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Author: Rakesh Kumar Prajapat

Author Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 21101 | Points Scored: 23,601

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am a 2nd year Ph D research scholar (molecular biology and biotechnology) student at Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi

Articles by Rakesh Kumar Prajapat:
  • Quarantine Measures in Agriculture ( 1836 reads)   

    Plants and plant products are imported from foreign countries by means of freight, personal luggage and parcel post etc. They are subject to plant quarantine to prevent a possible invasion of pests which may inhabit these plants. A crop or herd of livestock under quarantine means that an agronomist, pathologist, or veterinarian has found positive evidence of some kind of pathogenic infection or infestation in the crop that requires absolute isolation from any other crop or herd. - Category: Agriculture
  • Functional Molecular Markers: Basic Concept ( 2234 reads)   

    Different approaches have recently adopted for the functional characterization of allelic variation in plants and to identify sequence motifs affecting phenotypic variation. The term Functional Markers indicate DNA markers derived from functionally characterized sequence motifs. Functional markers are superior to random DNA markers such as RFLPs, SSRs and AFLPs owing to complete linkage with trait locus alleles. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Molecular Mechanism of Plant Freezing Tolerance ( 1651 reads)   

    Plants have evolved a mechanism to enhance tolerance to freezing during exposure to periods of low, but non-freezing temperatures. This phenomenon is called cold acclimation. During cold acclimation, plants develop several mechanisms to minimize potential damages caused by low temperature. Cold response is highly complex process that involves an array of physiological and biochemical modifications - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Genomic Tools in Plant Breeding ( 1624 reads)   

    Plant breeding provides important tools for developing improved varieties using conventional methodologies. The advances in genomics are providing breeders with new tools and methodologies that allow a great leap forward in plant breeding, including the 'superdomestication' of crops and the genetic dissection and breeding for complex traits. - Category: Agriculture
  • Chloroplast Transformation: Advantages and Methods ( 13756 reads)   

    Chloroplast transformation is an important tool for biotechnological applications and has gained much interest in the regulation of gene expression and plant physiology. - Category: Agriculture

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