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Author: Dr. Mandira Barman

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 4881 | Points Scored: 6,381

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi (India)

About Me: I am a Scientist in the Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR- IARI), New Delhi, India since 2012.

Articles by Dr. Mandira Barman:
  • Salt Affected Soils and their Management ( 1178 reads)   

    Presence of salts in soil at high concentrations adversely affects soil health and the crop growth and production. Reclamation and management to maintain long term productivity of salt affected soils is very important. There are various methods for reclaimation of salt affected soils, but effective management can be achieved with integration of all these different techniques in a sustainable manner. - Category: Agriculture
  • Conservation Agriculture Adapts To And Mitigates Against Climate Change ( 862 reads)   

    Conservation agriculture-based farming systems contribute to sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation and rural development. It can improve the efficiency of inputs, increase farm income, improve or sustain crop yields, and protect and revitalize soil, biodiversity and the natural resource base. Adoption of location-specific conservation agricultural practices is of utmost importance now-a-days. - Category: Agriculture
  • Deficiency Symptoms of Micronutrients in Plants ( 2841 reads)   

    Deficiency symptoms of any essential nutrient can be useful in recognizing that something is wrong with the plant and can lead to the discovery of the cause. Micronutrient deficiencies are common in Indian soils which are leading to low yields, low mineral content in seed and fodders and thus adversely affecting plant, animal and human health. Therefore, indentifying the deficiency symptom of micronutrient in plant may be a key component in management of their deficiency in intensively cultivated soils. - Category: Agriculture

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