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Author: Dr. Gitanjali Devi

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 877 | Points Scored: 2,377

City: Jorhat | State: Assam

About Me: I am a scientist in Assam Agricultural University,Jorhat,Assam

Articles by Dr. Gitanjali Devi:
  • Nematodes and their Management in Ginger ( 153 reads)   

    India is the 'home of spices' with an array of spices originated and cultivated. Ginger is one of the earliest known oriental spices and is being cultivated in India for both as fresh vegetable and as a dried spice. - Category: Agriculture
  • Beneficial Role of Nematodes in Soil Ecosystem ( 339 reads)   

    Nematodes play important role in decomposition of organic matter as well as in nutrient cycling in soil ecosystem. Bacterial feeder, fungal feeder, predatory and omnivorous nematodes regulate the rate at which organic compounds are degraded into inorganic ions and helps in nutrient mineralization. - Category: Agriculture
  • Poisonous Mushroom: Physiologic and Clinical effects ( 385 reads)   

    Mushrooms have been collected for eating throughout the world and people become ill or died when they consumed poisonous mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms have different types of toxic substances that should not be consumed without proper identification. - Category: Agriculture

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