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Author: Shiv Lal

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 14344 | Points Scored: 16,344

City: New Delhi | State: New Delhi (India)

About Me: Scientist working on fruit biotechnology and improvement.

Articles by Shiv Lal:
  • Role of Omics in Crop Improvement ( 184 reads)   

    The term 'omics' refers to the comprehensive analysis of the biological system and large-scale data rich biology consisting of a heavy data mining or bioinformatics component. It consists genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, which respectively deal with the analysis of genome, proteome and metabolome of cells and tissues of an organism and could be potentially utilized in crop improvement for sustainable food security. - Category: Agriculture
  • Strategies to Minimize Impact of Climate Change on Fruit Production ( 6803 reads)   

    Over the years, environmental changes playing a significant role like occurrence of erratic rain and snowfall, droughts increase in temperature etc resulting in variation in the fruit production. A significant change in climate at global and national level is certainly impacting horticulture and affecting fruit production and quality. Therefore understanding of impact of climate change on perennial horticultural production system and the potential effects on fruit quality is need of the hour. - Category: Agriculture
  • Impact of Climate Change on Plant Diseases ( 5669 reads)   

    Climate change posing serious threat to agriculture and it greatly influencing plant health. Climate change can have positive, negative, or neutral impact on individual pathosystems because of the specific nature of the interactions of host and pathogen. - Category: Agriculture
  • Genomic Assisted Breeding in Fruit Crops [PDF] ( 1688 reads)   

    The perennial nature, complex behavior, vegetative propagation, sterility, parthanocarpy and polyploidy of fruit tree are great problem for their efficient improvement through traditional breeding methods. Genomic tools can now firmly utilized in the breeding of many fruit crops, improving the precision and enabling the assembly of multiple traits in new elite breeding lines and varieties. - Category: Agriculture

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