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Most Recent Biotechnology products Articles.
  • Biodegradable Polymers - Production, Advantages and Drawbacks    By: Shikha Sharma

    Due to the industrial revolution, many chemical compounds are synthesized, which are of great use for human being. But these are unknowns for the environment. Plastic is one of the few newly synthesized chemical compounds that utilize synthetic polymers like polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene in its manufacture. Plastics are widely used in world in daily life, all over the world. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Peptide Drug Discovery: Perspectives in Design, Development and Delivery    By: Debasis Sahu

    Drug designing and development using suitable synthetic and natural peptides has been proved to be a promising field of drug discovery. The basis for choosing peptide is the one or more number of sequences which may be the parts of the target proteins. These peptides may be responsible for molecular recognition and other biological processes. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Basic Techniques of Molecular Biology    By: Amna Adnan

    Molecular Biology is a very vast field which deals with different techniques and methods to carry on the research. It also finds ways to treat diseases. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Bacteria: Friends of Man    By: Debasis Sahu

    Can bacteria be friend of humans? Deadly diseases like TB, typhoid, anthrax, cholera etc are caused by bacteria. So, our natural instinct would be to look upon all bacteria as extremely dangerous organisms. But there are innumerable bacteria that have been identified as having beneficial characteristics. The microbes are important to body functions like digestion and immune system. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • What is Polymerase Chain Reaction?    By: Amna Adnan

    Polymerase chain reaction is used to make multiple copies of DNA molecules which can be used for various biological purposes. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Role of Enzymes in Biotechnology - Industrial Applications of Enzymes    By: Amna Adnan

    Enzymes have a variety of applications in several industries. They are the proteins which act as catalysts in the reactions taking place in the body. Enzymes have a great importance in Biotechnology. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • What is Biomimicry? Nature Inspired Methodologies and Techniques.    By: Muniba Safdar

    Biomimicry is a new-fangled concept in the field of biotechnology. Biomimicry is a Greek word bio, meaning life, and mimicry, meaning imitation. Biomimicry studies nature's best notions, models and trying to mimics these designs or schemes to elucidate human faults. Nature inspires everyone for its beauty, humans have always inspired by its beauty. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Different Techniques of Blotting    By: Amna Adnan

    Blotting is a technique for detecting DNA, RNA or proteins initially present in a complex mixture. The procedure of Southern blotting was first developed by Edward Southern and was named after his name. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Artificial Retina, Limb and Body Part Development    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    The development of artificial organs in the laboratory is the main invention in the medical science. An artificial organ is a man-made organ that can be used to replace the torn or damaged natural organ in humans. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Artificial Organ Development - Blood Vessels, Bones and Skin    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    One of the important discoveries of new age medical science is the development of artificial organs in laboratory. These artificial organs can be implanted in human body to replace the natural organ. New research is being conducted to improve functions of these artificial organs. In the near future we would be able to create a real human being using these artificial organs. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Single Cell Protein- Advantages and Disadvantages    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    The need for large scale production of single cell protein is the need for more protein in the diet of humans. Single cell protein typically refers to proteins extracted from pure culture or mixed culture of microorganisms such as algae, yeasts, fungi or bacteria. These extracted protein are used as a substitute for protein-rich food in humans and as well as animal feeds. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Uses of Lipases in Biotechnology    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Enzyme lipases play a major and important role as biocatalysts in biotechnology applications. Lipases are used in biotechnology applications such as synthesis of biopolymers, production of biodiesel, the production of pure pharmaceutical compound, agrochemicals and also flavour compound. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Artificial Womb, Heart and Blood Development    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Artificial organ development in laboratory conditions is one of the most fascinating branches in medical science. Artificial organs are man-made organ in vitro conditions and are implanted in human body to replace the natural ones. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Production of Organic Acid and Biopolymer    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Microorganisms are used in the production of organic acid and also biopolymers. These products have changed our life. Microorganisms are used in industrial microbiology techniques to produce important pharmaceutical compounds, food additives, biofuels, agricultural products and much more. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Antibiotics and Amino Acid Production Using Microorganisms    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Microorganism is used to produce products such as antibiotics and amino acids in large quantity. These products have changed our lives and also increased our life span. Microorganisms are also used to produce products such as food additives, biofuels, industrial products, agricultural products and also pharmaceutical products for human as well as animal health. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Production of Tissue Plasminogen Activator and Interferon    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Most important application of biotechnology technique called as recombinant DNA technology is the production of most important biomolecules such as insulin, follicle stimulating hormones, blood products like clotting factor VIII, albumins, tissue plasminogen activators and also cytokines and also interferons, colony stimulating factors and much more. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Recombinant Clotting Factor VIII, Erythropoietin and Hepatitis B Vaccine    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Biotechnology technique known as recombinant DNA technology are used in the large scale production of important biomolecules that can be used to improve the quality of life of humans. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Technique of Northern Blotting    By: Amna Adnan

    Northern blotting is similar to Southern Blotting. The only difference is that in northern blotting, RNA is detected in the sample to study the gene expression. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Immunosuppressant Sirolimus Production and Its Uses    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Immunosuppressant Sirolimus is also known as rapamycin, discovered as a product of Streptomyces hygroscopicus bacterium obtained from the soil. Streptomyces hygroscopicus belong to of actinomycetes. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Recombinant Protein Expression System    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Recombinant proteins are the ones which are produced by genetically modified organisms, after inserting the appropriate gene into their genome.Recombinant proteins are expressed or produced in large quantities using expression systems such as E.coli, yeast, filamentous fungi, mammalian cells, insect cells and also plant cells are used. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Somatic Cell Fusion- A Biotechnology Technique    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Somatic cell fusion or Hybrid cells can be produced by fusing different types of somatic cells from two different tissues or species in a cell culture media. Usually human somatic cells like fibrocyte or leucocyte are fused with continuous cell lines of mouse. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Production of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Somatotropin    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Recombinant human growth hormone is generally produced by inserting the human growth hormone gene into plasmids of E.Coli bacteria. Recombinant bacterial cells are cultured and human growth hormones produced by these bacteria are extracted from the extracellular media. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Process of Electroporation: Definition and Applications    By: Amna Adnan

    What is Electrporation: It is the technique of molecular biology. It is very helpful in treating the diseases like cancer and heart disease. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Recombinant DNA Technology and the Pharmaceutical Industry    By: Hannibal Musarurwa

    Recombinant DNA and gene transfer technology were largely responsible for the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry in the last decade. Approval of genetically engineered human insulin triggered a release of many other protein drugs which translated to rapid growth of pharmaceutical companies. This article attempts to show how some big biotech companies cashed in on this technology. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Anthrax Detection Device and Toxic Mold Detection Device    By: Amna Adnan

    Universal Detection Technology in collaboration with NASA has come up with the devices which help in detection of harmful substances in the environment and houses. They are Anthrax Detection Device and Toxic Mold Detection devices. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Mussel Biopolymers: A Cloning Approach    By: Lorato Lekgari

    Biopolymers are renewable, biodegradable and naturally produced products. An approach siting the mussel biopolymers for increased and continuous supply of biopolymers is discussed >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Importance of Biofuels or Biodiesels and How they are produced.    By: VIVEK VYAS

    Petrol, Diesel and other similar energy sources are limited and will come to an end one day. The reason is that they are non-renewable source of energy. But biotechnology is always changing the limitations. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacture of Paper    By: Padma Kumar

    This article details how biotechnology has refined the process of manufacturing paper. Steps in wood processing include pulping, bleaching and sheet formation, and today biotechnology plays a stellar role in some of these processes. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Technique of Gene Gun    By: Amna Adnan

    Gene gun is a technique of genetic engineering which is mostly used in plant biotechnology. This technique like other techniques is used to transfer the genetic material from one cell to the other of different species to make them genetically modified. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biotechnology and Cosmetics    By: Padma Kumar

    Explains how biotechnology has had a profound effect in the making of cosmetics. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Trends in Biotech Engineered Vaccines    By: Padma Kumar

    A summary of biotechnology oriented advances in vaccine production. Biotechnology is helping to re-engineer existing vaccines to be more effective against organisms that cause infectious diseases. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biomarkers and Diagnosis of Diseases    By: Amna Adnan

    Biomarkers are the specific structures which are used in the detection of diseases. They have been playing an important part in the drug development and diagnosis of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biochemistry Analyzers: Uses and Types    By: Amna Adnan

    biochemistry analyzers are the devices which are used to measure the concentration of chemicals in a biological process. They have their uses especially in the medical field but other fields of science also make use of it. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Agarose Gel DNA Electrophoresis - Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages    By: Amna Adnan

    Gel electrophoresis is another technique of biotechnology which is used for the isolation and analysis of the DNA molecule. This technique is applied in DNA fingerprinting where DNA is cut into small pieces and make copies of them for the identification of criminals. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Marine Biotechnology and its Applications in Making Drugs    By: Padma Kumar

    There are several applications of Marine Biotechnology in rugs manufacturing. This article describes the role of fungi, sponges, coral and other marine biota in the development of drugs. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Biotechnology in the Manufacturing of Detergents    By: Padma Kumar

    This article summarizes the role of different types of industrial enzymes in making detergent products. The role for biotechnology in the making of future detergents and soaps, will certainly increase. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA): Procedure, Applications, Types    By: Amna Adnan

    ELISA is technique of biotechnology which is used in the detection and measurement of antibodies and antigens. Its applications are used in the food industry, in the detection of HIV and various drugs can be analyzed. Competitive and sandwich ELISA are two types of ELISA. >> Category: Biotechnology products
  • How Biotechnology Helps Create Biofuels    By: Padma Kumar

    Explains the basics of making biofuels using biotechnolgy, and gives examples of leading biofuel manufacturing facilities. >> Category: Biotechnology products

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