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Author: Dr. Dhammaprakash P Wankhede

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 4050 | Points Scored: 6,550

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: A scientist in ICAR-national Bureau of Plant Genetic Reousrces, New Delhi, India

Articles by Dr. Dhammaprakash P Wankhede:
  • Reactive Oxygen Species and Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase cascade crosstalk in Plants ( 576 reads)   

    Several biotic and abiotic stress lead to increase in concentration of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in plants. Mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPK) cascade are evolutionary conserved signalling proteins known to play crucial role in stress signal transduction. This article gives a brief overview of crosstalk between ROS and MAPK in plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • WRKY Transcription Factors and their role in Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Rice ( 705 reads)   

    WRKY transcription factors are involved in regulation of genes expression in a variety of abiotic and biotic stress conditions in several plants. This article gives a brief overview of involvement of WRKY transcription factors in biotic and abiotic stress in rice. - Category: Agriculture
  • Plants' Responses to Ultra Violet-B Radiation ( 595 reads)   

    The article gives a brief account of responses generated by plants in response to UV-B, with a special emphasis on gene expression. - Category: Agriculture
  • DNA Banking: A complementary approach for safe conservation of germplasm resources ( 669 reads)   

    DNA banking offers new opportunities which are expected to have positive impact on several aspects of gene bank such as conservation, characterization, and utilization of germplasm. - Category: Agriculture
  • Databases for Genes Involved in Stress Mechanism in Plants ( 1505 reads)   

    Different Biotic and abiotic stresses are among the major constraints in improving crop productivity. Several genes involved in stress tolerance mechanisms have been identified in plants and databases developed for stress responsive genes and stress conditions. This article gives information about important databases dedicated for genes involved in stress mechanisms. - Category: Bioinformatics

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