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Most Recent Genetics Articles.
  • DNA Fingerprinting: Uses and Methods Involved    By: bluemoon silverstars

    DNA fingerprinting is a very useful technique in the science world. Due to this technique, many criminals can be arrested and paternity of the child can also be known with this technique. >> Category: Genetics
  • DNA Technology Used in Forensics    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Every organism has unique DNA sequences just like each individual has got unique finger print. In forensic science individuals are identified by scanning for 13 DNA regions, that vary from person to person and they use this information to create DNA profile or DNA fingerprint of that particular individual. >> Category: Genetics
  • Gene Mutation And Cancer    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Mutation is nothing but change in the building block of genome that is DNA. The mutations in the Oncogene and Tumor suppressor gene may lead to the formation of tumor or cancer. >> Category: Genetics
  • Human Genetic Engineering,its Methods and Ethics    By: bluemoon silverstars

    human genetic engineering is the change in the genotype to produce desired phenotype. It is getting popular these days because it is of great benefit for the infertile women. some people are in the favor of the human genetic engineering and some oppose this field because of some ethical issues. >> Category: Genetics
  • Telomeres: Is It Responsible For Ageing and Cancer?    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Telomeres are end parts of linear Eukaryotic chromosomes. This article analyzes if Telomeres are responsible for Cancer and Ageing. >> Category: Genetics
  • The Science and History of Genetics. How It Predicts the Genetic Code    By: bluemoon silverstars

    This article is about science of genetics. It gives us information about the history of genetics and tells us that Gregor Mendel was the first person who studied the process of inheritance from parents to off springs. It states that genes and DNA are the parts of chromosomes and they make up the genetic code of living beings. Brief description it also gives the brief description about mutation. >> Category: Genetics

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