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  • Bacterial Spores as Biorecognition Molecules    By: Nimisha Tehri

    An attempt to explore the potential of bacterial spores for their use as biorecognition molecules for development of biosensors for detection of different types of contaminants of microbial and non-microbial origin in food products in order to ensure food safety and quality assurance >> Category: Industry News
  • Insights Into Structure of RNA Polymerase Enzyme    By: Sandhya Anand

    Researchers have isolated and studied the structure of bacterial Polymerase I revealing the structure-function relationship. Various domains and subunits and their role in structural stability has been accessed via crystallography methods. >> Category: Industry News
  • Pathogen Turns Protector - Salt Tolerant Gordonia for Cultivation in Saline Soils    By: Sandhya Anand

    The articles focus on the recent discovery of Gordonia sp as an ideal candidate for cultivation of pearl millet in saline soils. Further isolation and gene identification can pave the way for trouble free cultivation of crops in saline soils especially in the tropical and temperate climates. >> Category: Industry News
  • Boon From the Soil to Degrade Endosulfan    By: Sandhya Anand

    A new strain of Bacillus Sublitis is found to degrade endosulfan the notorious pesticide to non toxic metabolites. The article focuses on the research and development of the strain and its potential benefits to human kind. >> Category: Industry News
  • Biocon: The Journey Towards Success    By: Geetanjali Murari

    The article takes you for a short tour of Biocon. Its establishment, expansion, specialisation, etc are pen down here. >> Category: Industry News
  • Cloning Creates Human Embryonic Stem Cells Which are Patient-Specific    By: Maitree Baral

    Since its day of creation, cloning techniques have been hailed as a major breakthrough in the field of medicine. It was anticipated that the creation of perfectly matched tissues will someday help in discovering the cure for a variety of debilitating diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. >> Category: Industry News
  • King of Biotech Sentenced to 4 Years Jail for Stock Fraud    By: Josh Ferguson

    On the 2nd of May 2013, a federal judge sentenced David Blech to 4 years prison for stock manipulation. If the name seems familiar, it's because Blech was once called the 'King of Biotech' and was potentially one of the fathers (financial fathers) of the entire biotech industry. >> Category: Industry News
  • The Latest News on Human Gene Therapies    By: Josh Ferguson

    So what is new in the field of gene therapy? Ever since Watson and Crick decoded the mysteries of the human genome in 1953, scientists have been searching for ways to use the wealth of hidden knowledge in order to help those previously thought helpless. >> Category: Industry News
  • Entrepreneurship - Establishing a Biotech Company    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This article helps us in determining the business success in the field of biotech and common challenges associated with it. It is very important to know the requirements for opening a successful biotech company. Who can start it, how we can start it and what are the necessities needed for its establishment. These are the factors which has to be considered before giving it a green signal. >> Category: Industry News
  • Siro Clinpharm Pvt Ltd - History, Corporate Timeline and Services    By: Geetanjali Murari

    This article depicts about the mission and vision of Siro Clinpharm Pvt Ltd a Mumbai based pharmaceutical company which is showing par excellency in its field. Lets have a look at success of industry and its approach towards the healthcare sector. >> Category: Industry News
  • R&D: The Poignant Loneliness--Brief Case Studies of 8 New Listed Drugs    By: Dynah Luo

    Source: Creative Biomart : Before a research or practice being carried out, it was always given much aspiration and hope but some of them were gained with bitterness and loneliness eventually. These days, some of such post-development of top-level 'blockbusters' might repeat the same misery. >> Category: Industry News
  • Understanding the Team Insurance Policy (Group Insurance)    By: Donny Magoon

    Since the economic system just get more serious, finding particular person medical health insurance certainly won't be easy. If you have usage of party insurance plan you will discover lower prices, but for individuals it will be a task finding insurance plan you can pay for. There's a a number of groupings who don't put on use of class plans. >> Category: Industry News
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Drinking a Cup of Coffee    By: Loise Inga

    Most people are familiar of the health advantages of drinking coffee? Coffee is not just an ordinary drink that you have each morning. Consuming a cup of coffee on a regular basis will benefit their health in more means than one. Think about learning the health advantages of this caffeinated drink first before ditching it in favor of herb teas. Here are some of the great health advantages that are related to drinking a cup of coffee habitually. >> Category: Industry News
  • Inoculum Preparation in Seed Lab of Fermentation Industries    By: VIVEK VYAS

    Today many industries including pharmaceutical industries use fermentation process for manufacturing various products like drugs, semi-synthetic medicinal products, beverages, chemicals, etc. All such fermentation process needs pure cultures of microorganisms which are capable of utilizing substrates with the help of their enzymes. >> Category: Industry News
  • ISO-9000 Requirments, Effectiveness and Advantages    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    ISO 9000 is widely acknowledged that proper quality management improves business, often having a positive effect on investment, market share, sales growth, sales margins, competitive advantage, and avoidance of litigation. >> Category: Industry News
  • Phase IV Studies - A Market With a Proactive Approach for Growth of a Pharmaceutical Firm    By: SHREYAS RAJAN

    Phase IV studies are required as a condition of market approval. The companies look at venturing into Post marketing studies to improve the potential of the marketed product. This Phase has been the fastest growing segment in the area of clinical research. It supports in finding data for newer indications and new markets for which the drug product had not been initially approved. These studies should be randomized and to maximize the informational value. The Phase IV research environment is driven by the varying regulatory environment, increasing safety concerns of new medicines, and the need for real-world data on the marketed drugs. This paper gives an overview of the Phase IV studies which form an integral part of the drug evaluation process and is a promising phase of advancement in the area of marketed drugs. >> Category: Industry News
  • Starch as Vitamin Carrier - A New Technology    By: Lakshmi K Sugavanam

    Researchers of Penn State University have devised a novel method of delivery of bioactive compounds like vitamins and drugs into the body. These important findings have been published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers by Ursula Lay Ma, Prof. John Floros and Prof. Gregory Ziegler. >> Category: Industry News
  • Joule Unlimited - Pioneering Alternate Fuel and its Advantages    By: Lakshmi K Sugavanam

    Sustainable cost-effective fuel to be produced by Joule Unlimited in the near future. It is the first time that an efficient method has been devised for production of renewable, alternative fuel on a large scale. >> Category: Industry News
  • Biotechnology Companies in South Africa: Human Health    By: Lorato Lekgari

    List some organisations that support biotechnology in South Africa and then lists the different companies funded by these organisations, in regard to treatment of human diseases >> Category: Industry News
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacture of Textiles    By: Padma Kumar

    Explains how modern trends in biotechnology have contributed to the manufacture of textiles and also in the making of new textile fibers >> Category: Industry News
  • Contribution of Biotechnology to the Latest Trends in Cardiac Care    By: Padma Kumar

    This article is about how research in biotechnology has contributed to potentially beneficial trends in cardiac care (heart care and cardiology). >> Category: Industry News
  • Biotech News From the World of Medicine    By: Padma Kumar

    This article details a recent biotech innovation regarding the use of genetically modified muscle cells to promote the rapid healing of bone injuries in animal models and the promise it holds for therapeutic use >> Category: Industry News
  • Latest in Pharmaceuticals : Sleep Drug: MK-4305 and Plastic Antibodies    By: Amna Adnan

    Pharmaceuticals industry is developing day by day as new drugs are being produced and manufactured by the scientists. The drugs protect our body against various diseases. >> Category: Industry News
  • Gut Microbiota May Play a Role in Host Adiposity    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Centre discovered that the one single molecule present in the intestinal wall can be activated by the waste products of gut microbiota, which play an important role in controlling the host (mice) adiposity. >> Category: Industry News
  • Human Sperm Created Using Embryonic Stem Cell    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    First time human sperms are created in the laboratory using embryonic stem cells. Researchers at the Newcastle University and the NorthEast England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) created human sperms using a new technique. Research was led by Professor Karim Nayeria. >> Category: Industry News
  • First Synthetic Organism    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Researchers at the private J.Craig Venter Institute created for the first time a synthetic cell, creating a new era in biology. >> Category: Industry News
  • Personalised Cancer Vaccine in a Week    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Scientists and researchers in Chicago were able to produce cancer vaccine in a tobacco plant. These cancer vaccines help in kick-starting the immune response against the cancer. These cancer vaccines are tailor made for patient specific tumor type. >> Category: Industry News
  • Latest Biotechnology Industry News and Pharmacy News    By: bluemoon silverstars

    Biotechnology is a very vast field and every day new things are happening in its industry. New drugs are being developed and also the vaccines. >> Category: Industry News
  • Use of Jelly Fish in Preventing Bioterrorism    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Jelly fish DNA used to detect pathogenic microorganisms in the environment in less than two minutes. Bio terrorism is intentional release of pathogenic virus, bacteria or any toxins may be in their natural form or modified form for mass destruction of human and live stock. >> Category: Industry News
  • The New and Easy Way to Obtain P450-metabolites and N-glucuronides For Metabolit    By: Andy Zoellner

    Optaining P450-metabolites and N-glucuronides for metabolites in safety testing (MIST) used to be difficult and time consuming. Thanks to a new method patented by PombioTech GmbH, it is relatively easy to produce human phase I and phase II metabolites. >> Category: Industry News

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