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Author: A. S. Gawali

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 1532 | Points Scored: 4,032

City: Nashik | State: Maharashtra, India

About Me: I am currently working as Asssistant professor at KKwagh college of agril biotech, Sarswatinagar, Nashik

Articles by A. S. Gawali:
  • Foot and Mouth Disease in Animals ( 328 reads)   

    Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly communicable viral disease caused by an Aphthovirus of the family Picornaviridae. Livestock hosts include cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. The disease is characterized by fever and vesicles in the mouth and on the muzzle, teats, and feet and is spread through direct contact or aerosolized virus via respiratory secretions, milk, semen, and ingestion of feed from infected animals (meat, offal, milk). In a susceptible population, morbidity reaches 100% with rare fatalities except in young animals. FMD was once distributed worldwide. Outbreaks can severely disrupt livestock production and require significant resources to control. - Category: Agriculture
  • Introduction to Diseases of Livestock ( 253 reads)   

    Everyone should know about the diseases of livestock or the sign and symptoms of ill Animal. People on the 'front lines' of the animal production unit, animal habitat, or companion animal household (including ranch and farm workers, producers, feeders, breeders, park rangers, companion animal owners, wildlife rehabilitators, and zoo keepers) veterinarians and other sources of professional advice and care for health-related issues (such as universities and diagnostic laboratories), should be aware. - Category: Agriculture
  • Management Practices for Buffalo ( 311 reads)   

    Developing of national livestock sector depends on the possession, reservation,and livestock resource both those improved or unimproved breed. Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is one of ruminantia livestock which has special advantages to improve such as that it can survive with the low quality food, and its existence has been united with the social life Buffalo production of the traditional management applied by farmers has many advantages as the traditional farming tool, meat, organic fertilizer, leather, and social-culture equipment. That why its important to carried out management practices on the farm. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Farm Manager and Principles of Farm Management ( 331 reads)   

    Farm managers are employed to manage and carry out duties associated with the day-to-day and long-term management of large commercial farms. It is their responsibility to ensure that the farm runs efficiently and profitably. Their day-to-day activities will depend on the type of farm being managed. - Category: Agriculture
  • Goat Rearing: An Overview ( 309 reads)   

    Goat is a poor man's cow because of their immense contribution to the poor people's economy. It supplies nutritious and easily digestible milk to their babies. It is regular source of additional income for landless or marginal farmers. Being small sized animal, the goats can easily be maintained as cheaply as one cow. The goat is a multipurpose animal to provide meat, hide, hair (fur) and manure for soil. In hilly areas goats are also used for hauling light load. Goats have fastidious eating habits. They will accept a wide variety of feed, appreciate it and thrive on it.Goats consumes wide varieties of feeds and vegetation than either sheep or cattle. . Goats are very resistant to diseases, especially to tuberculosis. The excreta and urine of the goat is richer in nitrogen, potash and phosphorus than cow dung for this goat rearing is profitable business for the marginal farmer - Category: Agriculture

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