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Author: Dr. A. K. Trivedi

No Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 78918 | Points Scored: 81,918

City: Bhowali, Nainital | State: Uttarakhand, India

About Me: Senior Scientist, ICAR- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Regional Station Bhowali

Articles by Dr. A. K. Trivedi:
  • Landslides Causes and Prevention: A Major Natural Disaster ( 65217 reads)   

    Landslides are major natural disaster which frequently occur in Central Himalayan Region (CHR) and affect life of human as well as animals, damage agriculture and impedes progress. The severity of damage depends on the affected population's resilience. But by adopting certain precautionary measures impact can be minimized. Directly or indirectly natural disasters affect our environment and natural resources. These affect the ecosystem (food chain); any disturbance in ecosystem may cause long lasting effects. A natural disaster can cause loss of life or damage property and typically leaves some economic damage in its wake. - Category: Agriculture
  • Almond Cultivation, Uses and Varieties ( 5494 reads)   

    A detailed article about Almond cultivation practices, nutritional value, uses and suitable varieties in Central Himalayan region. Horticultural crops form a crucial part of the agricultural production. India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world. Cultivation as well as processing of these crops generates significant employment opportunities. Fruits are rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates that are essential in human diet. Hence, fruits need to be incorporated as essential constituent of human diet in order to avoid malnutrition. In terms of production per hectare, output of horticultural crops is more than 6 times that of cereals. Although, during the past two decades, area, production, productivity, availability and export of horticultural crops has increased manifold, which provided ample opportunities for employment generation and effective land use planning. But some important fruit crops like almond are not popular among farmers which have ample scope in Central Himalayan Region (CHR) besides having high nutritional and antioxidant value. - Category: Agriculture
  • Food Security through On-Farm Conservation of Agro-biodiversity ( 1625 reads)   

    Conservation and sustainable utilization of agro-biodiversity play vital roles to support poverty alleviation, ensure food security and enhance livelihood measures. On-farm conservation of agricultural biodiversity deals with conservation, use and management of genetic variation in farmers' fields that supports continuity of the dynamic evolutionary processes of genetic resources and ecological services, provides indigenous communities with ownership of and access to genetic resources and delivers options for improving livelihood measures specifically to resource-poor farmers. - Category: Agriculture
  • Production of Quality Planting Material of Horticultural Crops ( 3590 reads)   

    Availability of planting material of good quality is one of the most important elements of successful horticultural production. Planting material available to small-scale farmers in different areas is often of insufficient quality, which undermines potential yield and performance of crop production. Raising the quality planting material locally to be used by local farmers is itself a challenge. Moreover, availability of suitable climatic conditions ensures that an area is suited or not to produce almost all the fruit crops. Therefore, awareness and technical knowledge for production of planting material of horticultural crops may revolutionize economy of farmers. - Category: Agriculture
  • Food Security in Central Himalayan Region: Agro-Biodiversity ( 1221 reads)   

    Conservation and sustainable utilization of agro-biodiversity plays vital role in ensuring food security, alleviation of poverty and enhancing livelihood measures. Maintenance of crop diversity is more remunerative as compared monoculture. It has potential for employment generation and risk minimization. - Category: Agriculture
  • Connotation of Biotechnology in Plant Genetic Resources Management ( 1771 reads)   

    Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) are building blocks of our food security. Their exploration, collection, characterization, conservation and documentation are essential for future food security. It needs inter disciplinary approach to manage PGR in sustainable manner. In view of the recent researches role of biotechnology becomes crucial for proper management of PGR. In the present article role of biotechnology in different steps of PGR management has been emphasized on the basis of literature collected and edited from different sources. - Category: Agriculture

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