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About Me: Post Graduate in medical science. Good knowldege of various deciplines of biology and modern technologies. Expr

Articles by VIVEK VYAS:
  • Research and Development of Bacterial Genomic Size ( 2616 reads)   

    As compared to genome size of major groups of life, the genome size within the various bacterial species is having little variation. In eukaryotic cells, the genome size is less relevance considering the number of functional genes than in eukaryotic species. This relation of genome size and number of genes in bacteria makes this subject interesting for research and scientific discussion - Category: Biotech Research
  • Preclinical Imaging: Micro MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) ( 2845 reads)   

    The observation of changes either at the cell, tissue, organ or at molecular level need to be visualized during research clinical work, diagnosis of diseases or during drug development. These changes may be due to environmental factors or other clinical status of body. These image modalities are very important and are known as preclinical imaging. - Category: Healthcare
  • Overview of Biomolecules ( 6732 reads)   

    The molecules which are produced by living animals are known as biomolecules this includes large macromolecules like protein, lipids, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids and small molecules like metabolites , and natural products. These molecules are also known as biogenic substances. - Category: Biology
  • Developmental Immunology - Response of Immune System Due to Factors Like Age ( 1847 reads)   

    The most important part of immunology study is developmental immunology. Many factors are responsible for body's capability to reaction to antigens. It may be on type of antigen, person's age, maternal factors and environment in the antigen is present. One the child is born, its immune system starts responding to antigens. - Category: Healthcare
  • Microbiological Testing and Evaluation ( 3103 reads)   

    Quantitative and qualitative testing is today is necessary to ensure that the test material has all the properties and it pass all criteria & is suitable, safe and efficient for its intended use. With such a vast properties of microorganism, there is a lot of requirement for their evaluation and testing at various appropriate stages with in different industries and sectors. - Category: Applications
  • Nutritive and Medicinal Properties of Fungus and Mushrooms. ( 3342 reads)   

    Mushroom has lot of properties including medicinal and they are very nutritive and are sources of vitamins, such as niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and other essential minerals like selenium , potassium, copper. They are also used as carbon source as they contain carbohydrate and the calorie content is very less and do not have vitamin c and sodium. Thus mushrooms are total source of nutrient - Category: Healthcare
  • Inoculum Preparation in Seed Lab of Fermentation Industries ( 9176 reads)   

    Today many industries including pharmaceutical industries use fermentation process for manufacturing various products like drugs, semi-synthetic medicinal products, beverages, chemicals, etc. All such fermentation process needs pure cultures of microorganisms which are capable of utilizing substrates with the help of their enzymes. - Category: Industry News
  • Clean Rooms Nomenclature - Class 100, Class 1000 Areas. ( 13926 reads)   

    As microorganisms are present all over the world and almost in every condition including extreme conditions of Antarctica and in hot lakes also. Therefore due to its omnipresence, there is a requirement to perform various operations, tests, productions etc in isolated conditions or clean rooms to avoid contamination. - Category: Healthcare
  • New Dimension of Scope and Career in Microbiology ( 4826 reads)   

    It is true that career in microbiology is great due to its vast scope but at the same time, this is not sufficient and what is further required to have great career in microbiology is a new dimension to the thinking, new dimension to the education system, and new dimension to the way the knowledge of microbiology is applied - Category: Careers
  • Nanoparticles For Human Health ( 4994 reads)   

    Nanoparticles can play a significant role in the health of human beings. Nanoparticles are of different types : Liposomes, Dendrimer, polymeric micelles, nanocapsule, nanosphere and solid lipid nanoparticles. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (or PCR) - Technique For Amplifying DNA ( 7077 reads)   

    Polymerase chain reaction or PCR in biotechnology is a technique of Amplifying single piece of Deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA), into million copies of DNA. Well known applications of these techniques are DNA cloning and sequencing, gene functional analysis, hereditary diseases diagnosis, genetic finger printing (forensic studies) .... - Category: Biotech Research
  • Future of the Universe. ( 3271 reads)   

    The present knowledge and observation on universe indicates that the universe will expand continuously forever. The totality of this is called as big freeze. - Category: Others
  • Nanoparticles in Medical Science: Properties and Various Applications ( 4526 reads)   

    In the field of medical science, nanoparticles are immensely being used now days. Nanoparticles are particularly used in drug delivery, in drug discovery, diagnostics and innovation in medical science. - Category: Nanotechnology
  • Importance of Biofuels or Biodiesels and How they are produced. ( 12729 reads)   

    Petrol, Diesel and other similar energy sources are limited and will come to an end one day. The reason is that they are non-renewable source of energy. But biotechnology is always changing the limitations. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • The Science That Can Change Your Behavior: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) ( 3296 reads)   

    Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA): It is the old saying that the behavior of certain people never changes, as like the U-shape tale of dog which never changes, despite lot of try! But when it comes to science, nothing is impossible. The science of applied behavior analysis can change your behavior and with this even a pessimist can be turned into optimist - Category: Healthcare
  • Clinical Trials, A Pathway to Discover Successful Drug. ( 2763 reads)   

    It is the summary of how the entry of any new drug takes place in the market and what test it has to pass before use in human beings . These tests are called as clinical trials which assures safety , efficacy and quality of drug under test before human use . Thus Clinical Trial is really , a pathway to discover successful drug. - Category: Healthcare
  • Wonderful World of Microorganisms and Their Role in Human Life. ( 25797 reads)   

    Small is powerful as well as wonderful , this phrase is true when we learn about microorganisms , the smallest creatures on earth. The path leads to wonderful world of microorganisms and their role in human life. - Category: Biology
  • Difference Between Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering ( 45147 reads)   

    Bioengineering is the application of engineering principles to living structures, such as creating artificial organs, chemicals, drugs and tissues. However the biomedical engineering uses concepts and principles for the design, maintain, validate and calibrate all the devices and equipment that we see in the hospitals, research and medical centers. - Category: Others
  • Human Longevity: A Revolution in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. ( 7326 reads)   

    Life span varies from one animal to another . The key to this can be genes responsible for the same . Biotechnology and nanotechnology application can help in longevity ( Life span) increase with use of these genes . - Category: Biotech Research

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