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Author: Rajendra Kumar Yadav

Author Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 11703 | Points Scored: 14,703

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: PhD 1st year student at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, pursuing Doctrate in soil science and Agricultural Chemistry.

Articles by Rajendra Kumar Yadav:
  • Integrated Nutrient Management: Concept and Components ( 5879 reads)   

    IPNS is defined as maintenance or adjustment of soil fertility and supply of plant nutrient to an optimum level for sustaining the desired crop productivity through optimization of benefit from all possible resources of plant nutrients in an integrated manner. IPNS is used to maintain or adjust soil fertility and plant nutrient supply to achieve a given level of crop production - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil Microorganisms: Key Factors Affect Distribution, Activity and Population ( 883 reads)   

    The major soil factors which influence the microbial population, distribution and their activity in the soil. Some factors play a great role in determining not only the number and type of organism but also their activities. Variations in any one or more of these factors may lead to the changes in the activity of the organisms which ultimately affect the soil fertility level. - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil Quality - Definition and Assessment ( 1124 reads)   

    Soil quality is a measure of the condition of soil relative to the requirements of one or more biotic species and or to any human need or purpose."Soil quality is the capacity of a specific kind of soil to function, within natural or managed ecosystem boundaries, to sustain plant and animal productivity, maintain or enhance water and air quality, and support human health and habitation." - Category: Agriculture
  • Enhancement of Phosphorus Use Efficiency in Soil-Plant System ( 1027 reads)   

    Agronomic strategies for enhancing P use efficiency includes selection of fertilizer, soil test based P application, methods of P fertilizer application, fertigation, residual P utilization by different crops, utilization of insoluble P sources by addition of organic matter and phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSM), integrated nutrient management - Category: Agriculture
  • Development of New Phosphorus Fertilizers ( 1264 reads)   

    The nano fertilizer technology is an innovative strategy. Fertilizer particles can be coated with nano membranes that facilitate in slow and steady release of nutrients thereby reducing loss of nutrients and enhancing its use efficiency of crops. - Category: Agriculture
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer: Organic and Inorganic Sources for Crop Production ( 1526 reads)   

    Careful management of organic N sources is required to meet crop requirements, while avoiding undesirable N losses to the environment - Category: Agriculture

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