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Author: Syed Amir Manzoor

No Photo Total Articles: 25 | Total Views: 136650 | Points Scored: 149,150

City: Multan | State: Punjab

About Me: A typical individual with a refined vision.

Articles by Syed Amir Manzoor:
  • Production of Insulin in Body - Artificial Synthesis ( 6927 reads)   

    The article focuses on the development and uses of insulin as a biotechnological product. Insulin is very affective for the treatment of diabetes type 1 in which body fails to produce its own required insulin. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • The Concept and Development of Monoclonal Antibodies ( 2662 reads)   

    The article focuses on the basic concepts and some key processes involved in the development of monoclonal antibodies. They have many applications in the field of medicine. - Category: Applications
  • In-Vitro Fertilization, Key Processes and Significance ( 4997 reads)   

    The article describes some key phenomenon associated with the in vitro fertilization. In-vitro fertilization can be an expensive procedure. It is quite demanding emotionally, psychologically and physically (especially for the female). There is a relatively high failure rate combined with desperate desire for success. - Category: Genetics
  • Transgenic Animals - A Promising Biotechnological Product ( 3330 reads)   

    The article focuses on the development and uses of transgenic animals and the future concerns associated with them. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Green House Effect - A Myth Or Reality? ( 2931 reads)   

    The article focuses on the reasons, outcomes and possible solution to the serious environmental issue of green house effect. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Actinomycetes and Bioremediation ( 7544 reads)   

    Actinomycetes have variety of applications in bioremediation. They are used in biotransformation, biodegradation and various other purposes. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Key Concepts of Nanotechnology - Its Applications and Tools ( 3208 reads)   

    The article focuses on the key concepts, applications and major tools associated with the science of nanotechnology. - Category: Bioinformatics
  • Development of Genetically Modified Rice and its Possible Hazards ( 2572 reads)   

    The article focuses on the key development of genetically modified rice, key concepts associated with its development, uses and possible hazards of using it. - Category: Agriculture
  • Basic Tools and Methodologies Associated With Environmental Biotechnology ( 3315 reads)   

    The articles describes the key concepts associated with the environmental biotechnology and the basic tools and methodologies it utilizes for bio remediation. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Genetically Modified Salt Tolerant Wheat ( 3789 reads)   

    The article focuses on the latest development in the production of salt resistant wheat varieties through employing biotechnological methodologies and tools. - Category: Agriculture
  • Biotechnology Foods, Evolution and Future Prospects ( 4560 reads)   

    The article focuses on the development of biotechnological foods and the future concerns associated with these foods. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Introduction and Applications of Bioremediation ( 18651 reads)   

    The article focuses on the key concepts associated with bioremediation. Bioremediation comes from two words bios means life and remediate means to decipher an issue. The degradation of noxious waste from the environment using microorganisms is called as bioremediation. Microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, algae etc take part in bioremediation. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Human Genome Project - Aims and Objectives ( 7565 reads)   

    The article focuses on various aspects, aims and objective associated with the Human Genome Project (HGP). The human genome project was a scientific project of international level aimed at determining the arrangement of base pairs making DNA molecule. - Category: Applications
  • BT Cotton, Merits and Expected Demerits ( 4442 reads)   

    The article focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of Bt. cotton in agricultural perspective. Bt. Cotton has been grown over large areas of the world. Firstly, it was grown in US and then was introduced to Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and China and then it was introduced all over the world, gradually. - Category: Agriculture
  • Treatment of Diabetes With Biotechnological Tools ( 3950 reads)   

    The article focuses on the treatment of diabetes with latest biotechnological tools and modern methodologies. Stem cell therapy, organ transplant, vaccines, use of foetal cells for the production of islets cells, inhalers, anti-diabetics and many more therapeutics will be available for the prevention, cure and treatment of diabetes to lower the blood glucose level. - Category: Healthcare
  • Treating Cancer Disease by Employing Biotechnological Methodologies ( 2477 reads)   

    The article focuses on various techniques, methodologies and therapies employed by bio technologists to address the so called incurable problem of cancer disease in human beings. - Category: Applications
  • Hazards of Genetically Modified Crops, a Myth or Reality? ( 2848 reads)   

    The article focuses on the perception about the hazards of genetically modified crops and logically analyses the issue. Genetically modified crops and organisms suddenly appeared on the big screen in the end of 20th century. They were largely viewed in the 2/3rd of all the US processed foods. In just a couple of years, as much as 1/4th of all American agricultural lands about 70-80 million acres were dedicated to raise genetically modified crops. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Vectors - The Dynamic Tools in Genetic Engineering ( 5534 reads)   

    The article focuses on the significant applications of the vectors in genetic engineering. Vectors are carriers, transporters and may also be termed as vehicles for genetic material. DNA bodies used to transfer alien genetic material to the cells are known as vectors. Vectors are generally classified in to four groups on the basis of their transmitting form e.g. (1) Synthetic chromosomes (2) Plasmids (3) Viruses (4) Cosmids. Most common of these vectors are viruses and plasmids. - Category: Genetics
  • Central Dogma - The Backbone of Molecular Biology ( 3970 reads)   

    The article focuses on the processes and phenomenon involved in central dogma and describes how central dogma is actually a key element in understand the basic molecular biology. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Tissue Culture - A Significant Biotechnological Vista ( 3046 reads)   

    The article focuses on the technological aspects of tissue culture and highlights how it actually works. Tissue culture is a major technique in biotechnology regarding to the production of plants on a large scale with specific desirable traits among whole population with no variation. This technique involves culturing of a small piece of plant in aseptic in vitro conditions on a special culture media, comprising over nutrients and plant hormones (auxin and cytokinin) into a full mature plant. - Category: Agriculture
  • Advantages and Uses of Cloning ( 10139 reads)   

    The article particularly focuses on the major applications of cloning. Cloning is an asexual biological process in which identical copies or exact replica of anything can be produced. Cloning is of many types i.e. Gene cloning, molecular cloning and cell cloning, recombinant DNA technology or DNA cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning. - Category: Genetics
  • Gene Cloning and its Applications ( 3808 reads)   

    The article focuses on the key concepts associated with the gene cloning (or DNA Cloning) and its major applications. Gene cloning is the replication of certain type of genes from a certain part of the cell/ DNA to propagate a certain desirable genetic trait. - Category: Genetics
  • Gene Therapy - Applications and Limitations ( 6958 reads)   

    The article focus on the basic concept of gene therapy. It also emphasizes on the key application and possible limitations associated with this biotechnological methodology. - Category: Genetics
  • Biotechnological Improvements in Wheat - Key Challenges and Hopes ( 2143 reads)   

    Role of Biotechnology in wheat crop - The article focuses on the need, challenges and key advancements regarding the the biotechnological improvements in Wheat crop. - Category: Agriculture
  • Basic Biotechnology Concepts and Applications ( 15284 reads)   

    The article highlights the key sciences and concepts involved in biotechnological methodologies and covers some of the basic application of biotechnology. - Category: Others

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