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Author: Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal

No Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 13958 | Points Scored: 16,958

City: Akola | State: Maharashtra

About Me: Assistant professor (Genetics and Plant Breeding) at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Articles by Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal:
  • Insight of Male Sterile Technology ( 1831 reads)   

    Male sterility is the only suitable technique for commercial hybrid seed production. The present article gives utilitarian information - Why is the male sterility observed in male part only? How to express male sterility and its classification. - Category: Agriculture
  • Pomegranate Sparkle in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Regions ( 1819 reads)   

    Area under pomegranate is increasing worldwide because of its hardy nature, wider adaptability, drought tolerance, grow well in soils of low fertility status, salt tolerant, higher yield levels, excellent keeping quality and remunerative prices in domestic as well as export markets. Also its having nutritional and health benefit importance. - Category: Agriculture
  • Apomixis Conserved Heterozygosity and Averts Inbreeding Depression in Flowering Plants ( 5443 reads)   

    Apomixis is a asexual type of reproduction in which seed are developed without fusion of male and female gametes. It technology is helpful to conserve the heterozygosity, avoid in breeding depression and providing hybrid seed to farmer at low cost. - Category: Agriculture
  • Pigeonpea Variants: The Ultimate Source for Pigeonpea Improvement ( 1619 reads)   

    Now a day's maintaining genetic purity especially in crops and often cross pollinated crops is quite difficult. For maintaining the purity, naked eye polymorphic markers are required. Use of dwarfing genes may increase the yield in pigeonpea like as wheat and rice crops. - Category: Agriculture
  • Developing Weed Resistance: Hurdle the Notability of 'Roundup Ready' ( 1442 reads)   

    Glyphosate (Roundup Ready) is a familiar and trusted herbicide to most of the farmers because it was used continuously for nearly two decades to control weeds in non crop areas before introduction of glyphosate resistance. The herbicide glyphosate has so many characteristics that make it an ideal choice for use in resistant crop. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Fishing Nets - Evil for Water Birds and Snakes ( 1804 reads)   

    Fishing net entanglement occurs when fish capturing nets are at, or close to the surface of water during capture of fishes. Birds, snakes attempting to seize fish from the net become entangled. - Category: Issues

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