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Author: Padma Kumar

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Articles by Padma Kumar:
  • How Biotechnology Impacts the Production of Beer ( 15842 reads)   

    Traditionally beer making involves enzymatic processes. Advances in biotechnology have greatly fine tuned this process over the years. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • What is Parthenogenesis? Applications of Parthenogenetic Stem Cells ( 11247 reads)   

    This article explains whether Parthenogenetic stem cells could be a viable alternative to embryonic stem cells. Parthnogenesis is a biological phenomenon entailing the process of initiating development of the embryo. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Nanotechnology as Applied to Biosciences ( 4500 reads)   

    This article details how nanotechnology is applied to biosciences especially in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, in medical imaging, in miniaturization of medical devices, in nanomolecular diagnostics and in cytogenetics - Category: Nanotechnology
  • What is Biolistics? ( 29168 reads)   

    This article explains biolistics as a method of genetic transformation, its uses and advantages. Biolistics is a wholesome word for particle bombardment. In other words, it is an acronym for biological ballistics. - Category: Others
  • Can Stem Cell Based Therapies Be Used in Treating Diabetes? Part-1 ( 3725 reads)   

    This article deals with the biotech perspective of the etiology of diabetes. Also included is a descriptive on non-drug therapies to treat diabetes like transplantation of pancreas and replacement of islet cells. This is the first part of this two-part series of articles. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Can Stem Cell Based Therapies Be Used in Treating Diabetes? Part-2 ( 3642 reads)   

    This second part will discuss research efforts in generating cell based therapies for treating diabetes. Use of adult stem cells as possible precursors to islet cells and information about insulin producing cells from embryonic stem cell lines. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Coenzyme Q10: An Overview ( 4965 reads)   

    This article details the basics of Coenzyme Q10 including its uses in different disease conditions. Also known as Q10, Vitamin Q10 and Ubiquinone, it is a prerquisite for the formation of ATP in the mitochondria - Category: Healthcare
  • Microalgae Uses in Human Nutrition: For Making Biodiesel and Colorant ( 5819 reads)   

    This article details the different ways in which microalgae is used in human nutrition, and for making biodiesel, natural colorants and perfumes. - Category: Biology
  • Metabolomic Approach to Drug Research ( 3069 reads)   

    This article explains the reason why metabolomics is used in drug research, how metabolites are evaluated and metabolomic approaches in evaluation of drug conditions. - Category: Healthcare
  • Flavor Biotechnology: Part -1 ( 9386 reads)   

    This article discusses the development of flavor biotechnology as an alternative to organic synthesis of flavors with examples of fragrance/flavor ingredients made by using micro-organisms and fungus. The article also details trends in biotech method of producing vanillin. - Category: Applications
  • Flavor Biotechnology: Part -2 ( 5589 reads)   

    This article discusses how our olfactory system works, how fragrances/flavors are biosynthetically made, and the process of natural development of flavors in tomatoes. - Category: Applications
  • The Versatile Microalgae: Applications, Composition and Examples ( 6523 reads)   

    This article defines the microalgae, its composition and its use in cosmetics, aquaculture and as an animal feed. Microalgae applications, importance, size and examples. - Category: Biology
  • How Excess Alcohol Affects Human Metabolism: A Metabolomic Perspective ( 5973 reads)   

    This article explains how metabolomics helps study the effect of excess alcohol in lipid metabolism, thiamine deficiency, and its linkages to enzymes connected with metabolic disorders. Also explains the use of biomarkers for confirming alcohol overuse. - Category: Healthcare
  • The Use of Plants to Make Vaccines : Part-2 ( 6399 reads)   

    A discussion about issues involved in making plant vaccines. In this article we will focus on vaccines engineered in potato, tobacco, banana and tomato plants; and the scope for making antibodies in plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Use of Plants to Make Vaccines : Part-1 ( 5840 reads)   

    Why plants are suitable for making vaccines? This article will also compare and contrast conventional vaccines with plant-based vaccines. Subsequent articles will discuss other aspects of making vaccines in plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Use of Plants to Make Vaccines: Part-3 ( 6196 reads)   

    In article we will focus on research efforts in plant engineered vaccines; problems encountered in making plant-based vaccines; and the steps involved in making vaccines in plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • Metabolomics: Applications, Methodology and Constraints ( 5042 reads)   

    In this article we explain the meaning of metabolomics, its applications, the different methodologies employed like metabolic profiling and metabolic fingerprinting, the analytical methods used and the constraints in metabolomic research. - Category: Others
  • What is Bioinstrumentation - Common Applications ( 11941 reads)   

    An overview of bioinstrumentation including its application in diverse areas such as agriculture, botany, and cellular and molecular biology especially with reference to microarrays, sequencing technologies, and lab automation technologies. - Category: Others
  • How Are Transgenic Plants Made? ( 6898 reads)   

    In this article our aim is to elucidate how transgenic plants are actually evolved and describe the three part process that includes: 1) Making of recombinant DNA; 2) Transformation of the gene of interest into the plant 3) and how Reproduction and Regeneration of Transgenic Plant Cells happens. - Category: Agriculture
  • Progression of Transgenics: Some Early Path-breaking Research Efforts--Part 1 ( 3367 reads)   

    This article describes F Sanger and H.Tuppy's work on elucidating the first amino acid sequence; JD Watson and FHC Crick's DNA double helix model and Kornberg's discovery of DNA polymerase - Category: Others
  • Progression of Transgenics: Some Early Path-breaking Research Efforts--Part 2 ( 3584 reads)   

    This article deals with Isolation of RNA polymerase; Discovery of reverse transcriptase and Introduction of DNA into cells by calcium dependent method developed by M. Mandel and A.Higa (Calcium dependent bacteriophage DNA infection) - Category: Others
  • Applications of Probiotics in Medicine| Health Benefits of Probiotics ( 4318 reads)   

    An article detailing the beneficial effects of probiotics in medicine. Probiotics have several health benefits and applications. They help in maintaining normal gut flora and to counter microfloral imbalance. - Category: Healthcare
  • Can Gene Therapy Cure AIDS? ( 4829 reads)   

    This article details immune system and genetic engineering based research efforts to cure AIDS. When antiretroviral drugs came on the scene it was widely believed that they would kill all the cells with HIV and thus it was touted as a cure for AIDS. But things went wrong because HIV has a tendency to fuse with the patient's DNA. - Category: Healthcare
  • Various Aspects of Biotechnology in Medicinal Plants ( 6943 reads)   

    Information on plant DNA extraction and amplification methods. How biotechnology helps to increase the yield of medicinal plants and solve some of the constraints in their cultivation. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Role of Agrobacterium in Plant Biotechnology ( 16983 reads)   

    This article describes what makes gene exchange possible between unrelated species using Agrobacterium. GM plants have genes of other species artificially introduced in them; the general idea being to put in a new trait for a particular benefit. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotech Bananas - Protecting the Banana Plant from Diseases ( 7175 reads)   

    How biotechnology helps to counter several diseases that afflict the banana plant. Protection against Sigatoka, Nematodes, Stem weevil and Panama disease for your Banana crops. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotechnology in the Farm - Combating Frost and Insects ( 4294 reads)   

    This article focuses on transgenic farm crops, how biotechnology helps combat frosts and insects and also details some of the advantages and concerns that biotechnology raises in the farm scenario. - Category: Others
  • Breakthrough Cures: Basics of Biotechnology in Medicine and Treatment ( 6571 reads)   

    Summarizes future trends in the making of biotech drugs. Also describes the difference between a medicine of biotech origin and a conventional medicine. - Category: Healthcare
  • Biotechnology in the Making of Leather ( 12690 reads)   

    Explains the impact of biotechnology in the different stages of leather making. There is a paradigm shift in leather processing from chemical driven processes to enzyme driven processes. - Category: Others
  • Biotech Crops: A Research Perspective ( 4192 reads)   

    This article traces the advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology crops and discusses certain cutting edge research endeavours. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Versatile Algae - Uses in Research and Industrial Applications ( 6968 reads)   

    In future algae is expected to play a phenomenol role in advances in biotechnology. This article outlines the use of algae in making renewable fuels, as a carbon sink,in cosmetics, genetic research and other areas. - Category: Others
  • Plant Bioreactors Types - Their Advantages and Disadvantages ( 21482 reads)   

    A discussion on the different plant bioreactor expression systems with examples. A look at Seed-based, Hairy Root and Chloroplast plant bioreactors. - Category: Others
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacture of Textiles ( 8488 reads)   

    Explains how modern trends in biotechnology have contributed to the manufacture of textiles and also in the making of new textile fibers - Category: Industry News
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacture of Paper ( 9677 reads)   

    This article details how biotechnology has refined the process of manufacturing paper. Steps in wood processing include pulping, bleaching and sheet formation, and today biotechnology plays a stellar role in some of these processes. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biotechnology in Rice Farming ( 10364 reads)   

    Explains how biotechnology helps in solving problems associated with rice cultivation - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotechnology and the Coconut ( 10430 reads)   

    Applications of biotechnology in coconut cloning, extracting oil and detection of diseases. Coconut is a versatile cash crop and all parts of the coconut, as well as the coconut tree is used productively one way or the other. This article compiles the recent biotech trends in this area. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotechnology and Cosmetics ( 23847 reads)   

    Explains how biotechnology has had a profound effect in the making of cosmetics. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Contribution of Biotechnology to the Latest Trends in Cardiac Care ( 4794 reads)   

    This article is about how research in biotechnology has contributed to potentially beneficial trends in cardiac care (heart care and cardiology). - Category: Industry News
  • RNA Therapies - Ribonucleic Acid Uses, Interference and Research ( 4251 reads)   

    Discusses the development, delivery and research efforts in the therapeutic use of RNA and related molecules - Category: Others
  • Biological Therapeutics - Examples and it's Role in the Design of Drugs ( 4461 reads)   

    Biological therapeutics details how large organic protein molecules play a vital role in the design of new drugs. - Category: Others
  • Trends in Biotech Engineered Vaccines ( 7436 reads)   

    A summary of biotechnology oriented advances in vaccine production. Biotechnology is helping to re-engineer existing vaccines to be more effective against organisms that cause infectious diseases. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • An Overview of Immunoassay | Types of Immunoassays and Future Trends ( 15087 reads)   

    A detailed perspective of how Immunoassays have evolved. Immunoassay methods could be either heterogenous (radioimmunoassay) or homogenous. - Category: Others
  • Biotech News From the World of Medicine ( 3602 reads)   

    This article details a recent biotech innovation regarding the use of genetically modified muscle cells to promote the rapid healing of bone injuries in animal models and the promise it holds for therapeutic use - Category: Industry News
  • Biodegradable Plastics - What are they made of ? ( 8789 reads)   

    A critical analysis of the rapid advances made in the field of biodegradable plastics. How products like biodegradable bags and bottles benefit the environment and reduce emissions. - Category: Others
  • The Role of Biotechnology in Animals and Veterinary Science ( 13602 reads)   

    Explains how biotechnology based innovations in animal breeding have evolved over the years. Biotechnology when applied to animals focuses on livestock breeding and husbandry, nutrition and health, and the production of transgenic animals. - Category: Others
  • Relevance of Biotechnology in Making Pesticides ( 6616 reads)   

    A discussion about how biotechnology is revolutionizing the way pesticides are made. Consumers are willing to pay more for pesticide-free fruit, vegetables, and dairy products, therefore organic food sales are booming. Consequently, biotech based pesticides are becoming viable alternatives to chemical pesticides. - Category: Others
  • Marine Biotechnology and its Applications in Making Drugs ( 11772 reads)   

    There are several applications of Marine Biotechnology in rugs manufacturing. This article describes the role of fungi, sponges, coral and other marine biota in the development of drugs. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacturing of Detergents ( 14482 reads)   

    This article summarizes the role of different types of industrial enzymes in making detergent products. The role for biotechnology in the making of future detergents and soaps, will certainly increase. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • How Biotechnology Helps Create Biofuels ( 5601 reads)   

    Explains the basics of making biofuels using biotechnolgy, and gives examples of leading biofuel manufacturing facilities. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture | Various Agricultural Technologies ( 46196 reads)   

    Describes in brief how different techniques in biotechnology have helped in agriculture. Impact of genomics in agriculture. Information about Synteny, Micropropagation and Biofortification processes. Role of biotech crops in developed and developing countries. - Category: Agriculture

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