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Author: Jyoti Chauhan

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 505 | Points Scored: 2,005

City: Varanasi | State: Uttar Pradesh , India

About Me: I am currently pursuing ph.D in Plant Physiology from Banaras Hindu University

Articles by Jyoti Chauhan:
  • Concept of Conservation Tillage ( 172 reads)   

    Conservation tillage, a crop production system involving the management of surface residues, prevents degradative processes and restores and improves soil productivity. The experimental data show that conservation tillage has a wide application for sustainable crop production on a range of soils in the dryland agriculture. - Category: Agriculture
  • High Light Stress Response and Tolerance Mechanism in Plants ( 100 reads)   

    Excess light (EL) can be sensed directly by photoreceptors or indirectly through biochemical and metabolic signals. Photoreceptors mediate chloroplast avoidance movement, some changes in gene expression, and photophobic responses in algae. Because EL perturbs photosynthesis, responses in the chloroplast such as qE (pH dependent regulation of photosynthetic light harvesting) and several retrograde signaling pathways from the chloroplast to the nucleus have important roles in EL acclimation. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Antitranspirants and PGR in Improving Water Relations in Plants ( 233 reads)   

    The most obvious use of materials or chemicals which reduce the transpiration losses or helps in improving water uptake are realized in dry farming areas, in nursery and some high value materials. The purpose of such materials is to maintain the growth and productivity under stress conditions so these are not recommended for high productivity unit area. - Category: Agriculture

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