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Author: Gaurav Saxena

Author Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 10597 | Points Scored: 12,597

City: Lucknow | State: Uttar Pradesh

About Me: I am interested in research

Articles by Gaurav Saxena:
  • Transgenic Approach: Metal Accumulators: Efficient Phytoremediation ( 3197 reads)   

    Phytoremediation by the use hyper accumulator plants to modify/remove pollutants from environment is a global concern. Improvement in hyper accumulators by genetic engineering i.e. by modifying properties like metal uptake, transport, accumulation and tolerance to plants will open up the new possibilities and also will greatly expand the efficacy of Phytoremediation. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Probiotics: Potential in Health Restoration ( 1731 reads)   

    Microbial balance is critical for life. To maintain this various attempts has been made to modify the structure and metabolic activities of microbial community in intestine through modified foods, what termed as Probiotics which may help in restoring the natural healthy condition of body's internal environment .. - Category: Healthcare
  • Microbiological Indicators: Role in Monitoring Drinking Water Quality ( 2854 reads)   

    Water is elixir for life but safe drinking water for mankind is a big challenge of 21st century, because many people's not getting safe and clean water supply and dying of diarrheal disease. So, to encounter this global problem, the potability or suitability to drink water is analyzed by the microbiological examinations which have been globally approved. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Phytoremediation: A Green Technology For Environmental Revitalization ( 2815 reads)   

    Introduction Decontaminated environment is one of the major challenge of 21st century. Most of the traditional remedial technologies are more expensive and cause environmental pollution. To encounter this global issue, phytoremediation is one of the low cost and low impact alternative to these traditional technologies. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology

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