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Author: Amna Adnan

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City: rawalpindi | State: panjab

About Me: I am a Bio-informatics Graduate.

Articles by Amna Adnan:
  • What are the Benefits of Genetic Engineering? ( 66997 reads)   

    Genetic engineering has made it possible to fight against the genetic and other diseases. It has also given benefit to the agriculture and pharmaceutical industry. - Category: Genetics
  • Beneficial and Harmful Bacteria ( 161854 reads)   

    Bacteria is the most useful microorganism in the environment and beneficial for human beings. But it also has some harmful effects on human body. - Category: Biology
  • Achievements in Biotechnology: Gene Engineering ( 12924 reads)   

    Gene (genetic) engineering is a section of molecular genetics associated with the purposeful creation of new molecules of DNA that can replicate in the host cell and to monitor the synthesis of essential metabolites of the cell. Biotechnology is a very diverse field and it has been very beneficial for plants and animals as well as humans since the beginning. - Category: Genetics
  • Production of Protein Rich Feed For Ruminants ( 4551 reads)   

    Ruminants are animals which store their food in the rumen by softening it and then chew it. Scientists have succeeded in making protein rich feed for them which will increase the production of milk. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotechnology as a Science and its Advantages ( 6851 reads)   

    Biotechnology is the branch of science in which living organisms are used for industrial and experimental purposes. It has many advantages. - Category: Others
  • Risks and Disadvantages of Therapeutic Cloning ( 26333 reads)   

    Therapeutic cloning is the process of using person's own stem cells to cure the disease. Though this technology is making its place in the biotech world but still it has many drawbacks. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Bioethics: Ethical Issues of Biotechnology ( 12982 reads)   

    What is Bioethics? Biotechnology is a very vast field and its techniques are used in various other fields like Agriculture, Medicine and Molecular Biology, it also has some ethical issues. - Category: Issues
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics: Role of Mathematics and Technology ( 5611 reads)   

    Bioinformatics is the combination of Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. It has its applications in making databases and biological tools to store raw biological data. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Nerve System Networks: Complexity in Humans and Animals ( 3489 reads)   

    Nervous system consists of two types of cells that are neurons and glial cells. These cells have the ability to transmit nerve impulses. - Category: Biology
  • Role Of Thyroid Hormones ( 10398 reads)   

    Thyroid hormones play an important role in the development of vertebrates but also in the maturation. In homeostasis, the thyroid gland also plays a crucial role. - Category: Others
  • Patterns of Inheritance: Genetic Disorders ( 6813 reads)   

    genetic disorders are caused due to the dis-functioning of certain genes. If the genes do not play the proper function they result in damages and diseases. - Category: Others
  • Fundamentals of Animal Breeding ( 3613 reads)   

    What is Animal breeding? It is a method of producing animals having specific traits. Information on how Animal breeding is done and various techniques. - Category: Agriculture
  • Basic Techniques of Molecular Biology ( 5167 reads)   

    Molecular Biology is a very vast field which deals with different techniques and methods to carry on the research. It also finds ways to treat diseases. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biological Functions of Proteins ( 32899 reads)   

    Proteins are the basic functional units of the body. They have various types and have various biological functions. - Category: Others
  • What is Polymerase Chain Reaction? ( 4256 reads)   

    Polymerase chain reaction is used to make multiple copies of DNA molecules which can be used for various biological purposes. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Uses of Restriction Enzymes in Biotechnology ( 28136 reads)   

    Restriction enzymes are the types of enzymes which have the ability to cut DNA molecule into small fragments. - Category: Others
  • Role of Enzymes in Biotechnology - Industrial Applications of Enzymes ( 26959 reads)   

    Enzymes have a variety of applications in several industries. They are the proteins which act as catalysts in the reactions taking place in the body. Enzymes have a great importance in Biotechnology. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • What is Bioremediation - Various Factors Involved in the Process ( 11738 reads)   

    Bioremediation is the process in which microbes are used to clean the environment. Different factors which affect Bioremediation and its degradation process - Category: Agriculture
  • Mitosis: Division of Stem or Somatic Cells ( 12685 reads)   

    Mitosis is the process in which cells multiply. for example two cells become 4 and 4 cells become 8 and so on. This type of cell division takes place in somatic or stem cells. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Role of Biotechnology in Treatment of Parkinson's Disease. ( 6323 reads)   

    Parkinson's disease is caused due to the disorder in dopaminergenic neurons. Biotech products are playing an important role in treating this disease. - Category: Others
  • Greenhouse Effect - Importance and Types ( 15466 reads)   

    The effect of greenhouse keeps the environment warm because it receives sunlight in the form of light. It converts the light into thermal radiations which can be used for various purposes. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology Impact on Alzheimer's Disease ( 9266 reads)   

    Alzheimer disease is the disease of brain or in other words it is neurodegenerative disorder. Biotech has played an important role in the treatment of this disease. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Different Techniques of Blotting ( 33126 reads)   

    Blotting is a technique for detecting DNA, RNA or proteins initially present in a complex mixture. The procedure of Southern blotting was first developed by Edward Southern and was named after his name. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Stem Cells and Their Types ( 5424 reads)   

    Stem cells are the undifferentiated cells which differentiate into different types of cells like heart cells, muscle cells and skin cells. There are different characteristics and types of stem cells. - Category: Stem Cells
  • DNA Extraction:Procedure and Importance in Forensics ( 24578 reads)   

    DNA extraction is the process in which DNA is isolated from other cellular components through certain procedures. It has its applications in forensics. - Category: DNA
  • Biotechnolgical Techniques For DNA Analysis ( 4396 reads)   

    DNA can be isolated through various techniques of biotechnology like microarrays, DNA sequencing and PCR. - Category: DNA
  • Importance of BT in Agriculture | Bacillus thuringiensis ( 12081 reads)   

    Bacillus Thuringiensis is of so much importance in biotechnology as it has the ability to kill harmful insects of the plants. It basically attacks the insect at larval stage where it attacks the gut lining of the insect and insect dies as a result. - Category: Agriculture
  • Technique of Northern Blotting ( 19656 reads)   

    Northern blotting is similar to Southern Blotting. The only difference is that in northern blotting, RNA is detected in the sample to study the gene expression. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Vitiligo Skin Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment ( 4867 reads)   

    Vitiligo is a skin disease caused due to the lack of skin pigment melanin. It results in the appearance of white patches on the skin. There are certain treatments which can be used by keeping in view the extremity of the disease. - Category: Healthcare
  • Health Benefits of Cheese ( 4389 reads)   

    Cheese is a dairy product made from the milk of cow, goat and sheep. It is beneficial for the health of humans. It is good for teeth and bones and enhances metabolism. - Category: Healthcare
  • Causes of Cancer ( 3241 reads)   

    There are many factors which may cause the disease of cancer. Cancer is a disease caused due to the abnormal growth of cells. Cancer causes damage in the body by reproducing the cells uncontrollably and starts making tumors. - Category: Healthcare
  • Pharmacist - A Job Option | Career in Pharmacy ( 4247 reads)   

    A pharmacist is a health practitioner who helps patients and doctors to understand drugs. There are good jobs for them with very high salary. - Category: Careers
  • Career as a Toxicologist ( 5031 reads)   

    Toxicology is the branch of science which deals with the chemicals, toxins and other poisonous substances. The job of a toxicologist can be in the research sector, pharmaceutical companies or government sectors. - Category: Toxicology
  • Steps Involved in Nitrogen Cycle ( 52159 reads)   

    Nitrogen cycle is the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into usable form and then its conversion back into atmospheric nitrogen. There are specific steps involved in this cycle. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Methods of Wastewater Treatment ( 24092 reads)   

    Wastewater treatment used to clean the wastewater and sewage. There are three processes through which it can be purified. Biological, Physical and Chemical Water Treatments. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • HIV AIDS: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment ( 3641 reads)   

    HIV is human immunodeficiency virus responsible for causing AIDS in humans. It attacks the immune system and transmits through sexual intercourse. There is no cure for this disease so far but still some medications are there which make the spread of virus slow. - Category: Healthcare
  • Advantages of Recombinant DNA ( 60808 reads)   

    Recombinant DNA has many advantages in food industry, increases fertility etc. It has been an important tool for the research and for the treatment of diseases. Many diagnostic methods have been developed by using recombinant DNA technology. - Category: Genetics
  • Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology in Medicine ( 89477 reads)   

    Recombinant DNA technology is an important technique of biotech because it can be applied in medicine, agriculture and genetics. Many diseases can be treated with this technology and new hormones can also be produced. - Category: Genetics
  • Fasting and Its Benefits ( 3519 reads)   

    Fasting (or skipping meals) is a natural remedy which protects from many diseases and is the source of providing energy to the body. - Category: Healthcare
  • Neurotransmitters and its types ( 67018 reads)   

    Neurotransmitters are the chemicals which are the source of transmitting nerve impulses from one nerve cell to the other. They have two types that is inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters. - Category: Biology
  • Production and Issues of GMOs ( 4804 reads)   

    GMOs are the organisms which have alterations in their genetic makeup. They can be produced through different processes. They also have some ethical and environmental issues. - Category: Genetics
  • Importance of Transgenic Animals in Human Life ( 23073 reads)   

    Transgenic animals play an important role in humans' life. They can be used to produce human organs as well as helpful economically and agriculturally. - Category: Genetics
  • Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine, Food Industry and Agriculture ( 8114 reads)   

    Nanotechnology is the new emerging field of science which has its applications in food industry, medicine and agriculture. Nanotechnology has allowed the scientists to use nanoparticles for the biological and medical research purposes because nanoparticles have unique properties. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Apoptosis (or cell suicide) : Process and Types ( 20286 reads)   

    Apoptosis is the programmed cell death or in other words it is also called as cell suicide. Through this way, the unnecessary cells are removed from the body or the cells which cause harm to the body. - Category: Biology
  • Process of Gene Cloning and Its Applications ( 40346 reads)   

    Gene Cloning is the making of identical copies of the desired gene. It has many application in the medical as well as agricultural field. - Category: Genetics
  • What Are Monoclonal Antibodies - Their Synthesis and Uses ( 8337 reads)   

    Monoclonal antibodies are man made antibodies used against a particular antigen. They have many uses in the medical field. - Category: Genetics
  • Do Radiations Also Cause Cancer ( 2752 reads)   

    Radiation is the energy which has the ability to travel through space. It has the power of causing cancer in the human body. - Category: Healthcare
  • Stem Cells From Bone Marrow and Vein Leftovers Can Heal Damaged Hearts ( 13551 reads)   

    Stem cells are the center of attention these days as they are providing opportunity of repairing the damaged heart tissues. Scientists are now able to use stem cells for the cure of heart disease. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Process of Electroporation: Definition and Applications ( 15232 reads)   

    What is Electrporation: It is the technique of molecular biology. It is very helpful in treating the diseases like cancer and heart disease. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Gulf War Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment ( 6806 reads)   

    What is Gulf war syndrome? It is a medical condition which causes physical and psychological changes in the person. - Category: Healthcare

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