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Author: Kanya Sasi

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City: Chennai | State: Tamil Nadu

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Articles by Kanya Sasi:
  • Invert Sugar Usage in Pharmaceutical Industry Grows Dramatically ( 4712 reads)   

    Invert sugar syrup is now being used by over 200 units in India which includes all big players like Ranbaxy. This trend will continue to grow in coming years. The biggest benefit which Pharma industries get by purchasing it from external vendors is drastic reduction in cost, consistent quality and better utilization of resources. - Category: Agriculture
  • Basic Principles of Genetic Engineering ( 26754 reads)   

    Genetic engineering involves manipulation of the genetic material towards a desired end in a direct and pre-determined way. This is alternatively called recombinant DNA technology or gene cloning.In short Gene cloning is essentially the insertion of a specific piece of 'desired DNA' into a host cell in such a way the inserted DNA is replicated and handed onto daughter cells during cell division. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Humanized Antibodies - Production and Applications in Cancer Therapy ( 13454 reads)   

    Humanized antibodies are the name given to antibodies derived from non human species whose proteins have been modified to enhance their resemblance to natural human antibodies. When therapeutic antibodies are produced in non human immune system (for example mice) their protein sequence are to some extent different from that of natural human antibodies. It is important to humanize these antibodies - Category: Genetics
  • Techniques Used in Detection of Genetic Diseases - Part 2 ( 3703 reads)   

    Most of the techniques used in identifying a gene responsible for a genetic disorder can be applied only when there is pre-information about the genes or the gene products. However in many cases where there is no knowledge about the genes or the gene products a different approach has to be used. In such cases the most probable gene resulting in the disorder can be identified by using other methods - Category: Genetics
  • Techniques Used in Detection of Genetic Diseases - Part 1 ( 9284 reads)   

    It is important to first identify the genes responsible for a genetic disorder before establishing the disease. Identification of responsible genes is vital. - Category: Genetics
  • Phytoremediation - Applications, Advantages and Limitations ( 13721 reads)   

    What is phytoremediation? The technique of employing green plants and their associated microorganisms, soil amendments and agronomic practices to remove, inhibit or neutralize hazardous environmental contaminants is termed as 'phytoremediation'. - Category: Applications
  • Benefits of Probiotics ( 4472 reads)   

    What are probiotics and thier health benefits. Probiotics are generally fermented foods like yoghurt and dairy products fortified with active live cultures of beneficial microorganisms. Generally Lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB) and Bifidobacteria are popular probiotic cultures. However some yeasts and bacilli are also used. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Marker-Assisted Selection in Crop Breeding ( 4155 reads)   

    Marker assisted selection of plants hepls to reducethe time taken for plant breeding experiments. Agricultural Biotechnology primarily focuses on developing better varieties of crop. This involves selection of plants with the desired characteristics. Earlier Conventional plant breeding was based on phenotypic selection of the plants - Category: Agriculture
  • Microbiology of the Gastro Intestinal Tract ( 7503 reads)   

    Microbial flora of the G.I tact includes both normal and pathogenic microorganisms.This articles provides an insight on both. - Category: Others
  • Gene Therapy - Introduction, Types and Applications ( 5480 reads)   

    An introduction outlining the basics of Gene therapy. It aims at rectifying the defective genes causing genetic diseases. - Category: Genetics
  • Stem Cells Therapy and Preservation ( 4520 reads)   

    Stem cell therapy is a unique and expanding prospect of medical science which has a high potential of curing many life threatening conditions especially in cases where an organ has to transplanted. - Category: Stem Cells

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