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Author: Richa Choudhary

No Photo Total Articles: 9 | Total Views: 64054 | Points Scored: 68,554

City: Noida | State: India

About Me: Name : Richa Choudhary Qualification : Masters in Biochemistry. Research Experience of working on CSIR (India) project.

Articles by Richa Choudhary:
  • Protein Biosynthesis: Decoding the Code (Part - 2) ( 4561 reads)   

    This article is the second part of my previous article. In this article, several steps of protein biosynthesis is discussed in detail. - Category: DNA
  • Protein Biosynthesis: Decoding the Code (Part-1) ( 4544 reads)   

    This article is about Protein biosynthesis process or translation. In this process the genetic information in mRNA is converted into polypeptide chain having definite sequence of amino acids. - Category: DNA
  • Antibodies: Small Warriors of Our Body | Type of Immunoglobulin ( 5224 reads)   

    One can define antibody as 'antigen binding protein molecule' Antibody molecule consists of four peptide chains. Out of four two are identical light peptide chains of molecular weight 25000 and two are identical heavy chains of molecular weight 50,000 - Category: Biology
  • Signal Transduction in Vision: A Molecular Mechanism ( 12566 reads)   

    In vertebrate eyes, the light beams enter through the pupil and these light beams are focused on highly organized collection of light sensitive neurons known as retina. - Category: Biology
  • Oxidative Phosphorylation: A Game Between Electron and Proton ( 5158 reads)   

    The flow of electrons through the membrane bound complexes pump the proton across the inner mitochondrial membrane. This causes production of electochemical gradient across the membrane which helps in synthesis of ATP in mitochondria. - Category: Biology
  • DNA Vaccine: A Promise For Cure ( 5354 reads)   

    DNA vaccine encoding antigenic protein is injected into muscles of recipient which is followed by the uptake of DNA by muscles cells. Plasmid DNA expresses the antigenic protein leading to both humoral antibody response and a cell mediated response. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Chain Termination Method: A Generic Method For DNA Sequencing ( 8464 reads)   

    The term DNA sequencing refers to the determination of precise order of nucleotide in a fragment of DNA. There are two different techniques which are developed simultaneously. One is chain termination method by F. Sanger and A. R. Coulson from UK and the second one is chemical degradation method by A. Maxum and W.Gilbert from USA. - Category: DNA
  • Nuclear pre-mRna Splicing: The Story of Introns and Exons ( 7321 reads)   

    Many eukaryotic mRNA are interrupted by noncoding sequences known as introns and coding sequence known as exons. Excision of intron from primary mRNA transcript is known as RNA splicing.Splicing of primary transcript of mRNA is facilitated by Spliceosome. - Category: DNA
  • Gene Cloning: From Gene to Technology ( 10862 reads)   

    Gene cloning is the process in which identical copies of a particular gene are manufactured by utilizing molecular biology tools. . Gene cloning method requires DNA vector which is small, circular DNA molecule present in bacteria and this DNA vector has natural talent to replicate with fidelity when gene or segment of DNA is inserted into these molecules with in host. - Category: Genetics

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