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Author: Leela Bhatt

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 778 | Points Scored: 3,278

City: Pantnagar | State: Uttarakhand, India

About Me: I am currently pursuing Ph.D. in Horticulture (Vegetable Science) from GBPAU&T Pantnagar.

Articles by Leela Bhatt:
  • Drumstick: A Rare Multipurpose Tree ( 153 reads)   

    Drumstick or moringa is one of the world most useful crops and is a tropical tree with multiple use and its main features is that it is hardy with tremendous capacity to with stand drought .It is grown in tropical region ,human food crop mainly as a vegetable, animal forage crops, medicine ,dye and oil yielding crops and for water purification. It is cultivated for its leaves, flowers, pods and fruits and roots for a variety of food livestock feed manure ,medicinal and diverse industrial purpose. Oil of ben is used against hysteria ,scurvy ,bladder trouble and circulatory problems.The bark is an appetizer and digestive .The ion content of level is high and they are reportedy prescribed for anemia. - Category: Agriculture
  • Importance of Underutilized Tree Borne Vegetable of Arid Region ( 157 reads)   

    A few of them are heavily exploited ,many are underutilized and many more neglected in their harvest habitat and or under farming. These underutilized horticultural crops consumption in locally and the local people are aware about their nutritional and medicinal properties . Tree borne vegetable are one such group which is waiting for collection,characterization,evaluationconservation and documentation. - Category: Agriculture
  • High Medicinal Value of Indian Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) ( 149 reads)   

    Noni is a multipurpose plant. Its all parts of plant have traditional and modern uses, including roots, barks, in dye, medicine trunks as fire wood and tools and leaves and fruits as food and medicine. Noni fruit's juice is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Indian noni effective adoptogen ,which facilities homeostasis , Indian noni works at cellular level or has ability to direct energy to areas that are weak and damage the immune ,circulatory, digestive, metabolic and nervous system ,tissue and cells skin and hairs. It helps to mange tuberculosis, heart diseases ,cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney disorder, anemia, diabetics, digestive disorder ,auto immune disorder, arthritis, chronic, pain asthma ,depression, obesity, cancer chemotherapy ,induced weakness, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunctions , Parkinson's diseases. Multiple sclerosis crumps, stress, sleeplessness , deccholism, drug addiction and South East Asia application of plant in extended to cure cough ,cold, pain, liver disease , malaria and blood pressure. - Category: Agriculture
  • Therapeutic Property of Broccoli ( 145 reads)   

    Broccoli is known 'Crown Jewel of nutrition' the nutrients namely vitamins, minerals, secondary metabolites and fiber proclaiming its exceptional health benefits. The breakdown products of the sulfur containing glucosinolates, isothiocyanates are the active principles in exhibiting the anticancer property at every stage. Therefore, the several phytochemicals or compounds that are present in broccoli have been proved to reduce the risk of several major diseases including cancers, neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes etc. - Category: Agriculture
  • Marker Assisted Selection in Vegetable Crops ( 174 reads)   

    Exploitation of the information derived from the map position of traits with agronomical importance and of the linked molecular markers, can be achieved through marker assisted selection (MAS) of the traits during the breeding process. Genetic mapping of major genes and quantitative traits loci (QTLs) for many important agricultural traits is increasing the integration of biotechnology with the conventional breeding process MAS for simply inherited traits is gaining increasing importance in breeding programs, allowing an acceleration of the breeding process. - Category: Agriculture

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