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Author: Dr. Anita Pedapati

No Photo Total Articles: 7 | Total Views: 20433 | Points Scored: 23,933

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am a scientist at ICAR- NBPGR, New Delhi

Articles by Dr. Anita Pedapati:
  • Grading and Packaging of Quality Grade Cut Flowers for Export ( 1462 reads)   

    After harvesting the flowers should be graded according to various grades as per specification for local and distant market. Standard grades help to growers to improve their flower marketability - Category: Agriculture
  • Antimicrobial Properties of Vegetables and Spices - An Overview ( 1626 reads)   

    Food spoilage by microorganisms can be prevented potentially by the use of plant extracts that possess antimicrobial activity as food additives, especially those that preserve foods and enhance food quality. - Category: Agriculture
  • Potential Health Benefits of Chia ( 1129 reads)   

    Consumption of chia seeds for multiple health benefits due to its essential fatty acids which are required by the human body for good health, and they cannot be artificially synthesized - Category: Agriculture
  • Factors Affecting for Fruit Ripening in Banana ( 10395 reads)   

    Postharvest deterioration of banana fruits is due to metabolic processes. Transpiration and respiration are the most important metabolic processes before and after harvest. Factors affecting plantain and banana ripening are physiological, physical and biotic - Category: Agriculture
  • Augment Yield and Quality of Guava in Indian Conditions ( 2692 reads)   

    Guava is highly productive and remunerative fruit which grows well under wide range of soils and agro-climatic conditions. Crop management is very important because of poor quality of fruits, which are generally harvested during monsoon season - Category: Agriculture
  • Seize the Season with Frozen Fruits and Vegetables ( 1082 reads)   

    Freezing is a rapid and convenient way to preserve fruits and vegetables at home. It is the method of food preservation that maintains high levels of many vitamins and nutrients - Category: Agriculture
  • Light Management of Green House Horticultural Crops ( 2047 reads)   

    Several strategies can be used in green house to properly manage light levels throughout the day and seasonally - Category: Agriculture

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