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Author: Dr. Manisha Mangal

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 8366 | Points Scored: 9,866

City: New Delhi | State: New Delhi (India)

About Me: I am a senior scientist at Indian agricultural Research Institute New Delhi.

Articles by Dr. Manisha Mangal:
  • Role of WRKY Family Proteins in Innate Immunity in Pepper ( 2269 reads)   

    Plants activate multiple defense mechanisms against pathogen attack in order to protect themselves from infection. This kind of response is often triggered by the recognition of specific pathogens and the activation of highly regulated signal transduction pathways particularly in the cell nucleus, where signals lead to the transcriptional activation of a large array of defense genes. WRKY transcription factors play essential roles in mediating defense responses to different pathogens in pepper. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Development of Transgenics for Virus Resistance ( 2334 reads)   

    Advancements in transgenic technology has offered new means of incorporating traits for virus resistance into existing desirable crops. There are two approaches for developing transgenics for virus resistance depending on the source of the genes used. The genes can be either from the pathogenic virus itself or from any other source. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Development of Transgenics for Improved Shelf Life ( 3763 reads)   

    The postharvest losses of fruits and vegetables in the developing countries account for almost 50% of the produce. India, the world's second largest producer of fruits and vegetables loses 35-40% of produce because of excessive softening. The softening that accompanies ripening of fruits exacerbates damage during shipping and handling processes. It plays a major role in determining the cost factor, because it has a direct impact on palatability, consumer acceptability, shelf life, and postharvest disease/pathogen resistance. - Category: Biotech Research

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