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Author: Shivani Sharma

Author Photo Total Articles: 34 | Total Views: 141495 | Points Scored: 158,495

City: Chirawa | State: Rajasthan

About Me: A Budding Biotechnologist from India. I'm looking forward to explore research work in the field of genetics & bioinformatics. My career is aimed at pursuing research. For reference, Researcher ID- J-4200-2012

Articles by Shivani Sharma:
  • Application of Genetic Engineering in Bioremediation: Deinococcus Radiodurans ( 21767 reads)   

    Bioremediation is basically a technique in which micro-organisms are utilized for the management of biological waste. Their metabolism is utilized for the removal of pollutants from the environment. Bioremediation can occur on its own which is natural attenuation or can occur artificially by addition of chemicals spurred on the microbes which is termed as biostimulation. Although not all the heavy - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • 5 New Genes That Contribute to Heart Diseases Like CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) ( 2378 reads)   

    According to a survey by World Health Organization (WHO), heart diseases take more than 17 million lives approximately a year, which makes them the world's most severe category of diseases. Apart from the well known factors that contribute to developing a heart disease, genetic factors have been taken into consideration too. - Category: Genetics
  • Epilepsy Gene LGI2 ( 3001 reads)   

    After the discovery of LGI2 (the gene linked to epilepsy), major principles can be postulated in the field of therapeutics. Not only can a better understanding can be ensured to be gained of epilepsy disorder and mechanisms but also improved medications and treatments can be developed in order to reach the target of curing the vast majority of people suffering from this very disease - Category: Biotech Research
  • GENE PRSP1: Contributing to Progressive Hearing Loss in Males ( 2591 reads)   

    DFN2 or Postlingual nonsyndromic hearing impairment, however rare, but is a severe genetic defect found among males. It is progressive by nature and is mainly caused by mutations linked to the gene PRPS1, located in the NFD2 locus. This very disease is a form of progressive deafness that has been reported to have numerous amount of cases from United States, United Kingdom and China.. - Category: Genetics
  • Microbes in the Upgradation of Alcoholic Beverages ( 3362 reads)   

    Microorganisms have been utilized for centuries for producing food items and beverages. This article focuses on the methods for microbiological production of alcoholic beverages and their upgradation over the recent years. Micro-organisms tend to follow a standard growth curve which is utilized in the industrial applications and production of alcoholic beverages. - Category: Applications
  • How Genes Affect the Brain Activity ( 3163 reads)   

    This articles focuses completely on the genes that affect the brain activities and nerve impulses. Over the past few decades, some major breakthroughs have been made by researchers on the studies of the genes that are linked to brain and the results have been promising too. Lets take a tour on how these genes affect the brain activity. - Category: Genetics
  • Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) - The Protein That Revolutionized Science ( 3145 reads)   

    Ever since the study of biochemical and molecular mechanisms inside living beings started, a need was felt to examine these processes more closely so as to understand the life better. From the propagation of a disease-causing pathogen/molecule inside the body to development of a particular type of cell. How a cell initiates its functions inside body, how the developmental stages occur in a cell, h - Category: Biotech Research
  • Genetic Transformation Using Microinjection ( 7067 reads)   

    Genetic transformation of animals is the introduction/removal of new genes into the genome of an organism. This is also widely referred to as genetic engineering. This genetic manipulation doesn't have any effects on the other genes' working and the rest of the genome functions in a usual manner. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Successful Single Cell Protein Production From Pineapple Waste ( 3129 reads)   

    Single cell protein production is at the peak of infancy today. The production of single cell proteins can be accelerated by genetically modifying the micro-organisms employed for the purpose according to the need. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Blue Eye Mutation: Inheritance From a Single Ancestor ( 2902 reads)   

    The blue eye mutation dates back to 6-10 thousand years ago when the main gene associated with the eye color, OCA2, underwent a mutation in a single human. Ever since that single event, no mutations have arisen in this gene and thus is considered most likely to be the cause of all the blue-eyed humans alive presently. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Environmental Biotechnology: Raising New Standards For Green Marketing ( 2377 reads)   

    Green marketing, in layman terms, is basically the development of products that are considered to be environmentally safe and sound. It involves the development of new techniques that are eco-friendly and focuses on the further introduction of strategies involving such techniques. It can also be referred to as Environmental marketing or Ecological Marketing. It, not only redefines the pre-existing - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Effect of Microgravity on Immune Cell Signal Transduction Pathways ( 15318 reads)   

    NASA has been organizing various space missions ever since the early 90s. Astronauts generally experience a non-gravity field during space flights. This condition is generally denoted as a zero gravity or more commonly, microgravity. Microgravity has been found out effect the basic signal transduction pathways of immune cells in human body. Though the exact mechanisms are still not known, there ha - Category: Biotech Research
  • Notable Strategies in Reverse Genetics ( 2465 reads)   

    Recently, gene knock out mice have been created that seemed exhibit unusual characters. A plant, Physcomitrella patens, has been genetically knocked out by the application of homologous recombination to develop knock out forms of moss and it has been found to be almost as efficient and suitable as when done in yeast. Various gene libraries have been created based on directed deletion in pant syste - Category: Genetics
  • Rapidly Advancements in Cleaner Technology ( 2038 reads)   

    The main approach towards the green marketing is cleaner technology which involves recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels), green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, Grey water, information technology and many other appliances that are now more eco-friendly & energy efficient. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Artificial Blood - An Application of Recombinant DNA Technology ( 3187 reads)   

    Blood, not only provides life, but is the key source of oxygen delivery to the tissues and organs within the body. Successful blood transfusions have saved many lives during conditions where most or whole blood of an organism has been wasted away due to some accident or other mishap. Transfusion of small amounts of blood is very usual and doesn't experience any problems while large amount of blood - Category: Biotech Research
  • DNA Computing- Using DNA as a Computational Device. ( 2054 reads)   

    DNA or Molecular computing basically suggests the use of DNA and biological components for computational purposes. It has been a long seen dream of bio-nanotechnologist to achieve the ultimate goal of computing utilizing DNA. In DNA computing, instead of creation of millions of proteins that bind along the DNA sequence in order to express a gene, researchers have thought of a new approach. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Genetic Abnormalties in Cytoskeleton in Microgravity ( 2006 reads)   

    Based on the published study, Effect of microgravity on cell cytoskeleton and embryogenesis by Susan J crowford-Young, it can be said that quite a good amount of work has been done on the influence of microgravity on microtubules and there were quite noticeable differences that were observed in the organization of patterns in 1G earth gravity and then in microgravity. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Wearable Biosensors - Ring Sensor and Smart Shirt | A New Approach ( 10195 reads)   

    Due to the application of wireless miniature sensing systems, the production of wearable biosensors is rapidly increasing. These wearable biosensor have been designed by exploiting the current knowledge of biotechnology and biological systems. They allow the fine monitoring of the physiological signals sent by the human body. They also utilize the knowledge of applied electronics. - Category: Applications
  • Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) : Concepts and Application ( 4972 reads)   

    A Deep Insight to Ligand-based Computer-Aided Drug Design. With the continuously increasing need for new drugs, bioinformatics has opened the doors to computer aided drug design (CAD) which provides the development of novel therapeutic drugs. The drugs we see today in market are being improved with the use of CAD and new and better medicinal drugs are being developed keeping in mind the needs of the time. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • The New Era of Biosensors: Bionanotechnology and Applied Electronics ( 2798 reads)   

    A Biosensor can be defined as a device that employs the use of biological components, for instance enzymes, in order to indicate the amount of a biomaterial in a particular environment or body. In Biotechnological terms, a biosensor is an integrated device that has the ability of providing full or semi-quantitative analytical information using a biological recognition element or component that is - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Human Chimeras- Genetic Basis ( 6072 reads)   

    Over the past few decades, important discoveries has been made in the genetics of human chimerism that derive their basis directly from the theories propounded long ago, ever since the start of 19th century. Though, these cases are as rare as they could e, not much information has been gathered but based on the current specimens available to test the human specimen further, sufficient further rese - Category: Genetics
  • Artificial Life: Creating Organisms From Genetic Blueprint | Poliovirus ( 2970 reads)   

    The first step has been taken by three researchers named Jeronimo Cello, Aniko Paul and Eckard Wimmer. They used all the genomic data available for a virus and then they build a fully functional virus from the scratch. They have successfully created a polio virus which appears entirely normal and have its usual functional characteristics. Their discovery has made an ever remarkable note in the boo - Category: Biotech Research
  • In Silico Designing of RNA Aptamers ( 3604 reads)   

    RNA molecules are important cellular molecules and their aptamers are basically are in a wide use these days. Aptamers are peptide molecules that bind to a given specific target molecule. Understanding their basic mechanism, processes and creation of RNA aptamers is where the concept of in silico designing comes into the picture In silico designing of RNA aptamers has gained much achievement due to the use of easy to use and apply bioinformatics tool. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Chimeras: Part Human Animals ( 2435 reads)   

    Fred Gage, a biologist at the Salk Institute created some part-human animals to understand the basic mechanisms underlying the question how human neurons degrade in people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases for instance, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Studying and perturbing brain cells in their natural environment that is inside a functioning brain do provide the best hope and methods for de - Category: Biotech Research
  • Dark Side of Respiratory Chain: Superoxide Formation | Aging & Cell Death ( 2678 reads)   

    While on one hand the ETC contribute to cell-growth and cell survival by producing chemical energy in the form of ATP derived from the electrochemical gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane, the premature leakage of oxygen at the major two sites viz. complex I and II leading to formation of harmful superoxide could be fatal and contributes to many pathological factors including agi - Category: Biotech Research
  • Effect of Microgravity on Signal Transduction Pathways in Cell Cytoskeleton ( 2742 reads)   

    Many of the investigators have reported and demonstrated in their results that this complex network of fibers is sensitive to quite a few environmental factors such as microgravity and altered gravitational forces [49].The cytoskeleton is basically a complex network of fibres that is found to be sensitive to environmental factors including microgravity and altered gravitational forces. - Category: Others
  • Alterations in Signal Transduction Due to Microgravity ( 1905 reads)   

    Astronauts sent into space by NASA and other space programmes constantly deal with several factors in order to survive in a zero-gravity field. Obviously in a non-gravity field like space with extremely alien conditions, it does get difficult to adapt and continue the basic necessary metabolic processes. Although not as fatal as to cause death or the severe harmful effects on human body, the absen - Category: Biotech Research
  • Mutants on the Face of Earth: The Evidence That Humans Are Still Evolving. ( 2676 reads)   

    Mutants do exist although not as depicted in exaggerated sci-fi shows. From a small to a large mutation, various examples lie widespread on the face of earth pointing out the presence of humans with extra-ordinary capabilities possibly caused due to sudden changes in their DNA sequences, gene pattern or motifs leading to a change in the normal gene expression ultimately causing an alteration in ... - Category: Biotech Research
  • Human Evolutionary Tale - Evolution of Homo Sapiens from Apes ( 3033 reads)   

    don't all the terms like gene, coding region, phenotype, RNA motif, etc. leave you puzzled when it comes to a basic understanding of genomic and evolutionary concepts? Worry not! After all, we are Homo sapiens and the basic understanding towards our own genome and evolution should not be too difficult to interpret and infer. - Category: Biology
  • The Evolutionary Existence of Boule: Making Its Way Back Into Bilateral Phyla ( 2085 reads)   

    Boule gene has been making its way into bilateral phyla back since the dawn of evolution. Based on the conserved features of the consensus BOULE sequence, several lineages and species were taken under significant consideration and thorough experimentation and research work was done with them. It was then found that the boule homologs were absent in fungi and plants, thus restricting its presence to animals. - Category: Genetics
  • Male-Biased Nature of Boule and Application of Computer-Aided Drug Design ( 2540 reads)   

    Boule gene is unleashing new insights into male contraception and child birth. Information on CAD Drug designing in male contraceptive pills. The function of boule though seems to be conserved but is found to be divergent in fish Medaka which shows the expression of boule in both ovaries and sperms thus raising the question if the function and expression of boule is conserved too or has diverged despite the presence of highly conserved RRM sequence. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Boule Gene is Responsible for Sperm Production - The Universal Sexy Gene ( 3335 reads)   

    The birth of an organism usually takes an egg and a sperm; the sperm needs to be fused with the egg in order to help develop it into a zygote for the formation of an offspring and then the birth of a child leads thereafter. These two factors are essential for life and for the recent decades their origin esp. of the sperm has been an interesting question which has led many studies on the origin and - Category: Biotech Research
  • Canadians Weigh Less Than Their American: Low-Gravity Regions on Earth ( 3560 reads)   

    Over the past few decades, significant research work have revealed that there are certain low gravity regions on Earth. As we know the g-value on earth is 9.8 m/s or 1 approximately. But in these regions, the level of gravity is lower than the normal g-value causing major impact on the thriving environment and the surroundings. It can be quite surprising to know that the Canadians weigh less than - Category: Biotech Research
  • Microbes Fly to the Space: Enhanced Virulence Factor ( 1945 reads)   

    Microbes or pathogens to be specific, are known to experience some unique low fluid shear forces in space that are quite similar in nature to those experienced within a live organism's body on earth. Research work funded by NASA has clearly revealed that the microbial virulence is enhanced when the bacterial cultures are provided an environment of microgravity. It is well known that the ability o - Category: Biotech Research

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