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Most Recent Healthcare Articles.
  • Cholelithiasis and Bile Acid Analysis    By: Kirti Rani

    Cholelithiasis is common health problem due to changed life styles and dietary habits. It is due to high lipid and fat intake via the consumption of junk foods which in turn increase the risk factors of this diseases with increased bile acid concentration too. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Are You at Risk For Diabetes?.    By: Steven Dome

    The Major Diabetes Causes. Diabetes is broken down int 2 types, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent. Type 1 diabetes could occur at any time. Type 2 is moreover called adult onset diabetes because it happens during adulthood; those diagnosed with it are not insulin dependent. Here are a limited of the main causes of these different kinds of the disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Asthma Tips That Are Easy to Try    By: Blotter Postlewaite

    Living with asthma has challenges, but if you learn how to manage it, you can lead a healthy life full of activities. Many solutions can be efficient in your situation. The following article will provide you with many suggestions on how you can optimize your life despite having the condition of asthma. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Allergy - Examples of Common Household Allergens    By: Shivika Bhatnagar

    Allergy is the altered capacity of body to react to a foreign substance. Allergy is caused by certain biological and abiological agents present in the atmosphere. The allergy causing agents present in air are called aeroallergens, and the allergy caused by them is called aeroallergy. Some of the prominent aeroallergens are house dusts, pollen grains, cosmetics, microbial spores or cells, etc. >> Category: Healthcare
  • What are Viriods and Prions?    By: Shivika Bhatnagar

    Viriods are infectious agents smaller than viruses. Prions are different from both viruses and viriods. These are Proteinaceous infectious particles. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Transplantation: Bone Marrow and Liver    By: Shivika Bhatnagar

    Bone Marrow is a soft tissue in the medullary cavities of bones. Immunodeficiency diseases are mainly concerned with the derivatives of marrow cells. So they can be cured by bone marrow transplantation. Ex vivo gene therapy using liver cells is called liver transplantation. Diseases such as familial hypercholesterolemia, hyperammonemia, etc. can be corrected by liver transplantation. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treatment of Diabetes With Biotechnological Tools    By: Syed Amir Manzoor

    The article focuses on the treatment of diabetes with latest biotechnological tools and modern methodologies. Stem cell therapy, organ transplant, vaccines, use of foetal cells for the production of islets cells, inhalers, anti-diabetics and many more therapeutics will be available for the prevention, cure and treatment of diabetes to lower the blood glucose level. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Tea: Health Benefits and Wonders of Drinking Tea    By: Shalini Balan

    Healing secrets of tea. Tea is known as nature's 'wonder drug'. Of late, because of its health benefits. Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, topped only by the most essential of all liquids - water. It has been said that the Chinese and the Japanese live longer because they have lot of tea. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Pipeline and How to Protect it?    By: Dan Murdoch

    The article explains the Pharmaceutical Pipeline and how to use intelligence to product products in Clinical stages of development. Protection of the pharmaceutical pipeline >> Category: Healthcare
  • Types of Vaccinations: Optional and Combination Vaccines    By: Shalini Balan

    What is vaccination and its classification. Vaccination is administered to prevent various forms of diseases. When these vaccines are given they basically improve the immunity to a particular disease by developing adaptive immunity to the disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Antibiotics and its Fermentation    By: Shalini Balan

    What is an antibiotic and how is it fermented? The term antibiotics means a chemical substance, derived from microorganisms, which has the capacity of inhibiting growth and even destroying other microorganisms in dilute solution. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Addiction and its Effects - A New Hope to Overcome    By: Shalini Balan

    Addiction with its types and side-effects, with a new hope discovered to overcome addiction. Addiction can be defined as certain obsession with certain substances which can be harmful and detrimental also. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Telomerase Enzyme and Anti Aging Supplements - Can we be Young Forever?    By: Shalini Balan

    Why do we age and how it can be reversed: Telomerase is a new theory of aging that holds many promising possibilities for the field of anti-aging medicine. As the body ages our cells lose some of their ability to regenerate and to perform the functions they were designed to perform. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Use of Menstrual Blood to Cure Diseases - Medicine Therapy Applications    By: Shalini Balan

    Monthy Miracle - Till now, female menstrual blood has typically been discarded as unsanitary waste. However, exciting new research shows that menstrual fluid contains self-renewing stem cells that can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for potential promising cellular therapies that may surface in the future. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Edible Vaccines - Immunization with Plants or Food    By: Shalini Balan

    An edible vaccine in contrast to the traditional vaccines would not require elaborate production facilities, purification, strerilization, and packaging or specialized delivery systems. Biotechnology has various applications in healthcare, almost everybody is enthusiastic about the promise of biotechnology to cure disease and to relieve suffering. >> Category: Healthcare
  • A New Approach To Combat Leprosy Protein Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase    By: SWAYTHA RAMAN

    Leprosy is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae, which causes damage to the skin and the peripheral nervous system. The protein Serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT) plays a key role in cell physiology as it participates in the different interconversion pathway of folate coenzymes, provides almost exclusively folate one carbon fragments for the biosynthesis of a variety >> Category: Healthcare
  • Muscle Power Used by Inline Speed Skaters    By: Sonali Bhawsar

    Inline skating is powerful and physically demanding sport. It is a game of speed, concentration, coordination and muscular endurance. Muscle power is an important functional component used by a skater for his/her fitness and performance. The horizontal displacement rather than up/down movement of center of gravity used for locomotion is an important characteristic feature of inline skating. It has also been a best cardiovascular, calorie burning and also a cross training activity. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Plant Derived Herbal Medicines    By: Sonali Bhawsar

    Antibiotic resistance is of growing concern because of misuse of antibiotics. Increase in awareness of infections and common occurrence of degenerative and immunological disorders is of great concern. Diseases like cancers still do not have control measures and remedies. Control of overuse of antibiotics and discovery of effective drugs is also a challenge. But hopes lies in the use of natural products like herbal medicines which are potential drugs with efficient active ingredients with no side effects, less cost and feasibility of production. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Innate Immune Response to Fungi    By: Preethi Venkateswaran

    The innate immune system consists of constitutive and inducible mechanisms that are involved in combating fungal pathogens. The constitutive mechanisms include several barriers like body surfaces, mucosal epithelial surfaces of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary tracts. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Alpha Fetoprotein and its Applications    By: Sandhya Anand

    Alpha fetoprotein is a gold standard among tumor markers and a major fetal serum protein.The levels of this protein is indicative a wide range of disorders. The article given a brief about the protein and its significance and further potentials for research. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Ethnomedicine : Study of Traditional Medicines    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    What is Ethnomedicine? It is a sub-field of medical anthropology and deals with the study of traditional medicines. Ethnomedicine has evolved over the millenia of human existence, and has even been exhibited by dogs, cats, and wild animals that eat specific grasses, roots, and other plant parts to relieve pain, supplement diet and help cure disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Traditional System of Medicine : Siddha Medicine    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    principle and formulations of Siddha medicine. Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine being practiced in south India for centuries. It is even practiced in Sri lanka, Singapore, Malaysia. It traces its origin to Dravidian culture attributed to sage Agasthya. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Herbal Cosmetics (Part-2) - Hair Care, Dental Care and Skin Care    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    Herbal cosmetics for skin, hair and teeth. Shampoos immediately form abundant foam irrespective of the type of water used or the nature of soil or fat to be removed from hair. Dentifrices are the preparations used for cleaning the surface of teeth and keep them shiny and to preserve the health of the teeth and gum >> Category: Healthcare
  • Herbal Cosmetics (Part-1) - Cleansing Cream, Vanishing Cream and Sunscreen    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    The cosmetics in general are external preparations and are meant to be applied to external parts of the body. Preparation Methods for herbal cleanising cream, vanishing cream and sunscreens. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Traditional System of Medicine : Unani Medicine (Part -2)    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    Role of unani system in health care. Traditional medicine does not see only a single remedy or a single approach as being suitable for all people. Symptoms are seen only as an indication of a deeper malaise which is not necessarily. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Traditional System of Medicine : Unani Medicine (Part-1)    By: BRIJESH KUMAR SHARMA

    Principles of diagnosis for unani medicine. Looking back, Unani medicine originated from Greece under the patronage of Bukrat Hippocrates (460-377) BC. Aristotle Galen established its foundation. This system of Greek origin was further carried to Persia (Iran) where it has been improved by Arabian physicians. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Classification of Hormones - A Brief Study    By: Aritri Ghosh

    Hormones are classified in different categories depending on different criteria such as place of origin, by chemical nature etc. >> Category: Healthcare
  • A Brief Study of Commonly Used Antibiotics and Their Applications    By: Aritri Ghosh

    Antibiotics protect us from different diseases and infections. A detailed brief study of different antibiotics is given here. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Thyroidism - The Different States of Thyroid Hormone Action    By: Aritri Ghosh

    Thyroid hormone acts in three state, normal , low secretion and higher secretion. In abnormal secretion there is several abnormailty in physical feautres and health. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Autoimmunity and Systemic Autoimmune Diseases - Examples Included    By: Aritri Ghosh

    Autoimmune diseases which are not organ specific rather they affect a wide range of organs and tissues. Autoimmunity was first described by Paul Ehlrich during the first of 20th century. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Autoimmunity and Organ Specific Autoimmune Diseases    By: Aritri Ghosh

    Autoimmunity is the reaction among the self-reactive immune complexes which impairs normal immunologic action. When a organ or gland gets affected by autoimmune diseases the normal activities of the organ or gland is impaired. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Detailed Discussion of Tumour Markers    By: Preethi Venkateswaran

    Tumour markers are substances, usually proteins that are produced by the body in response to cancer growth or by the cancer tissue itself. Some tumour markers are specific, while others are seen in several cancer types. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Iron and Calcium as the 2 Most Important Minerals in the Body    By: Zandro Cabaral

    Iron is required for the production of Hemoglobin which is responsible for binding oxygen from the lungs to the blood. Calcium is the basic component of the bones. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence - Looking at the Root Cause of the Problem.....    By: Vladimir Biryukov

    Billioninvest Corporation, Russian-American research and marketing company introduced new robotic technology within the United States biomedical and medical research communities. This innovative video scan/image processing system has been successfully tested in prosthetic treatment. This technology is know in Russia as robot-articulator. it is especially significant for pain management. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pharmacogenomics - The New Era of Personalized Medicine    By: Pournami Gouthaman

    Pharmacogenomics is the study of drug response of individuals based on their genetic makeup. The detailed study of genome of an individual reveals the details about the metabolizing capacity, time taken to break down and utilize the drug, etc. which opens a way to create personalized medicine which will be more safe and effective for individuals. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Antibiotics - The Microbial Defense Weapons    By: Sandhya Anand

    Microorganisms are ubiquitous and their contribution to human welfare is immense.Among the most important applications of microbial fermentation in maintenance of health is the production of antibiotics. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Those Little Bugs That Cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)    By: Zandro Cabaral

    Urinary Tract Infection is a very common cause of illness in women all over the world. It is important to know the organisms responsible of causing this disease and how they are eradicated from the urinary tract. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development - How Medicines Reach Market    By: Pournami Gouthaman

    Disease and medicines have become an inevitable part of our day to day life. A common man usually is unaware of the back stage developments involved in the discovery, formulation, process development and clinical trials, only after the successful completion of which the medicines finally hits the market. The whole process takes lot of dedicated effort and time and is also very expensive. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Advances in Antihypertensive Medication    By: Vaibhav Sivaramakrishan

    This report serves to explain the pharmacodynamics of antihypertensive drugs and also give an overview of the possibilities of the commercialization of vaccines for the same purpose. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics and the World of Tailored Medicines    By: Sandhya Anand

    The idea of personalized medicine is in a nascent stage. The use of biomarkers and genomic studies in treatment selection and dosage determination is surely to get a wider acceptance in near future. There is no doubt that it will improve the quality and outcomes of treatment methods. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Fate of a Drug After Administration    By: Sandhya Anand

    A drug is any chemical substance that finds an entry into the system. There should be an enhancement or reduction of biological activity of these chemicals. Biotransformation reactions facilitates the process. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Cheap Ways to Treat Excess Body Fat and Reduce Cellulites    By: Zandro Cabaral

    This article is about the use of biological and natural treatments of excess fats. this article also states the effects of excess fats to the human body. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Common Causes of Hemorrhoids    By: Shikha Sharma

    What causes hemorrhoids is an accepted concern asked by endless bodies afflicted with hemorrhoids (or piles). The most common observation through which most people ascertain that they have hemorrhoids is the appearance of blood in the toilet bowl. Although the exact causes underlying hemorrhoids is still unknown, studies have accepted that a cardinal of altered things are accompanying to the account of hemorrhoids. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pinworms: The Worm That Causes Nocturnal Anal Itching in Children    By: Zandro Cabaral

    This article is about the pinworms which is the most common parasitism in children in the United States. The most common manifestation of pinworm parasitism is the nocturnal anal pruritus or night time anal itching. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Growing Popularity of Liposuction as a Subspecialty of Plastic Surgery    By: Zandro Cabaral

    The article is about the advancement on the field of healthcare. Through liposuction, people with excessive fats can live a normal life. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Nanobiomagnetism - A New Revolution in Modern Medicine    By: Pournami Gouthaman

    The name Nanobiomagnetism itself implies the combination of magnetism, nanotechnology and life science. It is a branch of science that deals with the application of tiny magnetic particles called Nano magnets in biomedical systems or processes. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Natural Immunomodulator to Enhance Immune Response    By: archana lal

    Plants have been the major source of drugs in Indian system of medicine and other ancient systems of the world. Apart from various therapeutic properties of plants today the most emphasis of researchers at present on a variety of immunomodulators which could enhance the immune system and eventually combat the disease or infection by modulating immune responses. Some of the plants with established >> Category: Healthcare
  • Cephalandra Indica: A Medicinal Miracle    By: goldy yadav

    Plants have always been an exemplary source of drugs and many drugs currently available have been derived directly or indirectly from them. A vast majority of population particularly those living in villages depend largely on medicinal plants for treating and curing diseases. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Coenzyme Q10: An Overview    By: Padma Kumar

    This article details the basics of Coenzyme Q10 including its uses in different disease conditions. Also known as Q10, Vitamin Q10 and Ubiquinone, it is a prerquisite for the formation of ATP in the mitochondria >> Category: Healthcare
  • Metabolomic Approach to Drug Research    By: Padma Kumar

    This article explains the reason why metabolomics is used in drug research, how metabolites are evaluated and metabolomic approaches in evaluation of drug conditions. >> Category: Healthcare

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