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Author: sippy ISSAC

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Articles by sippy ISSAC:
  • Applications and Advantages of Molecular Markers in Plants ( 9078 reads)   

    Genetic improvement of crop plant through conventional plant breeding has made tremendous contribution to the breakthrough in the global agricultural production. Recently, arrays of tools and techniques in the field of molecular biology have become available for supplementing the conventional genetic approaches. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Stages in Plant Disease Development ( 19860 reads)   

    In an infectious disease there is a series of more or less district events which occur in sequence and lead to development and perpetuation of the disease and the pathogen. This chain of events is called a disease cycle - Category: Agriculture
  • Importance of Transgenic Plants and Year of Discovery ( 3106 reads)   

    Transgenic plants, generally modified organisms (GMOs), living modified organisms (LMOs) and generally Engineering Organism (GEOs) are synonyms and represents products of the process of transgenesis. - Category: Agriculture
  • The Toxins Produced by Microorganisms in Plant Disease Development ( 8679 reads)   

    The term toxin is generally used for substances, usually but not invariably of pathogen origin which are injurious to plants and directly or indirectly play a role in disease development. Thus harmful enzymes are also toxins - Category: Agriculture
  • Methods of Gene Transfer in Plants ( 4088 reads)   

    The totipotency of the plant cells and transformation with foreign DNA paved the way for genetic engineering of plants for desired traits. There are several methods had been tried over the years - Category: Agriculture
  • Effects of Abiotic Stress ( 2245 reads)   

    Environmental stress (abiotic and biotic) result in oxidative stress. This occurs most directly as a result of ozone pollution or ionizing radiation. However, oxidative stress is a secondary effect of many type of stress, from pathogen attack to water-deficit stress. - Category: Agriculture
  • Plant Hypersensitive Response - Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) ( 4323 reads)   

    Synthetic chemical fungicides have long served as agents for reducing the incidence of plant disease; however they are costly, cause environmental pollution and pathogens develop quick resistance - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Economic Importance of Bryophytes ( 90375 reads)   

    The bryophytes include the liverworts (Hepaticae), the hornworts (Anthocerotae) and the mosses (Musci). All the three sub-groups comprise about 24000 species. On the whole none of these is of direct use to man except the peat mosses, hair cap mosses (polytrichum) and some liverworts (Marchantia). - Category: Agriculture
  • Molecular Basis of Cancer - Oncogenes and Tumor Cells ( 4522 reads)   

    Cancer is caused by generic change in a single cell resulting in its uncontrolled multiplication. Thus, tumours are monoclonal. Two types of regulatory genes- oncogenes and antioncongenes are involved in the development of cancer (carcinogenesis). In recent years, a third category of genes that control the cell death or apoptosis are also believed to be involved in carcinogenesis. - Category: Biology
  • Environmental Pollution - List of Most Common Pollutants ( 13625 reads)   

    Environmental population may be regarded as the addition of extraneous (foreign) materials to air, Water or land which adversely affects the quality of life. Pollution may be caused by physical, chemical or biological process. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology

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