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  • The Concept of Biotechnology: Understanding Various Applications/Uses    By: Sonali Bhawsar

    Understanding the basic concept of Biotechnology and its various applications. Biotechnology is very fruitful combination of biology and technology. Biological sciences like Microbiology, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Ecology and technological concepts of Engineering together constitute Biotechnology >> Category: Applications
  • Biomedical Informatics - From Cells to Populations in the IT Way    By: Sandhya Anand

    As the name implies, Biomedical informatics combines biology, medicine, IT software and informatics. The area is in its nascent stage with the services spanning health, pharma, medical and services industries. It acts as an interface between the biomedical sciences and information technology to address the technological needs of humans. >> Category: Applications
  • Genetic Engineering Extended the Shelf-life of Fruits    By: Shikha Sharma

    Tremendous progress has been made through various techniques of genetic engineering, one of them is to improve the shelf life of the fruits. Fruit ripening is an active process characterized by increased respiration accompanied by a rapid increase in ethylene synthesis. >> Category: Applications
  • Flavor Biotechnology: Part -1    By: Padma Kumar

    This article discusses the development of flavor biotechnology as an alternative to organic synthesis of flavors with examples of fragrance/flavor ingredients made by using micro-organisms and fungus. The article also details trends in biotech method of producing vanillin. >> Category: Applications
  • Flavor Biotechnology: Part -2    By: Padma Kumar

    This article discusses how our olfactory system works, how fragrances/flavors are biosynthetically made, and the process of natural development of flavors in tomatoes. >> Category: Applications

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