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Author: Rakesh Kumar

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 1615 | Points Scored: 3,115

City: Jammu | State: J&K, India

About Me: I am working in agricultural university ,Jammu and working in Kagzi Lime and Red Flush Guava

Articles by Rakesh Kumar:
  • Runner Production of Strawberry ( 509 reads)   

    Strawberry is a very important fruit crops. It is grown in temperate and subtropical area. - Category: Agriculture
  • Mulching: An Effective Conservation Technique in Horticulture ( 514 reads)   

    The use of mulches may be recognized as an important part of crop management to reduce the application of chemicals for weed and pests control as well as to decrease need of water and even mineral fertilizers. Mulching is environment friendly application to the integrated and organic systems of production. Mulching is an age old technique to conserve moisture, check weed growth, moderate soil temperature and provide micro-climate to plants. This technology is boon for the horticulture crops not only for increasing growth, development and yield but also as a method of soil and water conservation. The linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) as a mulch film has brought a revolution in farming water management. It is actually a boon to dry land/rainfed farmers. - Category: Agriculture
  • Effect of Frost on Fruit Crops and their Management ( 592 reads)   

    The impact of frost vary with fruit plant species, stage of growth, plant age, canopy shape , stage of bud burst, type of plant leaf, size of leaf, planting distance, location of orchards, types of soil and can result in catastrophic yield loss in fruit industries. Nevertheless its highest impact on new planting, viscous sap in plant leafs, actively growing, flowering, and/or dehydrated plants tend , sunscald, frost cracking, die back, tip burring and root injury. - Category: Agriculture

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