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Author: Panchal Bhakti B.

Author Photo Total Articles: 10 | Total Views: 23899 | Points Scored: 28,899

City: Navsari | State: Gujarat (India)

About Me: I am working as Assistant Professor(Horticulture),KVK,Surat at Navsari Agricultural University, Complete Masters in Vegetable Science (2015).

Articles by Panchal Bhakti B.:
  • Physiology and Biochemistry of Fruit Development ( 136 reads)   

    Fruits are the means by which angiosperms disseminate seeds. Edible fruits, in particular, have propagated with the movements of humans and animals in a symbiotic relationship as a means for seed dispersal and nutrition; in fact, humans and many animals have become dependent on fruits as a source of food. - Category: Agriculture
  • Post Harvest Management of Onion ( 464 reads)   

    Onion is an important vegetable crop grown and consumed widely across the world. As a culinary ingredient it adds to the taste and flavour in a wide range of food preparations and it is also used as a salad. Thus there is a steady increase in the demand for onion across the world. China is the leading producer of onion constituting about 27 per cent of the world total production. - Category: Agriculture
  • Exploitation of Heterosis in Cucurbits ( 1059 reads)   

    Vegetables are Potential crops for improving nutrition, food security and also generate employment in the country (Rai and Yadav, 2005). Which are loaded with vitamins and minerals that contribute to growth and the maintenance of good health. It's act as a cheapest source of natural protective foods and its grown easily in different farming systems. In short, it is summarized that systematic recommendation are available to make vegetable culture more profitable and enjoyable (Rana, 2012). - Category: Agriculture
  • Bio Energy Crop: Cassava ( 867 reads)   

    Energy is an important factor in our daily lives, helping to improve the quality of life and playing a significant role in the country's economic development. In particular, energy demand in India, where this study is conducted, has been increasing continuously together with the energy prices. Furthermore, India has to face the environmental impacts caused by energy usage, particularly the impact on climate change resulting from, for example, global warming. - Category: Agriculture
  • Regulation of Flowering and Fruiting in Vegetable Crops Under Protected Cultivation ( 1245 reads)   

    For the setting of fruits inside greenhouse or protected cultivation various techniques are used. From forgoing discussion, mostly in tomato at high humidity condition mostly use the blowers and PGRs for setting of fruits - Category: Agriculture
  • Applications of PGRs in Vegetables ( 1343 reads)   

    The role of plant regulators in various physiological and biochemical processes in plants is well known. Growth regulators are known to affect, Seed germination, Seed dormancy, Vegetative growth, Nodulation, Tuberization, Fruit ripening and yield Hybrid seed production and Fruit setting and fruit size. - Category: Agriculture
  • Seed Extraction Methods in Vegetable Crops ( 5603 reads)   

    Seed separation from fruit is a specialized job. A slight negligence while extracting the seed can considerably damage its viability and vigour besides physical appearance. The in situ germination can also occur due to improper extraction technique. - Category: Agriculture
  • Malady Diagnosis and Remedies in Important Fruit Crops ( 904 reads)   

    Malady (physiological Disorder) refers to non parasitic or inanimate diseases of fruit crops. The major factors associated with these disorders are deficiency or excess of mineral elements, hormonal imbalance, improper pollination or fertilization or other abiotic stresses. Sometimes more than one factor may be responsible for the cause and hence seldom called as syndrome. - Category: Agriculture
  • Maturity Indices and Quality Characteristics of Fruit Crops ( 8914 reads)   

    Maturation is the stage of development leading to the physiological maturity (when a plant or plant parts will continue ontogeny even if detached) or horticultural maturity (when a plant or plant parts possesses the pre-requisites for utilization by the consumer for a particular purpose). Maturity indices help in deciding that when a given commodity should be harvested to provide some marketing and to ensure the attainment of acceptable eating quality to the consumer - Category: Agriculture
  • Growth Regulation Practices in Important Fruit Crops ( 3364 reads)   

    The main objective of growth regulation practice (crop regulation) is to force the tree for rest and produce profuse blossoms and fruits during any one of the two or three flushes. This aims to regulate uniform and good quality fruits and maximize production as well as profit to the grower. - Category: Agriculture

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