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  • Role of Patents in the Field of Biotechnology    By: Pranank Batthini

    Many Biotechnologists are not aware of the basics of law, i.e. IPR (Intellectual property right) so the government should introduce the basic courses of LAW in the field of biotechnology, so that the biotechnologist will be aware of the basic knowledge of law. Expansion in the technology is growing rapidly, IPR (Intellectual property right) have become important in areas like global competition, high innovation risk, high investment in R&D, production and marketing >> Category: Careers
  • Biology - A Promising Career of the Future    By: Maitree Baral

    Today Biology as a career has surpassed its conventional fields of Physicians, Dentists, Teachers, Botanists, Zoologists and plain laboratory technicians to the highly intriguing modern fields of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Forensic Sciences, Molecular Ecology, along with rejuvenating the conventional fields of Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anthropology, Meteorology and Horticulturist. >> Category: Careers
  • Why Should You Go For a PhD in Bioinformatics?    By: Maitree Baral

    Going for higher studies in Bioinformatics is very promising as it is for other fields of biology. Here are some of the futuristic aspects of Bioinformatics. >> Category: Careers
  • New Dimension of Scope and Career in Microbiology    By: VIVEK VYAS

    It is true that career in microbiology is great due to its vast scope but at the same time, this is not sufficient and what is further required to have great career in microbiology is a new dimension to the thinking, new dimension to the education system, and new dimension to the way the knowledge of microbiology is applied >> Category: Careers
  • Scuba Diving For Marine Microbiologists    By: Sonali Bhawsar

    All the oceans of the earth are inhabited by extremely diverse microorganisms. The present research scenario is still very scanty to understand various physiological and functional characteristics of these microcreatures. Researchers needs to explore microbes from extreme ocean habitats like deep thermal vents, ocean bed and crust, coral colonies and endosymbiotants of crustaceans and other marine fauna. >> Category: Careers
  • Metabolomics and Their Applications    By: Shalini Balan

    What is Metabolomics? Metabolomics allows scientists to measure physiological effects and to monitor for adverse reactions to drugs. Metabolomics is of interest to physicians because it may lead to improvements in the diagnosis and treatments of human diseases. >> Category: Careers
  • Biomedical Informatics - Career Opportunities For the New Generation    By: Sandhya Anand

    Biomedical informatics is the latest buzzword among the biologists and informaticians who would enjoy a career in medicinal field. The increasing medical data has made it necessary for the development of newer tools and systems for effective management. And, biomedical informaticians can provide the solutions. >> Category: Careers
  • Biochemical Engineering - Career Prospects and Importance in Industries    By: Pournami Gouthaman

    Biochemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses the areas of biotechnology and chemical engineering, that plays a major role in the large-scale production of biochemical products, by applying the principles of engineering to the activity of living cells. A biochemical engineer conceives, designs, develops and operates economic and environmentally safe biochemical processes. >> Category: Careers
  • Career as a Marine Microbiologist    By: Sonali Bhawsar

    Marine Microbiologist works on the microscopic organisms from seas and oceans. They should be prepared to work in laboratory as well as on field. Information about Marine Microbiologist career. >> Category: Careers
  • Biotechnology- An Excellent Hub of Career Opportunity and Advancements    By: Shikha Sharma

    Biotechnology is a coveted interdisciplinary, rather multidisciplinary field which has its own charm, and is also dependent on the information and techniques from outside the arena of biology.. >> Category: Careers
  • Pharmacist - A Job Option | Career in Pharmacy    By: Amna Adnan

    A pharmacist is a health practitioner who helps patients and doctors to understand drugs. There are good jobs for them with very high salary. >> Category: Careers
  • Everyday Hazards in Biotechnology Lab.    By: Hannibal Musarurwa

    Common hazards and dangers of working in a biotech laboratory: Life in the lab can be risky if care is not taken as we carry out our duties. There are lot chemicals (many mutagenic and in some cases carcinogenic) and many machines that can potentially harm lab occupants. Thus life in the lab must be characterized by diligence caution and responsibility. >> Category: Careers
  • Job Opportunities in Environmental Sciences    By: Amna Adnan

    Environmental biology is the important field of science. It enables the scientists to protect the environment from pollutants and contaminants. It also provides various provides career opportunities to the people with handsome salary. >> Category: Careers
  • Career as a Pharmacologist    By: Amna Adnan

    The job of a pharmacologist is to see the effects of drugs in animals and humans. They see whether the administered drug is causing benefit effects on the body or not. Degree of pharmacology is necessary to become a pharmacologist. >> Category: Careers
  • Toxicologist as a Career Option    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Toxicologist helps in understanding the effect of some chemicals and other compounds on human body. To become a toxicologist one must have a thorough knowledge of biology. >> Category: Careers
  • Biochemistry Career Opportunities - Jobs for a Biochemist Graduate    By: Amna Adnan

    Biochemistry deals with chemicals and their effect on animals and humans. It is a very vast field and has various job opportunities in many industries. Biochemists can work in the field of education, food and nutrition and drug and development. >> Category: Careers
  • Immunologist or Allergist as a Career Option    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Immunologist treats the patients with immunological disorders like allergic asthma, allergic reactions, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disease and much more. Immunology is a branch of biology that deals with the study of immune system. >> Category: Careers
  • Career Option in Genetics    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Genetics is the fastest-growing field in the world. According to the statistics each year jobs in genetics field grow by 14%. Genetics play important role in fields like forensics and biotechnology. >> Category: Careers
  • How to Get Job in Biotechnology Field: General View    By: bluemoon silverstars

    Biotechnology is flourishing day by day so career opportunities are also increasing. But if an individual is interested in getting the job in biotech, he/she must have full knowledge of biology and techniques of biotechnology. >> Category: Careers
  • Computer Forensics as Career    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Computer forensics is an upcoming addition to the career option. Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science which deals with the legal evidences found in digital storage media such as computers. >> Category: Careers

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