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Author: bluemoon silverstars

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City: rawalpindi | State: panjab

About Me: I am a graduate of Bio-informatics.

Articles by bluemoon silverstars:
  • Environment and Biotechnology ( 8038 reads)   

    Environmental Biotechnology is a very useful field of science. It uses certain micro-organisms which are used to degrade the waste materials and makes them useful for the environment and agriculture etc. - Category: Others
  • Biotechnology: A Revolutionary Field and Biotech Challenges ( 6459 reads)   

    Though biotechnology is a very successful field of science but still it is facing some challenges. this field is discovering new things everyday but scientists are unable to inform public about the benefits or harms of the certain things. - Category: Others
  • Ethical Issues Related to Human and Animal Cloning ( 10925 reads)   

    Cloning is successful technique today, but some public sectors oppose it, They consider it harmful for humans as well as animals. - Category: Genetics
  • Recombinant DNA Technology ( 13275 reads)   

    Recombinant DNA technology uses to construct a DNA segment from two different organisms. The gene of interest is inserted in the vectors and vectors are further used for certain purposes after cloning. - Category: Others
  • How to Get Job in Biotechnology Field: General View ( 6554 reads)   

    Biotechnology is flourishing day by day so career opportunities are also increasing. But if an individual is interested in getting the job in biotech, he/she must have full knowledge of biology and techniques of biotechnology. - Category: Careers
  • Therapeutics and Biotechnology ( 8200 reads)   

    Therapeutics deals with the treatment of the disease. Biotechnology has played vital role in making advances in this technology. Many naturally occurring compounds can be used for the therapeutics. - Category: Others
  • Human Intelligence and Genetics ( 7241 reads)   

    Human intelligence can be inherent or due to the environmental factors. Nature and nurture both are necessary for the human intelligence. Genetics plays important role in human intelligence. - Category: Genetics
  • Plant and Animal Tissue Culture: Procedure, Benefits and Limitations ( 33298 reads)   

    Plant and animal tissue culture are of great importance. they can be grown to enhance the production of the plants and animals. Plant tissue culture has many benefits but animal cell and tissue culture has some limitations. - Category: Others
  • Human Genome Project: Ethical and Legal Issues ( 8263 reads)   

    Human Genome Project is the greatest discovery of 21st century. Scientists have succeeded in sequencing the 92% of the genome of the humans but still there are some parts in the chromosomes which still have to be sequenced. - Category: Others
  • Treatment of Genetic Diseases by Gene Therapy ( 8068 reads)   

    Gene therapy is a technique which is used to treat various genetic diseases. It can also be used to treat other acquired diseases. - Category: Genetics
  • DNA Fingerprinting: Uses and Methods Involved ( 11552 reads)   

    DNA fingerprinting is a very useful technique in the science world. Due to this technique, many criminals can be arrested and paternity of the child can also be known with this technique. - Category: Genetics
  • Pharmacogenomics: Benefits and Barriers ( 10281 reads)   

    Pharmacogenomics is the mixture of pharmaceuticals and genetics. This field has very bright future. It provides methods of drug insertion by knowing the variations in the structures of proteins and DNA. - Category: Others
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction: A Technique of Biotechnology ( 11387 reads)   

    This article describes one of the many techniques of biotechnology that is Polymerase Chain Reaction. This technique uses small fragments of DNA molecules and replicates them into many under a specific temperature. - Category: Others
  • Agricultural Biotechnology - Definition and Various Products ( 13798 reads)   

    Agricultural biotechnology has many applications in the field of agriculture by making, vaccines and antibiotics for curing diseases of humans. - Category: Agriculture
  • Bioinformatics: Combination of Biotechnology and Information Technology ( 13097 reads)   

    What is Bioinformatics? It is the combination of two fields that is biotechnology and information technology. it is a study of information technology at molecular level. Bio-informatics has different research areas and different software and tools to collect the biological data. - Category: Others
  • Biotechnology and Livestock ( 6999 reads)   

    Biotechnology has played an important role in improving the livestock. Animal health is the main task of biotech and new drugs and vaccines have been developed to cure different diseases. - Category: Others
  • Cloning Using Stem Cells: Types, Techniques and Dolly Sheep ( 10093 reads)   

    Cloning is the process of producing individuals identical to their parents. in this process, nucleus of the stem cell is removed and is inserted into the unfertilized egg which is also without nucleus. An individual is produced which has the same characteristics as its parent. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Nanomedicine and Disease Treatment ( 7533 reads)   

    Nanomedicine is a new emerging field of biotechnology which uses nanoparticles to fight against different diseases. this technology is playing an important role in the treatment of cacner and other life-threatening diseases. - Category: Others
  • Red Biotechnology and Cure of Tuberculosis ( 10005 reads)   

    Red Biotechnology is the cluster of various techniques used in biotech field. these techniques have played a vital role in curing the disease of tuberculosis. - Category: Healthcare
  • Techniques of Biotechnology ( 41202 reads)   

    this article is based on all the techniques used in biotechnology. all the techniques are described briefly. - Category: Others
  • Latest Biotechnology Industry News and Pharmacy News ( 3826 reads)   

    Biotechnology is a very vast field and every day new things are happening in its industry. New drugs are being developed and also the vaccines. - Category: Industry News
  • Biotechnology, Its Techniques and Human Health ( 11708 reads)   

    this article is all about the various fields used in biotechnology. this article also shows that how these techniques affect the human health. - Category: Others
  • Issues in Biotechnology ( 24035 reads)   

    If biotechnology is beneficial for humans, it has some issues also. Genetically modified crops and food are considered to fulfill the needs of people. but some people consider them harmful for environment, human health and food safety. - Category: Issues
  • Human Genetic Engineering,its Methods and Ethics ( 12439 reads)   

    human genetic engineering is the change in the genotype to produce desired phenotype. It is getting popular these days because it is of great benefit for the infertile women. some people are in the favor of the human genetic engineering and some oppose this field because of some ethical issues. - Category: Genetics
  • Health Care and WHO ( 3929 reads)   

    Health care is all about prevention from diseases. Developed countries have the beast health care systems. WHO has special health care systems for the whole world. - Category: Healthcare
  • Toxicology and Its Types ( 17791 reads)   

    Toxicology deals with all types of chemical substances which effect the living organisms. It has various types such as ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology, environmental toxicology etc. - Category: Toxicology
  • Types of Stem Cells: Controversy Behind the Embryonic Stem Cells ( 4032 reads)   

    Stem cells are the cells which differentiate into different types of cells to make body of living beings. Embryonic stem cell technologies are used now a day. some scientists favor the research on embryonic stem cells and some oppose it. - Category: Stem Cells
  • Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture ( 12305 reads)   

    This article is about agriculture, its brief history is also given. Some commonly used methods of agriculture are described in this article. This article also discusses the use of biotechnology in agriculture. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Science and History of Genetics. How It Predicts the Genetic Code ( 7720 reads)   

    This article is about science of genetics. It gives us information about the history of genetics and tells us that Gregor Mendel was the first person who studied the process of inheritance from parents to off springs. It states that genes and DNA are the parts of chromosomes and they make up the genetic code of living beings. Brief description it also gives the brief description about mutation. - Category: Genetics

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