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Author: soumya T.V

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 33084 | Points Scored: 35,584

City: trivandrum | State: kerala

About Me: research scholar microbiology

Articles by soumya T.V:
  • Lignocellulosic Biodegradation of Coir Fibre by Microorganisms ( 3261 reads)   

    Lignin is the most abundant renewable aromatic material on earth.The aromatic polymer is well-known for resistance to microbial degradation because of its high molecular weight and presence of various biologically stable carbon-to-carbon and ether linkages.Lignin degradation by the white rot fungi is a complex secondary metabolic process mediated by the action of several extra cellular enzymes. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Coir Pith as Organic Soil Less Growing Medium ( 11460 reads)   

    coir pith can be useful in soil less cultivation especially in areas facing different growing constraints such as water shortages, poor soil drainage and low fertility, soil salinity, pest and other ecological problems. In such areas coir pith plays the role of soil... By Soumya.T.V and Anil.K.R - Category: Agriculture
  • Exploitation of Microorganism and Microbial Enzyme Forthe Processing of Coir Pith ( 5191 reads)   

    Microbial degradation of coir pith is considered to be a safe,effective and environmentally friendly process. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Potential Economic Benefits From Microbial Enzyme - Proteases ( 8875 reads)   

    Proteases are the highest value commercial enzyme. microbial proteases constitute the major share of the enzyme industry because of their number of practical applications in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, leather and detergent industries and collectively account for about 60% of the total worldwide enzyme sales. ability - Category: Biotech Research
  • Biotechnological Possibilities For the Use and Application of Coir Fibre ( 4297 reads)   

    The coconut husk fibres are predominantly composed of lignocellulosic material.Coir fibre is in great demand on account of its durability,water absorption,low cost & other properties. The coir industry can be made a biotechnology based one where the possibilities of this abundantly available raw material can be exploited to the greatest extent. - Category: Biotech Research

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