, Portable water. Isolate and Identify microbes from Flocculants Horse ding and Cow dung.

Collecting samples from the area, then Isolate and identify microbes from horse and cow dung as per Bergy's manual of microbial identification.

The first conical flask with the septic water sample was not treated Septic water untreated (SWUT). 5g of horse dung was weighed and added into a conical flask containing 500ml of the sample was named as septic water treated flocculant1 (SWTS 1). 5g of Cow dung was weighed and added into a conical flask containing 500ml of the sample was named as septic water treated flocculant2 (SWTS 2). The known bactizyme was used as an internal positive control it was weighed 5g and added to the sample (SWTS 3). The 500ml of distilled water with no dung was kept as Negative control (SWNC). Portable water: (SWSS) Standard.

Physiochemical Parameters include: pH, Total Solids (TS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) , Chloride , Nitrate. Microbial Testing includes for Bacteria-Total viable count (TVC), fecal coliform (FC), staphylococcus and for Fungi-Total fungi count (TFC).

The waste water samples collected from wastewater treatment plant were analyzed for physiochemical properties and microbiological parameters were analyzed before and after treatment and later compared with normal water. The 20 days readings recorded. As Untreated sample (SWUT1) ; Flocculant1 (SWTS 1); Flocculant 2 (SWTS 2); Bactizyme Positive control (SWTS 3); Distilled water Negative control (SWNC); Portable water Standard (SWS S). From the obtained result conclude that flocculant 1 and 2 used to treat waste water and it was equivalent to standard water used for other uses.

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