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Author: Kirti Rani

Author Photo Total Articles: 40 | Total Views: 145821 | Points Scored: 165,821

City: Noida | State: Uttar Pradesh

About Me: I am working as Assistant Professor (II) in Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida (India). My thrust area of working in the field of advanced enzyme technology and nanbiotechnology.

Articles by Kirti Rani:
  • Conventional Role of Microbes For Polysaccharide-Hydrocolloid Production ( 2511 reads)   

    Microbial polysaccharides' or 'Hydrocolloid Gums' have numerous commercial and industrial application to be used as delicious food additives such as ice creams, frozen desserts, bakery and dairy products, salad dressings, water behavior modifier, thickener, gelling agent, emulsifier, suspending agent and stabilizer. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Use of Biofactories as Renewable and Sustainable Resources ( 3234 reads)   

    Biofactories are the best option for the production of plastics/polysaccharides/ fatty acids. These biofactories has especially application for the production of biodegradable and eco-friendly various monomers of bioplastics to meet the present requiremnet of plastics. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Coined Note on Potential Natural Occurring Herbal Antioxidants ( 2013 reads)   

    These herbal antioxidant molecules react rapidly with free radicals to remove the hydrogens located alpha to the double bonds to loosen the the resonance stabilization that lead to reduction in generation of free radicals. - Category: Pharmacy
  • Latest Brief Overview on Penicillin Acylase Production ( 4146 reads)   

    Penicillin acylase is in high industrial demand due to the production of 6-amino-penicillinic acid which ,in turn, is a key precursor for chemical synthesis of penicillin. - Category: Applications
  • Design and Operational Key Factors of Bioreactor ( 7431 reads)   

    Bioreactor is the biochemical engineered mechanical vessel in which biochemical conversion take place for industrial biomass production. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Introductory and Instant Note on Types of Industrially Important Proteases ( 2145 reads)   

    Proteases are divided into number of major groups on the basis of their site of actions i.e., exopeptidases. endopeptidases, Aminopeptidase, Carboxypeptidase, serine proteases, aspartic proteases, cysteine proteases and metallo-proteases. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Microbes as Vulnerable Source of Proteases ( 3424 reads)   

    Microbes are an excellent source of enzymes due to their biochemical diversity and their susceptibility to genetic manipulation and they possess almost all the characteristics desired for their biotechnological applications. Microbial proteases are known for its accountability of approximate 40% of the total worldwide enzyme sales. - Category: Biotech Research
  • General Inroduction on Biological Sources of Proteases ( 5758 reads)   

    Proteases are widely distributed in most of biological source (plant and animal sources). They are ubiquitous with wide diversity of sources such as plants and animals. - Category: Biology
  • Mushroom Cultivation Industrially Coined as Cash Crop ( 2729 reads)   

    Mushroom is well know high market demanded crop due to its easy cultivation and nutritionally enriched dietary crop as well. - Category: Agriculture
  • Current Preview on Lipase With Its Immense Applications ( 2183 reads)   

    Lipase is lipolytic enzyme that leads dietary fat lipolysis in to fatty acid and glycerol which is absorbed in the intestines. It has numerous vulnerable therapeutic uses in treatment of liver and pancreatic diseases. - Category: Healthcare
  • Aqueous Two Phase System: The Most Demanded and Cost Effective Downstream Process ( 3095 reads)   

    Aqueous two phase systems is in more industrial demand due to its fast and economic technology for purification of desired biomolecules with high yield and purity. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Future Health Hazards Related to Nanotoxicology and Their Complications ( 2286 reads)   

    Nanotechnology is incomplete without the consideration of toxicity caused by nanoparticles. It should be considered a key parameter at eco-friendly and health standard. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • An Instant Biochemical Note on Starch ( 4565 reads)   

    Starch is well know biochemical constituents which is processed to produce many of the sugars in processed foods, preparation of toothpaste, stiffening and gluing agent and in paper industry too - Category: Biology
  • Proteases as Bio-Scavengers With Their Therapeutic Implications ( 1935 reads)   

    Poteases are well known proteolytic enzymes which have numerous therapeutic implications as bio-scavengers. - Category: Healthcare
  • Health Benefits of Kidney Beans ( 2387 reads)   

    Kidney beans are good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber which are helpful for maintaining blood sugar level especially for diabetic and hypoglycemic patients - Category: Healthcare
  • A Brief Description of Bio-production of Alpha and Beta Amylases ( 2433 reads)   

    Both alpha and beta amylases is naturally occurring enzymes in germinating pulses/ plant seeds which are essential for further development and growth of plants. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Modern Use of Enzyme to Be Coined as Bio-detergents ( 3411 reads)   

    Use of enzymes as bio-detergents is remarkable due to increased efficiency of washing and increased life of cloths upon washing. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Advanced Research Areas of Enzyme Biotechnology ( 2217 reads)   

    Advanced biotechnology has allowed scientists to improve enzymes through genetic modifications into enzyme producing microbes or through direct changes into basic structure of the enzymes themselves by recombinant DNA technology. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Introductory Note on Silk With Its Properties ( 2928 reads)   

    Silk is a natural protein fiber which is commonly used in textiles industries from the ancient time. The best type of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori. - Category: Biology
  • Nutritional Values of Soybean as Essential Food Supplements ( 2206 reads)   

    Soybeans are considered a complete source of protein with essential amino acids profile and precursor of vitamins as essential human food supplements among well known pulses. - Category: Healthcare
  • Biochemical Properties of Bovine Serum Albumin ( 8749 reads)   

    Bovine serum albumin is itself known a industrially important biochemical product which has wider role in various biochemical implications. - Category: Biology
  • Significance of Enzyme Immobilization Techniques ( 4503 reads)   

    Immobilization is the backbone of enzyme technology which have various significant and magnificent industrial applications - Category: Applications
  • Potential Use of Biosnensor Technology ( 2008 reads)   

    There are couple of applications of biosensors in food analysis and for health care prospective as antibodies coated optic is commonly used to detect virulent/lethal pathogens and food toxins. - Category: Healthcare
  • Characteristics of Moong Beans ( 3676 reads)   

    Mung beans are commonly used in the cuisines of Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia too. - Category: Agriculture
  • Green Nanaotechnology Vs Nanoscience and Nanolibrary ( 2260 reads)   

    Green nanotechnology is the latest eco-friendly clean nano-technologies to minimize potential environmental and human health crises associated with the manufacture and use of nanotechnology products. - Category: Others
  • Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum) as Nutritionally Enriched Pulse ( 2682 reads)   

    Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) is commonly well known market pulse for the human consumption due to its high nutritional value. - Category: Others
  • Modern Concept of Enzyme Immobilization With Its Matrices Features ( 2316 reads)   

    Modern concept of enzyme immobilization is based on selection of chosen matrices which are suitable for binding of desired enzymes with nil effect on its stability. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Importance of Milk Pasteurization Test ( 4210 reads)   

    Pasteurization test in raw milk is very important clinical parameter in accordance to modern and urban health related issues. - Category: Healthcare
  • Medicinal Role of Azadirachta Indica (Neem Plant) ( 3426 reads)   

    The antioxidant properties of neem plant parts are key hallmark for Ayurveda therapeutic application for better and safe health care premise. - Category: Agriculture

    An immobilized enzyme has been restricted for its mobility by chemical means which represent variety of advantages over free enzyme catalysis including increased stability of enzyme, recovery of enzyme, easy separation of reaction mixture, repeated or continuous use of a single batch of enzyme as cost effective assay method. - Category: Applications
  • Introduction and Significant Role of Alkaline Phosphatases ( 6996 reads)   

    Immensity of alkaline phosphatases is found to be evolutionary in various modern molecular and clinical lab techniques which are used for betterment of mankind. - Category: Applications
  • Industrial Role of Amylases and Their Characteristics ( 11428 reads)   

    Amylases are hypermarket valued enzyme whose role is ideogram for modern industrial applications. - Category: Applications
  • Applicative Note on Biocompost and its Agricultural Implications ( 2374 reads)   

    Biocompost is commonly used for fertilizing the agricultural land from the ancient times. Now these days, this method of soil fertilization is remarkable with its eco-friendly aspect. - Category: Agriculture
  • Agricultural Applications of Biopesticides ( 8807 reads)   

    Biopesticides are in high agricultural demand due to their non toxic and eco-fiendly characteristics as compared to chemial or synthetic pesticides. - Category: Agriculture
  • Imperial Role of Essential Amino Acids ( 2521 reads)   

    Essential amino acids are considerably important grwoth metabolic factors which are responsible for normal physiology of human, animals and plants. - Category: Biology
  • Introductory Brief Note on Clinically Significant Beta-Lactam Antibiotics ( 2267 reads)   

    Beta-lactam antibiotics have clinical importance for the treatment of couple of epidemics caused by virulent bacterial strains. Common examples of this category of antibiotics are penicillin and cephalosporin. - Category: Healthcare
  • Essential Components Of Media Formulation ( 4076 reads)   

    Formulation of specific media is important to achieve the goal to produce maximal yield of the industrially important desired products/ biomass having maximal purified concentration with consistent quality by minimizing their production cost as well. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Parallel Potential Prospects of Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics ( 3191 reads)   

    This article is based on parellel role of nanotechnology and bioinformatics for betterment of mankind and green revolution on earth. This role of bioinformatics in nanotechnology lead to form creation which is called nanolibrary. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Cholelithiasis and Bile Acid Analysis ( 2390 reads)   

    Cholelithiasis is common health problem due to changed life styles and dietary habits. It is due to high lipid and fat intake via the consumption of junk foods which in turn increase the risk factors of this diseases with increased bile acid concentration too. - Category: Healthcare
  • Substantial Role of Biomass Production ( 2024 reads)   

    Biomass production is presently in high industrial demand due to its cheap and eco-friendly production within short duration. - Category: Biotech Research

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