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Author: Sumit Kumar Dubey

No Photo Total Articles: 7 | Total Views: 9047 | Points Scored: 12,547

City: Raipur | State: Chhattisgarh, India

About Me: Research Scholar at NIT Raipur, Area of concern - Bio-fuel and Biological treatment of industrial waste.

Articles by Sumit Kumar Dubey:
  • Brief Idea of Medical Test and its Interpretation ( 406 reads)   

    The idea about the Interpretation of medical test results is very useful for the detection of diseases or dysfunction of organs for further comprehensive diagnosis - Category: Healthcare
  • Isolation and Identification of Bacterial Strain's from Air, Soil and Water ( 1941 reads)   

    Bacteria have both beneficial and harmful effects on human being as well as other organism present in the ecosystem. In order to evaluate their beneficial part and level harmfulness we need to isolation, characterization and identification of the bacterial consortium spreaded around us and subsequently necessary to go further for their assessment whether they behooveful or injurious for ecosystem and especially with respect to human being. - Category: Microbiology
  • Microbial Assisted Flocculation for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater ( 994 reads)   

    Clumping together of dispersed organic particles to form flocs by the action of certain bacteria and fungi, referred as microbial assisted flocculation or bio-flocculation. - Category: Applications
  • Iron Siderophores - Types and Representative Microorganisms ( 1726 reads)   

    Iron most often is present in two oxidation states namely ferric (Fe3+) and ferrous (Fe2+). Ferrous is soluble (biologically available) form of iron for biotic community whereas ferric is present as insoluble (biologically not available) oxide and hydroxide form of iron. Microorganisms release siderophores to scavenge iron from these oxide and hydroxide (mineral phases) by formation of soluble ferric ion complexes that can be taken up by biotic community via active transport mechanisms as a micronutrient. - Category: Biology
  • Overview of Hydrogenase Enzyme ( 1265 reads)   

    Hydrogenase (EC- is enzymes that belongs to oxidoreductase family and actively participate in catalysis of reversible reduction of proton to hydrogen molecule. This enzyme possesses keen scope towards the biological hydrogen production. - Category: Applications
  • Overview of Biological Hydrogen Production ( 1369 reads)   

    Hydrogen could be produced by biomass gasification, biomass-derived liquid reforming, natural gas reforming, coal gasification, thermo-chemical water splitting, electrolysis, photo-biological and microbial biomass conversion. Presently at commercial level natural gas reforming methods are applied globally but gives off greenhouse gases during production. Currently scientists are concerned with global warming, so from this standpoint this is to be overcome by eco-friendly means of hydrogen production. - Category: Applications
  • Production of Fermentable Sugar from Lignocellulosic Biomass ( 1346 reads)   

    Lignocellulosic biomass (LCB) could be used as renewable and sustainable source for production of reducing sugars. These sugars can further be converted into different kinds of value added products including bio-fuels, butanol and organic acid via microbial fermentation. - Category: Applications

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