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Author: Lorato Lekgari

No Photo Total Articles: 27 | Total Views: 348384 | Points Scored: 361,884

City: Stellenbosch | State: western cape

About Me: A BScHons graduate in plant biotech and currently pursuing an MSc in the same field. Interested in medicinal plans, identifying,quantifying and increasing production of the bioactive compounds

Articles by Lorato Lekgari:
  • Biotechnology Companies in South Africa: Human Health ( 21607 reads)   

    List some organisations that support biotechnology in South Africa and then lists the different companies funded by these organisations, in regard to treatment of human diseases - Category: Industry News
  • Extraction of Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA) From Plant Tissues ( 21530 reads)   

    After plant transformation, a researcher has to ascertain that the gene has been cloned into the plant's genomic DNA and that it is being expressed. To do these, DNA and RNA has to be isolated and analysed. The CTAB extraction method is discussed. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Calvin Cycle Regulation and Effect on Photosynthesis ( 10318 reads)   

    Looks into the different enzymes involved in the Calvin cycle (the dark reactions) and how they regulate the Calvin Cycle, thus regulating photosynthesis - Category: Biology
  • Where to Study Biotechnology in South Africa ( 47445 reads)   

    Lists the different Universities where one can study Biotechnology, listing the levels at which it is offered by the different universities - Category: College and Education
  • Gene Isolation and Characterisation ( 19631 reads)   

    For a genetic engineer to transform organism, a gene of interest has to be isolated isolated and characterised,then its suitability for the purpose of the manipulation has to be verified. Here we briefly look at how gene of interest can be isolated and characterised - Category: Biotech Research
  • Biotechnology For a Clean Environment ( 5941 reads)   

    Waste poses a threat to human health and to the environment in general. Ways of treating waste thus have to be devised in order to degrade this waste and bioremediation is an important way of doing this - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Applications of Thin Layer Chromatography ( 38796 reads)   

    Thin Layer Chromatography has proved to be such a strong tool in the study of natural products. The application of TLC in analysis of phytochemicals is discussed in this article - Category: Biology
  • Extraction of Phytochemicals ( 25481 reads)   

    To analyse the different chemicals found in plants naturally, researchers must be able to extract them. Different extraction methods and conditions of extraction are discussed - Category: Biology
  • Gel Electrophoresis in Molecular Biology ( 10239 reads)   

    Discusses gel electrophoresis and outline the protocol that can be used. A gel, which is a matrix with a network of pores that allows molecules to travel, is thus used as a way to contain and then separate molecules based on their size. - Category: Biology
  • Engineering of Drought Tolerant Plants ( 5648 reads)   

    Water is a scarce commodity in the world. Most of the water used in the world goes towards agriculture but some parts of the world are dry thus less success in food production. Engineering plants that are drought tolerant so that they can survive and produce high yield even in dry conditions is thus a better method to increase food production. - Category: Agriculture
  • Gibberelic Acids in Agriculture ( 3248 reads)   

    Gibberellics are plant hormones that have been shown to play a significant role in plant growth and seed germination. Their activity can be repressed to get dwarf plants by DELLA proteins. These is discussed in this article - Category: Agriculture
  • Plasmid as Vectors For Plant Transformation ( 9749 reads)   

    Plasmids are found in microorganism mainly in bacterial cells. They are naked double stranded DNA molecules that replicate independently of their host's DNA but cannot live outside the host. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Plant Tissue Culture and Its Applications ( 20837 reads)   

    Plant tissue culture has come as a good tool in plant biotechnology allowing for highly controlled system for enhanced plant growth and development. - Category: Biology
  • Functional Genomics: A Tool in Genetic Engineering ( 5450 reads)   

    Define the different functional genomics and what they are used for in relation to genetic engineering. - Category: Biology
  • Mussel Biopolymers: A Cloning Approach ( 5098 reads)   

    Biopolymers are renewable, biodegradable and naturally produced products. An approach siting the mussel biopolymers for increased and continuous supply of biopolymers is discussed - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Plant Growth Promoting Substances ( 9201 reads)   

    Alkamides, Sphingolipids, Lumichrome, Smoke and Strigolactones are some of the substances that scientists have shown to be involved in plant growth. Let's discusses their relevance in agriculture. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biological Activities and Bioassays ( 6452 reads)   

    Discusses bioassays used to determine biological activities of plant extracts, especially important in medicinal plants. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant activity. - Category: Biotech Research
  • The Different DNA Libraries ( 4076 reads)   

    The construction of DNA libraries, their differences and how they are constructed. Metagenomic, cDNA, Genomic DNA library. - Category: Genetics
  • Nitrogen Fixation: Genes Involved and the Infection Process ( 7275 reads)   

    Discusses nitrogen fixation with emphasis on nitrogen fixing bacteria and the host plant. The genes/proteins involved in signaling for establishment of relationship are discussed. - Category: Biology
  • Agrobacetium-Mediated Transformation Protocol ( 6985 reads)   

    Gives a stepwise standard protocol used for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in plants - Category: Biology
  • Sucrose Regulating Photosynthesis ( 8976 reads)   

    Discusses, rather briefly, on how products of photosynthesis goes back to regulate the process through which they are produced. - Category: Biology
  • Phytochemical Analysis: Metabolic Profiling Techniques ( 6244 reads)   

    Define metabolic profiling and the different techniques used in plants to characterize metabolite. Stating the importance of this in biotechnology - Category: Others
  • Gene Silencing and Its Applications ( 8258 reads)   

    Explains gene silencing. Goes into the mechanism under which gene silencing occurs, its biological roles and different application that it can be used for - Category: Genetics
  • Safe Insecticides For the Environment ( 7699 reads)   

    Shows the importance of bioengineering in agriculture and in the environment. Milestones though with ongoing research on what biotechnology has done can continue to do on a good note - Category: Agriculture
  • Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation Concept ( 5854 reads)   

    Discusses how Agrobacterium infect plants going into the proteins/genes involved. This goes to show how important Agrobacteria is in manipulating genetic makeup of other organism, especially plants, that it infects - Category: Others
  • Biotechnology as a Tool in Medicine: Focus on Artemisinin ( 6360 reads)   

    Artemisinin is a secondary metabolite produced by Artemisia annua, and it was used in Chinese ancient medical remedies. Biotechnology techniques are now being used to improve the production of this highly important and significant compound in the medical/pharmacological sector. It is used as treatment against malaria which is a diseases that kills a lot of people yearly. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Next Generation Sequencing Technologies: 454 Pyrosequencing ( 19986 reads)   

    The 454 pyrosequencing a highly parallel, cost effective and fast DNA sequencing technology compared to Sanger. It can be used to get large quantities of DNA nucleotide sequence thus a very important tool in genomic sequencing. Has lead to a break through in biotechnology, forensic science, systematics and medical science's fields. - Category: Bioinformatics

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