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Author: Chandra Kala

No Photo Total Articles: 27 | Total Views: 139304 | Points Scored: 152,804

City: Bangalore | State: Karnataka

About Me: Ph.D. in Genetics, Bangalore University.

Articles by Chandra Kala:
  • Naltrexone Drug in Treatment For Alcohol Dependence ( 2606 reads)   

    Alcoholism has turned to be a difficult problem due to the association with several health issues. The treatment for alcoholism for long time was focused mainly on detoxification and use of drugs during rehabilitation period. In the recent years Naltrexone has been proposed for treatment of alcohol dependence. - Category: Healthcare
  • Tamoxifen and its Application in the Treatment of Breast Cancer ( 2266 reads)   

    Tamoxifen is the most recommended drug for the treatment of breast cancer which is estrogen receptor positive. The tamoxifen treatment over 5 years reduces the breast cancer recurrence rate and mortality due to breast cancer in both pre menopausal and post menopausal females. Tamoxifen is the only hormonal drug approved from FDA for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. - Category: Healthcare
  • Extrachromosomal Inheritance - Cytoplasmic Influence on Phenotype ( 23499 reads)   

    The control of phenotype of the progeny by the non nucleus component present in the cytoplasm is called extrachromosomal inheritance or organellar inheritance or cytoplasmic inheritance. The advanced research on extrachromosomal inheritance associated with human diseases will go a long way in genetic counseling. - Category: Genetics
  • Genetic Sexing System: Elimination of a Particular Sex in the Population ( 2952 reads)   

    Genetic Sexing System is the method of elimination of one particular sex in the population and is a kind of Sterile Insect Technique under Biological control method. Advanced research should be aimed in developing Genetic Sexing Systems for major vectors of human diseases and also in Sericulture. - Category: Biology
  • Biological Control of Insect Pests ( 5353 reads)   

    Biological control of insect pests is one of the methods of controlling insect pests by use of living organisms. Biological control method application in the field results in many beneficiaries to human as well as nature. The foods grown using Biological control methods are free from any harmful pesticides, which makes the food safe for consumption. - Category: Biology
  • Sterile Insect Technique For Eradicating Harmful Insects ( 3336 reads)   

    Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) is the application of sterile insects in the wild population thereby eliminating the species from the area. SIT is the alternative method developed due to the increased resistance among the insect pest and also the environmental pollution caused by the insecticide. SIT method involves the control of a species by using its own species individuals which are sterile. - Category: Agriculture
  • Karyotype and Its Applications in Human Health ( 16829 reads)   

    Karyotype is the science of sorting and arranging metaphase chromosomes according to their size, shape, and structure. Karyotyping can be done from any somatic cells which undergo cell division. The main applications of Karyotyping are in detection of chromosomal aberrations such as duplications, deletions, and translocations and finding ploidy of chromosomes. - Category: Biology
  • Prostate Cancer: Risk of Cancer With Altered Genes ( 2635 reads)   

    Prostate is a part of the male reproductive present in the males of mammals. Prostate Cancer is the most common form of cancer occurring in the older males in Developed countries. Future treatment for prostate cancer should be based on genetic background on the genes involved in response and resistance to drugs or hormones which will help in better outcome in curing the diseases. - Category: Healthcare
  • Genetics of Addiction ( 4995 reads)   

    Addiction is a brain disorder that is common and economically costly habit to the individual. Drug addiction is now linked to many genetic markers and is important in success of treatment for drug addiction. Not only the mental strength of the individual is sufficient to recover from addiction, there is also blueprint in the genome which decides the success of the treatment. - Category: Genetics
  • Genome-Wide Association Study: SNPs to Disease Associations ( 2979 reads)   

    Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) is a high throughput study which involves analysis of genetic variants between different study groups to find associations between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to Phenotype or trait. GWA study is mainly associated with researches which focus on finding SNPs associations with phenotypes such as Diseases and Drug effects. - Category: Others
  • Polytene Chromosomes: Applications in Cytology and Taxonomy ( 12005 reads)   

    Polytene chromosomes are a type of Giant chromosomes which were discovered by Balbiani. Polytene chromosome is formed due to replication of genetic material without cell division and mitotic synapsis of homologues chromosomes. Polytene chromosomes have wide application in the field of cytology, gene expression, evolution and speciation. - Category: Biology
  • X-Linked Diseases: Are Males the Victims? ( 3180 reads)   

    X-Linked diseases are the diseases that are expressed due to the presence of defective genes on X chromosomes. The defective genes are passed from father to all daughters and from mother to half of the progeny including both males and female and never transmitted for father to son. In nature, the females are protected and males are made vulnerable for the recessive X linked genes. - Category: Biology
  • Digestive Tract Microbes: Role in Good Health ( 3086 reads)   

    Digestive system of humans hosts trillions of microbes which are both beneficiary as well as harmful. Beneficiary microbes and human have symbiosis relationship where both are benefited from each other. The good microbial fauna in the digestive tract will eventually leads to the proper digestion of the food and absorption of nutrients that result in good health of the individuals. - Category: Healthcare
  • Insulin Pathway: Diabetes to Non-Diabetes ( 2085 reads)   

    Insulin hormone is a well studied protein which is directly involved in Diabetes disease. The risk of Diabetes is associated with life style habits and also hereditary. Diabetes itself is not a killer disease but if neglected will lead to complication involving many organs failure culminating in death. Diabetic patient with proper medication, life style and balanced diet can lead a normal life. - Category: Healthcare
  • Role of Lactation Pathway in Decreasing Breast Cancer Risk ( 2173 reads)   

    Breast Cancer is the word, most women don't want to hear. Breast Cancer refers to growth of Cancer tissue in the Mammary gland. Both male and female are prone for Breast Cancer, but the rate of occurrence of Breast Cancer is higher in females than males. Eating healthy food and changing life styles will highly reduce Breast Cancer risk. - Category: Healthcare
  • Dosage Compensation: How Male Equals Female in Gene Expression ( 3130 reads)   

    X-chromosomal inactivation or Dosage compensation is the wonderful mechanism developed in nature to unify the level of gene expressions in both sexes. Coat color of mammals is classical example of X chromosome inactivation. The advanced research in X-chromosome inactivation can solve the problems associated with X-linked diseases. - Category: Biology
  • Sex Determination: From Insects to Mammals ( 4745 reads)   

    Sex determination is the process of determining sex of the organism. In Nature, the process of Sex determination is fascinating and there are many models described to explain the same. This article focuses on the major sex determination mechanisms from Insects to Mammals including Birds and Reptiles. There are four major kinds of sex determination mechanism described such as autosome to X chromosome ratio, haploid / diploid mechanism, XY or ZW mechanism and climatic factor in determining the sex of the individuals. - Category: Biology
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): The Next Step in Personalized Medicine ( 3319 reads)   

    NGS technique is a kind of high throughput data DNA sequencing and integrates various strategies of sequencing, genome assembly and alignment to fasten the sequencing procedure and to reduce the error in sequencing. The development of NGS made many previously utilized techniques obsolete. NGS has high demand in the human health industry focusing on personalized medicine. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Giant African Snail - A Pest Now Getting Out of Control ( 3058 reads)   

    The giant African snail has become the agricultural pest in many countries due to man-made activities. These snails have high reproducing capacity and overpopulate any area they enter. The combined control measure like chemical, biological and physical methods are important in eradicating these snails. The community participation in manual collection and destroying snails is the important method of controlling this pest. - Category: Agriculture
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) : It's Application in Hair Transplant Surgery ( 2666 reads)   

    FUE( or Follicular Unit Extraction) extracts hair follicles from donor sites in few steps without making any scar in that region. Hair Transplant technique is a boon for males who are affected with male pattern baldness. This technique not only regains the physical appearance, also increases the confidence levels. Several hair transplants techniques are available in the market as a result of the higher demands. Follicular Unit Extraction technique might become one of the alternatives in future hair transplant surgery. - Category: Healthcare
  • Dengue Fever and Vector Management ( 2186 reads)   

    Dengue cases are increasing every year in an alarming number and globally, each year around 50 to 100 million people are reported with dengue. Vaccines and drugs development to cure dengue are in initial stages. Currently the Vector control strategy is the best available method for controlling dengue. Community participation in vector elimination goes a long way in eradication of dengue. - Category: Healthcare
  • Organic Farming: Healthier Food For Everyone ( 2404 reads)   

    Healthier food is the right for everyone and organic farming is the best solution to achieve this goal. The current practice of agriculture with discriminate use of pesticides and chemical manure, not only pollute the environment and biodiversity, also reduced the quality of food. Organic farming is only the ray of hope for mankind to get healthier food with balanced eco friendly environment for future generations. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Role of Biofertilizers in Agriculture ( 9034 reads)   

    Alternative to chemical fertilizers is required to reduce environmental pollution. Biofertilizers are one such technique, which can be used in a scientific way to avoid environmental pollution. Biofertilizers not only keep the crops healthy, will change the micro environment of the soil and increases beneficiary microbial fauna. - Category: Agriculture
  • Recycling Urban Organic Waste Into Fertilizer: Value of Farmer Friend ( 3599 reads)   

    The generated organic waste is the major challenge for the cities which results in spending major money for its disposal. Earthworms provide an effective solution to this problem. A well established Vermicomposting technology can be used for the degradation of municipal organic waste into eco friendly fertilizer. - Category: Agriculture
  • Mutant Gene Products as Cancer Biomarkers ( 2640 reads)   

    Biomarkers are hot topic in the area of Cancer research because of its utility in preventive diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy. Many of the cancer deaths can be avoided with early cancer diagnosis. The existing therapies such as surgeries and chemotherapies are more effective in early stages of cancer when compared to final stages. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Journey to Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) Crops ( 3956 reads)   

    The demands for more production of staple food from the available resources and the increased insecticide resistance among the arthropods has created a urge to develop alternative management of insect pests of agricultural crop. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Crops is one of the alternative approach in insect pest management of agriculture and this article give a summary on application of Bt crops. - Category: Agriculture
  • Genetics of Male Pattern Baldness ( 8588 reads)   

    Hair loss is the nightmare for men and women globally. Baldness in men is generally hereditary, which is associated with chromosome X. Recent research on male pattern baldness has been proved not only allosome, autosomes also plays a role in Hair loss. This article gives brief summary on the genes and pathways associated with Male Pattern Baldness. - Category: Genetics

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