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Author: Dr. Swati Saha

No Photo Total Articles: 9 | Total Views: 26820 | Points Scored: 31,320

City: New Delhi | State: India

About Me: I am scientist working at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. I am working in the field of agriculture.

Articles by Dr. Swati Saha:
  • Role of Mulching in Vegetable Cultivation ( 983 reads)   

    Mulching in general is a beneficial practice for crop production. Mulch is simply a protective layer of a material that is spread on top of the soil. It enriches and protects soil and provides a better growing environment. At the same time it acts as barriers to movement of moisture out of the soil. Mulches support infiltration of runoff and irrigation water as the mulches protect the soil surface from the impact of raindrops preventing soil crusting. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Border Crop In Pest Management ( 1819 reads)   

    Natural pest control provides a safer and more sustainable approach for managing pest populations. Insecticide sprays against the vectors are not effective in reducing virus disease because vectors transmit virus before the insecticides act to kill them. Use of a border crop to form a screen around the main crop has provided protection against several non-persistent virus diseases. Border cropping can regulate pest populations and/or limit the damage caused to the crop through the pest diversion process. - Category: Agriculture
  • Physiological Disorders of Summer Vegetables ( 2082 reads)   

    There are some disorders in summer vegetable crops where there is no pathogen involved and they are more or less due to the unfavourable environmental conditions like nutrition, water, light, soil etc. - Category: Agriculture
  • Physiological Disorders of Winter Vegetables ( 1504 reads)   

    There are some disorders in winter vegetable crops where there is no pathogen involved and they are more or less due to the unfavourable environmental conditions like nutrition, water, light, soil etc. - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Production of Carrot ( 3122 reads)   

    Carrot is a highly cross pollinated crop. Purity and maintenance of seed is very essential as there are chances of mixing of seed. Therefore, for carrot growers knowledge of seed production is of prime importance. - Category: Agriculture
  • Effect of In vitro Raised Plantlets of Bitter Gourd Lines to AM strains ( 1286 reads)   

    Effect of in vitro raised plantlets of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) lines to arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) strains. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) have several advantages to plants including increased root area for absorption, enhanced uptake of nutrients, resistant to plant pathogens and drought. - Category: Agriculture
  • Performance of Tomato Seedlings on Different Growing Media. ( 1474 reads)   

    Tomato (Solanum lycopersicon L. syn. Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) is most popular fruit vegetable of the family Solanaceae, grown all over the world. Tomato is universally treated as a protective food and is also a very good source of income to small and marginal farmers. - Category: Agriculture
  • Transfer of Male Sterility to Cauliflower Varieties Through Inter-Generic Crosses ( 2339 reads)   

    Male sterility described as inability of the plant to produce fertile pollen is widespread in angiosperms and provides one of the most efficient means of directed pollination for the large-scale production of hybrid seeds in crops. Male sterility manifests itself usually in floral development as an incompatibility of nuclear-mitochondrial interaction in alloplasmic lines derived from wide hybridization, which carry nuclear and mitochondrial genomes from different species. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Lettuce Cultivation in India ( 12211 reads)   

    There are some vegetables, which are consumed uncooked state and are called salad crops. Salad crops are now more popular because of their food value in the diet. Lettuce is the most popular of the salad crops. It is most commonly used in the U.S.A., but in India it is yet to gain popularity. - Category: Agriculture

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