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Author: Deepali Rahi

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 1159 | Points Scored: 2,159

City: Thrissur | State: Kerala, India

About Me: Induction I am 2nd year M.Sc student, working on a research project entitled Induction of genetic variability in Phalaenopsis by hybridization and embryo culture.

Articles by Deepali Rahi:
  • Biosensors in Agriculture [PDF] ( 639 reads)   

    The agriculture industry has been for a long time dependent upon human expertise for quality control. Biosensors are analytical device which are designed for the measurement of various component of agricultural samples. Based on the principle of converting biological signal into electronic signal, different types of biosensors holds its applications in agriculture. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Marine Algal Biotechnology and its Applications ( 520 reads)   

    Marine algae are untapped reservoir found in deep oceans can play a major role in primary as well as secondary sources in terms of food and bioactive compounds or biodiesel etc. respectively. Due to its wide range of adaptability in various environment it provides numerous possibilities. Biotechnological tools can help in cultivation and isolation of these bioactive compounds - Category: Biotech Research

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