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Author: Mahesh Kumar Samota

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 1022 | Points Scored: 3,022

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am currently pursuing Ph.D. in BIOCHEMISTRY from IARI New Delhi.

Articles by Mahesh Kumar Samota:
  • Nutritional Value of Amaranthus ( 221 reads)   

    In developing countries, the fight against poverty, hunger, malnutrition and undernourishment continues to be a basic goal of development and a variety of strategies are being applied. Strategies should based on micronutrient rich food like vegetables are considered essential. Green leafy vegetables (GLV's) are rich source of vitamins such as beta carotene, ascorbic acid, folic acid and riboflavin as well as minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorous. They also contain an immense variety of bioactive non-nutritive health promoting compounds such a antioxidants and phytochemicals, which provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Green leafy vegetables have long been recognized most abundant sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. GLV's are considered to be one of the cheapest vegetables in the market and it could be rightly described as poor man's vegetables - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Biotechnology in Vegetable Improvement ( 224 reads)   

    Biotechnology is a rapidly developing area of contemporary science. Biotechnology can bring new ideas, improved tools and novel approaches to the solution of some persistent, seemingly intractable problems in food crop production. It is comprised of a continuum of technologies, ranging from traditional biotechnology such as plant tissue culture to modern biotechnology such as genetic engineering of plants and animals and represents the latest front in the ongoing scientific progress of this century. - Category: Agriculture
  • Histone Methylation in Higher Plants ( 213 reads)   

    Stable hypo-methylation and activation of the locus required the CHR729 (CHD3 chromatin remodeling factor) which is involved in maintenance of H3K4me3 during cell differentiation. H3K4me3 levels important for the stabilization of the callus-induced epigenetic expression state of the gene. - Category: Agriculture
  • Plastid Terminal Oxidase (PTOX) - Its physiological role and biological significance ( 364 reads)   

    PTOX sets the redox poise in the dark not only of the PQ pool but also of the entire stroma. PTOX has role in chloro-respiration, photo-protection and in oxidative stress. Thereby potentially impacts to different degrees all the processes that either involve redox reactions or are redox controlled. - Category: Agriculture

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