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Author: Nazish Mustafa

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 5782 | Points Scored: 7,282

City: Karachi | State: (Sindh) Pakistan

About Me: Jr Research fellow (Neuroasciences molecular medicine)

Articles by Nazish Mustafa:
  • Mirror Neurons - Reinventing Brain Plasticity ( 860 reads)   

    Motor impairment and disabilities in patients are strongly needed to be overcome with proper neuro rehab approach based on scientific breakthroughs like mirror neurons. They are activated only by simple action observation which can rehabilitate and recover the motor deficits impaired individuals with smart neuro rehab planning by using mirror neuronal mechanism successfully. - Category: Healthcare
  • BUILDING HOPE : Regeneration by using Nature's platform ( 2466 reads)   

    The establishment of a bioartificial heart under the banner of nature and technology by turning the cadaveric perfused acellular scaffold with intact extracellular matrix and heart chamber geometry into a live, complex and biocompatible heart with the help of natural platform has opened the new turns of tissue engineering. - Category: Others
  • Cancer Tactics and Their Counterstrategies ( 2456 reads)   

    The potential cancer treatment is not developed yet neither an appropriate and efficient diagnostic tool for cancer early diagnosis has developed .The breakthrough research in cancer has revealed some of the important facts which answers all those questions about failures of potential cancer treatment and the reasons behind incomplete eradication of cancer from the body. - Category: Biotech Research

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