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Health Benefits of Colostrum
Colostrum is the first secretion produced after birth and is the specific first diet of mammalian neonates and is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides (e.g. lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase), and other bioactive molecules, including growth factors
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New Emerging Pest of Apricot in Cold Dessert areas of Ladakh
Article is about new emerging pests on apricot its is largely because of climate change
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Hurdle Technology for Preservation of Food
Hurdle technology is the method of preservation of food that works by combining more than one approach. It gives you high quality shelf stable food.
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Food Preservation Techniques [PDF]
Food can be preserved by applying three principles and different methods like thermal processing, heat removal, addition of different chemicals , by using radiations.
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Bio-Plastics: Renewed Environment and Restores Life
When there is an advantage, there will be some disadvantage, when there is some disadvantage, it may be due to some problem and when there is a problem, there will be a solution. Starch based bioplastic is an alternative solution for Synthetic plastic
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Fiscal Policy and Agricultural Growth in India
There is a contention that the recent trade agreements confine the Developing countries in exporting only raw materials which don’t fetch good price and in particular commodity trade. This type of agreement will lead to only negative effects on Developing world.
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Role of Intensive and Extensive Margins in Agricultural Exports of India
There is a contention that the recent trade agreements confine the Developing countries in exporting only raw materials which don’t fetch good price and in particular commodity trade. This type of agreement will lead to only negative effects on Developing world.
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The Role of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Delivery of Extension Services
The concept of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) has emerged as a viable option for infrastructure development especially in the context of developing countries. PPPs are emerging as an innovative policy tool for remedying the lack of enthusiasm in traditional public service delivery. They represent a claim on public resources that needs to be understood and assessed. They are often complex transactions, needing a clear specification of the services to be provided and an understanding of the way risks are allocated between the public and private sector.
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Ethno-Veterinary Medicine - Treatment of Animals by Medicinal Plants
In this we highlighted some medicinal value of plant which can be used for treatment of various disease in animals by rural people.
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ICT Tools used in Agriculture
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It plays important role in economic and social development of country like India, where 58% of the people engaged in agriculture. Thus, Overall development of a country is not possible without agriculture. For growth of agriculture, it is important to disseminate the technology to the field. There are various methods to disseminate information to the field. ICT in agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development in India. ICT is one of the important tool which provides the daily information to the farmers based on their need. Introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables the dissemination of essential information to the famers at the right time
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Useful Mobile Apps for Farmers
This article is about formation of producer companies in India. A producer company is a hybrid between a private limited company and a cooperative society
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Nano-Remediation: Application of Nanotechnology to Clean Up Environment
Environmental pollution is going to be a big issue in upcoming days. Application of nano technology shall help in remediation and cleanup environment. This article attempt to focus the area where Nano-remediation is possible.
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Recurrent Selection - Definition and Types
Recurrent selection is a method which involves reselection generation after generation with interbreeding of selects to provide for genetic recombination. Thus it is a cyclic selection that is used to improve the frequency of desirable alleles for a character in a breeding population.
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Codling Moth a Notorious Pest of Apricot in Sham conditions of Ladakh Region
Apricot is one of the most nutritive, delicious and commercially important fruit crop of Ladakh. Due to climate change many new pests are emerging in this crop and one among them is the codling moth. Codling moth is a member of the lepidopteran family Tortricidae.
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Insight to Biotechnological Applications in Floriculture
Biotechnological approaches that comprise plant tissue culture and micro-propagation techniques, plant genetic engineering and molecular breeding or marker assisted breeding techniques opened an avenue for floriculture gene pool expansion by promoting the generation of improved new commercial varieties with desired traits
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Role of Farmer Producer's Organizations (FPO's) in Improving Market Access
The concept of 'Farmer Producer Organizations, (FPO)' consists of collectivization of Producers especially small and marginal farmers so as to form an effective alliance to collectively address many challenges of agriculture such as improved access to investment, technology, inputs and markets.Department of Agriculture and Cooperation under Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has identified 'Farmer Producer Organizations 'registered under the special provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 as the most appropriate Institutional form around which the mobilization of farmers is to be made for building their capacity to collectively leverage their production and marketing strength. The Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (MoA) has setup 'Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium' (SFAC), a society under DAC, as designated Agency to act as a single window for Technical support, Training needs, Research and Knowledge management and to create linkages to investment, Technology and Markets. SFAC provides all round support to State Governments FPOs and other entities engaged in promotion and development of FPOs.
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Mutation Breeding
When mutation are induced for crop improvement, the entire operation of the induction & isolation, etc of mutants is called mutation breeding.
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Effect of Sulphur on Oilseed Crops
The importance of sulphur in oilseed crops and its impact in relation to oil content in oilseed crops
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Experience of New Initiatives and Minimum Support Price in Agriculture Sector of Rajasthan
About 80% of Rajasthan's population resides in rural area and sector contribution to the state GDP is around 22.5 percent. This article describes experience of new initiatives and minimum support price in agriculture sector of Rajasthan.
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Producers Companies in India
This article is about formation of producer companies in India. A producer company is a hybrid between a private limited company and a cooperative society.
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Male Sterility in Pollen Grains
Presence of non-functional pollen grains and absence of functional pollen grains (while female gametes function normally), is known as male sterility.
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Agri-Tourism - An Overview [PDF]
Agritourism is the concept of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, or agribusiness operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation. In general Agri Tourism is the practice of attracting visitors to an area used primarily for agricultural purposes.
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Positive and Negative Eugenics and Implementation methods
Eugenics if the study of all agencies under human control which can improve the racial quality of future generations
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From Natural to Artificial Photosynthesis : Future of Crop Production
Artificial leaves are an emerging form of renewable energy sources collecting energy from the sun and wind and converting it into electrical energy. Currently artificial leaves are used in improved agricultural production and reduction of green house gas emission in adverse climate change conditions.
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Germplasm Conservation
Germplasm conservation refers to the maintenance of germplasm of a species by insitu conservation, field collection, seed banks, slow growth cultures, cryopreservation and DNA banks.
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Innovative ICT tools for Livestock Extension
The ICT will help to overcome the constraints of poor access to appropriate information for a range of stakeholders namely government departments staffs, NGOs, producer groups, farmers and various other extension delivery agents.
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Inactivation of Proteinase during Milk Processing
Proteinases are enzymes which carried out hydrolysis of peptide bonds of proteins in to peptides & amino acids”. Proteinase develope off flavour and gelation during storage UHT milk
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Proteolysis in UHT Milk: Causes and Remedies
UHT milk is long life milk. It can stored upto six months without refrigeration facility, But during storage sometimes occurs major problem that is Gelation and Bitterness
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Application of Growth Regulators in Sustainable Agriculture
Application of different growth regulators in improvement of agricultural production and productivity.Plant growth regulators have key role minimization of different environmental stress under climate change conditions
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Combining Ability define by Gene Action [PDF]
Combining ability is a very important concept in plant breeding and it can be used to compare and investigate how two inbred lines can be combined together to produce a productive hybrid or to breed new inbred lines.

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