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Most Recent Healthcare Articles.
  • How Excess Alcohol Affects Human Metabolism: A Metabolomic Perspective    By: Padma Kumar

    This article explains how metabolomics helps study the effect of excess alcohol in lipid metabolism, thiamine deficiency, and its linkages to enzymes connected with metabolic disorders. Also explains the use of biomarkers for confirming alcohol overuse. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Healthcare is a Holistic Approach Towards Living Life    By: Debasis Sahu

    Like many of the other age old sayings 'Health is Wealth', is also true and everyone wants to abide by it. In today's definition, comprehensive healthcare includes managing chronic conditions throughout life besides prevention and treatment of various ailments. It is provided by various strata of disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and allied sciences. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Challenges in the Treatment    By: Shikha Sharma

    We are going to discuss some treatment procedures of autoimmune diseases with their advantages and limitations. Autoimmune diseases (AID) like AIDS occur when the body's immune system recognize itself as non-self and acts against it as foreign particle or pathogen. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Pathophysiology of Post Traumatic Epilepsy: Treatment and Side Effects    By: Shikha Sharma

    This article is intended to provide a brief review of the basic pathophysiology underlying the pathogenesis of post-traumatic epilepsy with special emphasis on the current treatment modalities available with their possible side-effects on the quality of human health and the urgent need to search for key anti-epileptic molecules. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Applications of Probiotics in Medicine| Health Benefits of Probiotics    By: Padma Kumar

    An article detailing the beneficial effects of probiotics in medicine. Probiotics have several health benefits and applications. They help in maintaining normal gut flora and to counter microfloral imbalance. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Can Gene Therapy Cure AIDS?    By: Padma Kumar

    This article details immune system and genetic engineering based research efforts to cure AIDS. When antiretroviral drugs came on the scene it was widely believed that they would kill all the cells with HIV and thus it was touted as a cure for AIDS. But things went wrong because HIV has a tendency to fuse with the patient's DNA. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Applications of Molecular Imaging Technique    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Molecular imaging technology can be used for imaging gene delivery, exogenous marker gene and also to understand the molecular pathways like angiogenesis, apoptosis and much more. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Vitiligo Skin Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment    By: Amna Adnan

    Vitiligo is a skin disease caused due to the lack of skin pigment melanin. It results in the appearance of white patches on the skin. There are certain treatments which can be used by keeping in view the extremity of the disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Health Benefits of Cheese    By: Amna Adnan

    Cheese is a dairy product made from the milk of cow, goat and sheep. It is beneficial for the health of humans. It is good for teeth and bones and enhances metabolism. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Causes of Cancer    By: Amna Adnan

    There are many factors which may cause the disease of cancer. Cancer is a disease caused due to the abnormal growth of cells. Cancer causes damage in the body by reproducing the cells uncontrollably and starts making tumors. >> Category: Healthcare
  • HIV AIDS: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment    By: Amna Adnan

    HIV is human immunodeficiency virus responsible for causing AIDS in humans. It attacks the immune system and transmits through sexual intercourse. There is no cure for this disease so far but still some medications are there which make the spread of virus slow. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Fasting and Its Benefits    By: Amna Adnan

    Fasting (or skipping meals) is a natural remedy which protects from many diseases and is the source of providing energy to the body. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Orphan Drugs: A Small Market Segment With Hefty Perks    By: Vaibhav Sivaramakrishan

    Orphan drugs are pharmaceuticals which are developed to treat rare diseases. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has several strategies to motivate pharmaceutical companies to produce such drugs. This article summarizes the incentives offered to orphan drug manufacturers. >> Category: Healthcare
  • A Beginner's Guide to the Investigational New Drug Application    By: Vaibhav Sivaramakrishan

    The Investigational New Drug (IND) Application is a document that proves to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that a new drug is safe enough for testing in human subjects. This article aims to give the reader a basic understanding of the IND application and it's importance in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Do Radiations Also Cause Cancer    By: Amna Adnan

    Radiation is the energy which has the ability to travel through space. It has the power of causing cancer in the human body. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Breakthrough Cures: Basics of Biotechnology in Medicine and Treatment    By: Padma Kumar

    Summarizes future trends in the making of biotech drugs. Also describes the difference between a medicine of biotech origin and a conventional medicine. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Sibutramine: Suppresses Your Appetite and Can Harm You!    By: Vaibhav Sivaramakrishan

    Sibutramine is a neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor and is used widely in the treatment of obesity. It has been used since 1997, but has recently found to be a major cause of heart disease. The Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing the effects of the drug on the heart. This report intends to explain to the reader the pharmacodynamics of the drug and recent regulations on its sale. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Gulf War Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment    By: Amna Adnan

    What is Gulf war syndrome? It is a medical condition which causes physical and psychological changes in the person. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Fragile X Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment    By: Amna Adnan

    Fragile X syndrome is a mental illness in which person is mentally retarded or has low IQ level. It is caused by the improper function of a protein. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Contagious Disease Epidemiology    By: Muniba Safdar

    Epidemiology is the branch of medical science dealing with the transmission and control of disease. In other words, the study of spreading of disease with an effect to tracing down the cause. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treatment of Cancer With Monoclonal Antibody Drugs    By: Amna Adnan

    Monoclonal Antibody drugs are playing an important role in treating various types of cancers like head and neck cancer. These drugs have special mode of action. Though these drug are very effective but they have some side effects which can serious at times. >> Category: Healthcare
  • The Science That Can Change Your Behavior: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)    By: VIVEK VYAS

    Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA): It is the old saying that the behavior of certain people never changes, as like the U-shape tale of dog which never changes, despite lot of try! But when it comes to science, nothing is impossible. The science of applied behavior analysis can change your behavior and with this even a pessimist can be turned into optimist >> Category: Healthcare
  • Clinical Trials, A Pathway to Discover Successful Drug.    By: VIVEK VYAS

    It is the summary of how the entry of any new drug takes place in the market and what test it has to pass before use in human beings . These tests are called as clinical trials which assures safety , efficacy and quality of drug under test before human use . Thus Clinical Trial is really , a pathway to discover successful drug. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Role of Antiviral Drugs For Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Infection    By: Muniba Safdar

    Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is an important and serious world-wide cause of mortality. Many treatments have been approved for the hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection including IFN-a, immuno-modulatory agents and nucleos(t)ide analogues. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Enzymes in Diagnosing Disease    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Enzymes are biocatalysts and are made up of amino acid or they are proteins. All enzymes are protein but all proteins are not enzymes. Enzymes can be differentiated between one another and they can be used as diagnostic tool to detect some diseases in human. >> Category: Healthcare
  • An Introduction to Drug Discovery Technique    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Drug discovery is a process of discovering or designing new drugs or pharmaceutical molecules. In new approach or now a day's new drugs are discovered by understanding how disease or infection can be controlled at the molecular and physiological level and then target are identified based on this knowledge. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Recombinant Interferon as Drugs    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Interferons are produced in large quantities using recombinant DNA technology and they are used as drugs to treat various types of diseases. Many of these recombinant interferons are given subcuteniously or intramascularly to treat diseases. >> Category: Healthcare
  • New Treatments For Mitochondrial Disease    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    There are many thousand number of mitochondria are present in a single cell, this makes it difficult to cure mitochondrial diseases using genetic-based cures. But a new technique called as chromosome transplant can be used to treat mitochondrial disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Enzymes to Renew Nerve Cells    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    People who suffer from central nervous system damage by brain injury or stroke are paralyzed for their whole life because nerve cells are unable to regenerate themselves. Researchers discovered an enzyme called as Mst3b plays an important role in regeneration of axons or nerve cell fibers. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Stem Cell Therapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Allergies such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be treated using stem cells transplant; this will replace torn and diseased cells with new ones. Stem cells will repair both the immune system of the body and also repair lung injury caused by asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treating Leukaemia With Stem Cells : Blood Cancer Treatments    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Adult stem cells found in bone marrow can be used to treat leukaemia or blood cancer. Leukaemia is cancer of white blood cells or leucocytes.In leukaemia patient bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells. When the number of abnormal white blood cells increases, it inhibits the normal functioning of blood. >> Category: Healthcare
  • How is Gene Therapy Done?    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    To treat with gene therapy, doctors have to know about the genetics of that disease. That is which gene is mutated or altered or missing, in order to induce a disease or disorder in an individual. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Gene Therapy to Treat and Prevent Cancer    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Gene therapy may be only way to prevent and treat genetic disorders and genetic mutations that leads to a condition known as cancer. Most of the gene therapy clinical trials, which are conducted at present, are related to cancer. Therefore in coming years gene therapy can be used to treat cancer and also this therapy can even be used to prevent cancer. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Neurological Disorder    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Neurological disorders were very difficult to treat because of the blood-brain barrier. However, due to some research activity in the field of gene therapy and genetics, scientists are hoping to discover the possibility of treating neurological diseases like Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease by gene therapy. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treatment of Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency With Gene Therapy    By: Amna Adnan

    Adenosine Deaminase is a mammalian enzyme which is responsible for the making the immune system strong. The deficiency of this enzyme causes a disease called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. It is a disease which weakens the immune system of the child and the child gets infections of bacteria, viruses and fungi. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Treatment of Cancer With Antisense Therapy    By: Amna Adnan

    Antisense therapy is a very useful technique of treating the disease of cancer. In this therapy, nucleotides are developed in the laboratory which bind to the genes of cancerous cells and block them from producing proteins. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Western Blotting to Detect Specific Protein    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    The western blot also known as protein immunoblot is a technique used to detect specific proteins in a given sample of biological fluid or tissue homogenate. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Anti-Angiogenesis Treatment For Cancer    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Anti-angiogenesis is a kind of target therapy, which stops tumors from making new blood vessels using the drugs or other pharmaceutical substances. This stops the blood supply, hence stops the tumor growth. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Exon-skipping Gene Therapy For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Scientists and researchers are finding new ways of gene therapy using human genetic engineering technology. DNA scissors and exon-skipping gene therapy are the two novel techniques discovered by the researchers. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Resistance of Bacteria Against Antibiotics    By: Amna Adnan

    Antibiotics are the biological substances which are used against the bacterial infections. bacteria themselves release antibiotics. Sometimes when mutation occurs in the bacterial strains, they develop resistance against antibiotics and do not allow them to function properly. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Gene Therapy: A Technique For the Treatment of Cancer    By: Amna Adnan

    gene therapy is a technique of genetic engineering which is used to treat various genetic and acquired diseases. Cancer is a very dangerous disease and is the cause of death in many cases. Using the technique of gene therapy, viral vectors are inserted into the damaged cancerous cells which repair the cells' normal function. Gene therapy has disadvantages also. >> Category: Healthcare
  • The Link Between Pregnancy Age and Chromosomal Abnormality in a Child    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Chromosomal abnormality in a child is also associated with the maternal age. Increasing maternal age also increases the possibility of the development of chromosomal abnormality or genetic disease in a child. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Use of Biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment | Side Effects    By: Amna Adnan

    Biologics are the medicines which are currently being used to treat the disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. These medicines are important and give good results in a short time. But biologics have side effects. Patients feel severe pain during the treatment. Pregnant women should take doctor's advice before taking biologics. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Parkinson's Disease Treatment with Stem Cells and Gene Therapy    By: Amna Adnan

    Parkinson's disease is a very common disease which disables the person to move properly and he suffers from tremors and rigidity of the body parts. Stem cells treatment and gene therapy have given hope to the patients to get rid of this disease. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Regenerative Medicine: Application and Current State    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Regenerative medicine can be defines as the process of creating living and functional tissue or organ, that has lost its function due to some damage, or disease, or may be a process known as aging. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Shortage of Doctors: A Major Healthcare Issue    By: Amna Adnan

    The world is facing the the problem of shortage of doctors, including USA, UK and Germany. Due to this reason diseases are rapidly attacking the health of the people. Though rich people can afford going to the professionals but poor people lack proper medical facilities and attention of doctors. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Stem Cell Treatment For Heart Disease    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Recent study shows that the stem cell treatment is a potential answer to treat heart conditions. Heart disease patients treated with adult stem cells showed greater improvement in their heart health. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Seaweed Shows Anti-cancer Activity: Alternative Cancer Therapy    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Many researchers and scientists associated the regular consumption of seaweeds with the low cancer incidence in Japan. Scientists also say that the regular consumption of marine seaweed also reduced the incidence of breast cancer in Japan women. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Lycopene as Anti-cancer Agent    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Lycopene shows anti-cancer activity because of the anti-oxidant nature of the compound. Lycopene was associated with lower risk of prostate cancer in males. Lycopene belongs to carotenoid family, which gives red, orange and yellow colours to fruits and vegetables. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay : A Biotechnology Technique    By: Nidhi Uppangala

    Enzyme linked Immunosorbent assay also known as ELISA is quantitative immunological assay used to monitor the antigen- antibody reaction by measuring enzymes. Elisa term was first used in 1971 by Engwall and Perlma. >> Category: Healthcare

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