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Author: Shalini Balan

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  • Heat Shock Proteins : Properties and Applications ( 3976 reads)   

    Heat shock proteins are those functional proteins which are present in all the cells under normal conditions. But when they are exposed to high levels of temperature suddenly or some other stress like altered pH and oxygen deprivation, infection, inflammation, exercise, exposure of the cell to toxins then heat shock proteins bind to the proteins and prevent them from getting denatured. - Category: Others
  • Metabolomics and Their Applications ( 3022 reads)   

    What is Metabolomics? Metabolomics allows scientists to measure physiological effects and to monitor for adverse reactions to drugs. Metabolomics is of interest to physicians because it may lead to improvements in the diagnosis and treatments of human diseases. - Category: Careers
  • Biopsychiatry - Biological Psychiatric Treatments ( 2819 reads)   

    what is Biopsychitry? It is an upcoming branch of medicine which deals with the study of biological function of the nervous system in mental disorders and diseases like epilepsy, cerebral palsy, encephalitis, neuritis, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. - Category: Pharmacy
  • Hemochromatosis and its Genetic Inheritance ( 3070 reads)   

    What is Hemochromatosis and how it is caused? Hemochromatosis is genetic disorder that is inherited from both the parents .In this condition the amount of iron in the body is usually higher than the required. The body absorbs and stores more amount of iron, which in turn gets stored in the organs like pancreas, liver, and skin. If they are not properly treated and regularly monitored iron abnormalities may lead to damage of the organs. - Category: Genetics
  • Pharmacogenomics - Applications And Benefits ( 6867 reads)   

    What is pharmacogenetics and its future implications. Pharmacogenomicsis the new stream of pharmacology which tells us how an individual's genetic inheritance affects the body's response to drugs. This noting but the combination pharmaceuticals and genetics aimed at the betterment of human health. - Category: Genetics
  • Why Sex Chromosomes Evolve So Rapidly? ( 2528 reads)   

    Details about reproductive / sex chromosome and their evolution. In animals with separate sexes, embryos assign to become male or female at an early stage. Often this key decision is made by sex determination genes on the sex chromosomes. The genes concerned in sexual development have not changed much since evolution. In contrast, the sex determination genes and the sex chromosomes themselves are among the most rapidly changing features of the genome. - Category: Genetics
  • What is Nanomedecine? | Medical Use Of Nanomaterials ( 3138 reads)   

    Nanomedicine in simple terms is application of nanotechnology to health care .It will make use of molecular machine to attend to medical problems and molecular knowledge is used to maintain and improve human health at the molecular scale. It will lead to preservation and improvement of human health. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Detecting Anthrax using Nano Detector ( 2907 reads)   

    what is anthrax and how it can be detected through newly invented nano decor? Nano detector can now be used as Biodefense to protect against the deadly diseases. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Cancer Cure and Prevention Through Anti-tumor Vaccine ( 3327 reads)   

    A new hope to cure and prevent cancer by an anti-tumor vaccine. One of the drugs called Resan has shown an amazing results in fighting against cancer and tumors. - Category: Applications
  • Impact of Global Warming and its Prevention ( 2830 reads)   

    We are hearing a lot of news about global warming and climate change these days. What is this? Green house gases are nothing but the gases added to the atmosphere by the human beings. Which are primarily carbon dioxide, ozone chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide, and methane tend to warm up the earth's atmosphere. - Category: Others
  • Transfection : Techniques Involved and Advantages ( 5531 reads)   

    What is Transfection and how it is carried about with different techniques. The introduction of foreign DNA into eukaryotic cells is called transfection. And the eukaryotic organism which has up the foreign DNA is referred to as transgenic. - Category: Genetics
  • Hazards of Biotechnology (Disadvantages and negative effects of Biotech) ( 97144 reads)   

    As every coin has two sides. Biotech with its promising future also has many negative effects. Biotechnology has seemed to have improved the conditions of living, yet with all its promises it has its wide disadvantages too. - Category: Issues
  • Neuroscience of Sleep - Why do we Sleep? ( 3204 reads)   

    A scientific reason to why we sleep and its need. Sleep is as essential for good and healthy life as we need proper food and other important survival conditions. Sleep basically affects our physical and mental health in many ways. - Category: Biology
  • Monoclonal Antibodies: Production, Antibody Therapy and Uses ( 4820 reads)   

    What is monoclonal antibodies and their production and uses. Antibodies are formed in the body when the body encounters foreign agents like viruses, bacteria and other germs. Soon after that our natural immune system produces antibodies that bind to the antigens and destroy them. - Category: Others
  • Tea: Health Benefits and Wonders of Drinking Tea ( 4044 reads)   

    Healing secrets of tea. Tea is known as nature's 'wonder drug'. Of late, because of its health benefits. Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, topped only by the most essential of all liquids - water. It has been said that the Chinese and the Japanese live longer because they have lot of tea. - Category: Healthcare
  • Types of Vaccinations: Optional and Combination Vaccines ( 5331 reads)   

    What is vaccination and its classification. Vaccination is administered to prevent various forms of diseases. When these vaccines are given they basically improve the immunity to a particular disease by developing adaptive immunity to the disease. - Category: Healthcare
  • Antibiotics and its Fermentation ( 5115 reads)   

    What is an antibiotic and how is it fermented? The term antibiotics means a chemical substance, derived from microorganisms, which has the capacity of inhibiting growth and even destroying other microorganisms in dilute solution. - Category: Healthcare
  • Immobilized Enzyme and its Applications ( 5931 reads)   

    An immobilized enzyme is one which has been attached to or enclosed by an insoluble support medium termed as carrier or one where the enzyme molecules have been cross linked to each other, without loss of catalytic activity. The immobilized enzyme system chosen for a given application should fit the requirements in terms of stability, activity, PH optimum and other characteristics. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Addiction and its Effects - A New Hope to Overcome ( 2797 reads)   

    Addiction with its types and side-effects, with a new hope discovered to overcome addiction. Addiction can be defined as certain obsession with certain substances which can be harmful and detrimental also. - Category: Healthcare
  • Examples of Bioresearch - Applications and Advantages of Bioresearch ( 2243 reads)   

    These are some of the Bioresearches which have the basis of biotechnology and would be implemented in the future. Examples, applications and advantages of Bioresearch. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Stillbirth Causes - Diagnosis of Stillbirths and Future Pregnancy Implications ( 8049 reads)   

    A stillbirth occurs when a fetus has died in the uterus during pregnancy. In medical terms a still birth occurs when a fetus, of mid-second trimester to full term gestational age, which has died in the womb or during labour or delivery, exits the maternal body. - Category: Others
  • Telomerase Enzyme and Anti Aging Supplements - Can we be Young Forever? ( 2857 reads)   

    Why do we age and how it can be reversed: Telomerase is a new theory of aging that holds many promising possibilities for the field of anti-aging medicine. As the body ages our cells lose some of their ability to regenerate and to perform the functions they were designed to perform. - Category: Healthcare
  • Use of Menstrual Blood to Cure Diseases - Medicine Therapy Applications ( 8088 reads)   

    Monthy Miracle - Till now, female menstrual blood has typically been discarded as unsanitary waste. However, exciting new research shows that menstrual fluid contains self-renewing stem cells that can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for potential promising cellular therapies that may surface in the future. - Category: Healthcare
  • Types Of Gene Therapy - Advantages And Disadvantages of Gene Therapy ( 65870 reads)   

    This article discusses about gene therapy and its different types with its benefits and disadvantages. Gene therapy technique was introduced for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development. Gene therapy is the insertion, alteration, or removal of genes within an individual's cells and biological tissues to treat disease. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Blood And Immunogenetics - RH Blood Type and its Inheritance ( 6331 reads)   

    Genetics of blood system - The genetics of the immune response is termed as immunogentics . This branch of science deals between relationship of the immune system and genetics. The study of the Rh, ABO and other blood groups or the HLA system is important to kidney and other transplants. - Category: Genetics
  • What is DNA Dating? (or Gene Pairing Technique) ( 5289 reads)   

    Latest approach in finding their soul mate through specific gene pairing. Gene partner as a complementary matching method. This is a new dating trend, could be the modern version of matching birth astro charts before deciding on life partner. Termed 'DNA Dating', practice is being encouraged by a DNA matchmaking website that may see the end of the compatibility test. - Category: DNA
  • Stem Cells and its Promise for Future Treatment of Diseases ( 3607 reads)   

    Stem cells and their different types with its promise to cure diseases. Some of the most serious medical conditions, such as cancer and birth defects, are due to problems that occur in the process of differentiation . Stem cells are also transplanted into a damaged body part and directing them to grow and differentiate into healthy tissue. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes ( 5036 reads)   

    The production of cancer cells in our body and latest development to suppress or arrest tumor formation. - Category: Others
  • Edible Vaccines - Immunization with Plants or Food ( 12272 reads)   

    An edible vaccine in contrast to the traditional vaccines would not require elaborate production facilities, purification, strerilization, and packaging or specialized delivery systems. Biotechnology has various applications in healthcare, almost everybody is enthusiastic about the promise of biotechnology to cure disease and to relieve suffering. - Category: Healthcare

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